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No more contributions

The e-mail address I set up for contributions to WipeoutZone has been the target for a flood of spam for some reason. Strangely, the only place the address is registered at is PayPal, which further raises my doubts as to their ability in providing their service. With this in mind I’ve decided to suspend the contributions service.

In the months that the contributions account was valid for, we did receive a few donations, including a ridiculous amount from one of our longest standing members Mark "Thruster2097" Hancock. Thrusty’s "bro’" Jamie Hancock, Stephen Isles and Matthew Downs contributed smaller, but gratefully received dollarage themselves, and this will all go towards a brand new server package in the near future.

Anyone who still feels wealthy enough to contribute some funds to the site should now treat themselves to something from the WipeoutZone store instead.