Fan Sites

Japanese fan site
This place has been linked to WipeoutZone since the 'zone first launched. I cant speak Japanese, but I can return the favour.
la wipeout plan?te
A French fan site - lots of gratituous flash and sound effects, but a lot of effort all the same.
Shockwave Wipeout Game
This site features a Shockwave created game based on Wipeout.
WipEout Arena
French WipEout fan site.
WipEout HD in the Frame
A cool blog site showcasing shots of WipEout HD.


Gamezero Guide
Strategy guide for the original game - it might be useful for newer pilots.
Wipeout Fusion Zone mode guide
Written by Oggob and Hellfire, this is a comprehensive guide to getting the most from Fusion's tough zone mode.
Wipeout Pure guide by Hellfire
WipeoutZone regular Charlie "Hellfire" Emery has written this excellent guide to getting the most from Wipeout Pure.


Tim Wright - musical genius and creator of many a background score for many a game. Great new site with lots more content - definately worth a visit for the invaluable downloads.
WipeoutZone Last FM group
Join the WipeoutZone Last FM group and share your musical tastes.

Official Sites

Noise Heat Power
The site of Damon Fairclough - creator of the original Wipeout backstory.
Official Wipeout Pure site
Info and downloads - probably the best official Wipeout site yet.