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Wipeout Fusion hits North America!

It’s hard to believe that it was more than six months ago when Australia and New Zealand were given the PS2’s triple A anti-gravity racing title. Around two months later, on the 9th of February, European anti-gravity pilots could finally get their hands on the official simulator of the F9000 racing league.

Ice Ages have passed (well, the movie did!), civilisations have risen and fallen... but finally, Wipeout Fusion has hit the shelves of electronic video entertainment suppliers across the USA and Canada.

Now the whole world (except Japan - but they’re too busy hosting the World Cup to care) can finally slump onto the sofa after a hard day and race around the futuristic anti-gravity racing tracks of the latest sequel to the daddy of all non-wheeled racing.

Hopefully it’s been worth the wait for all of you - so if you’re a new member, seeking out like minded AG-racing freaks, then step on over to the forums and introduce yourself... you’ve come to the right place!