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Wipeout Pure released in North America

Those of you fortunate enough to be in North America should be able to pick up a copy of Wipeout Pure right now, even though the launch of the PSP itself isn’t scheduled until next week.

The positive reviews so far would indicate that Wipeout Pure is the first must-have title for Sony’s new handheld portable, and with no release date announced on the other side of the Atlantic, ’Pure will probably be hot on import too, for those who have already taken the PSP plunge.

Anyone thinking of taking the import route would be advised that there’s no multiplayer compatibility between regions, so if you’re intending to play against your Euro buddies when the time comes you’ll have to pick up a Euro version to do so.

But the, those UMD’s are so cute there’s no harm in owning both regions, right? ;o)