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Madness in the Mall!

If you’re North American you have a-g-e-s to wait until Wipeout Fusion graces your shores. So what better thing to pass your time than to take part in the All Formats Mega Mall Challenge?!

And how about you PAL territory people? Nothing stopping you guys either - you need a rest from Zone mode anyway, and all that silky smooth, stuck to the track handling of Wipeout Fusion is bound to dull your Wipeout 3 skills sooner or later.

Then, of course, there’s the hoardes of folk who are rushing to get one of the dwindling supply of copies of Wipeout 3 special edition. You need a Challenge!

The question is not whether you are good enough. It’s whether you’re faster than yourself! To find out more, jump to the forums and get all the details on the Madness in the Mall challenge.... come on - you could win a prize!