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Sanity returns!

The Madness in the Mall - all formats Mega Mall improvement challenge came to a close on Friday the 12th of April. From the times sent to me at the death it was quite clear who would be the winner.

Pietro Loconte had managed to improve his lap time by an astonishing 10.72 seconds, which is, quite frankly, amazing. So I’m just about ready to wrap up the prize and send it off to Pietro when an e-mail drops into my inbox in the shape of an entry to the challenge by James McVay.

On first glance I could tell he had a fast time overall, and remembering an observation by Lance that James could probably improve(!), I was curious to see if he’d managed to beat Pietro past the post.

Would you believe it - he improved by an astounding 11.46 seconds over a single lap! Now that’s an improvement if ever I saw one - and as that was the point of the challenge, James is quite clearly the winner.

However, since Pietro has obviosly put in the same hard work as James to bring his times down - resulting in a faster lap time overall, I have decided to award Pietro a prize too.

Well done to both of you - top marks!