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Welcome to WipeoutZone 3

What you see before you is the new look WipeoutZone – a complete overhaul from the site many of you have been visiting for the last three years.

Since work on the third evolution of the site began in late August / early September 2003 there have been many twists, turns and false dawns before arriving here. The end result is a leaner, faster, more standards compliant and better site for the whole community. Virtually every line of code has been replaced or rewritten, meaning the entire site is brand new. However, as with all things new and different, there are bound to be teething troubles and I’d be grateful if you could report any you find in The Evolution Engine forum for my attention.

First thing you should do is log-in to your account and update your details, adding your forum nick name so people know who you are on the times tables. Second thing you should do is get updating those records of yours, adding any you might have lying around for Wipeout XL / 2097 if you’re a pilot from way back.