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Thread: The definitive list of differences between WO3 and WO3:SE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
    Seek hasn't logged in since 2008. Would any moderators be interested in updating the original post?

    I'm still around. Although I don't think the OP needs updating tbh. If people really want to know every single miniscule difference between the games they can read the thread.

    (and it's "seek").

    Edit: Although if there is anything you particularly want updating then let me know and I'll do it.
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    Since I finally got the chance to compare Wo3 and Wo3SE I will necro this thread.
    Wo3 NTSC runs at 60Hz and Wo3SE is limited to PAL 50Hz, Wo3 NTSC runs noticeably smoother than SE, especially with high speed agile ships and tracks with long smooth turns and many repeating decals on the walls.
    A good example is Rapier class Feisar at Porto Kora, white arrows on the walls move fluidly in Wo3 unlike Wo3SE where they only exponentiate insufficient fps, the same ship in SE reacts slower to input, hard to tell whether its because of new physics or framerate.

    I guess 25 fps is just not enough for such a fast racer, its only 5fps difference but solely because of that Wo3 might be superior game.
    To make things clearer I am not talking about perceived speed of the ship because that have been adjusted, I am talking how smooth the picture is when you are flying at high speed.

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    NTSC J moves even better. The controls feel better in xl vs 2097 as well, and in the first one

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