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Going Retro!

In a completely shock move, WipeoutZone goes back to its roots!

Well, maybe it’s not a complete shock, but to tie in with the previous games in the series, I felt it was important to recognise where the series had come from. The ’Fusion style font wasn’t really paying heed to the heritage of Wipeout and the banner needed to be changed. Along with that the site had formatting issues in some versions of Netscape and Mozzilla - hopefully they’ve been cleared up with the new code and style sheet.

Sadly this has meant the demise of the "stretch to fit" page style for the time being, although hopefully that will make a return at some point.

The forums have also been upgraded to the new release candidate of phpBB. At first glance they appear far more daunting than their predecessors, however, given time to get used to them I’m sure you’ll appreciate the new features. Sadly I didn’t have the time to customise them completely for WipeoutZone, so if you could bear with the *almost* defauly style for the time being, that would be great.

Welcome to the future :o)