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All new section and content

After a quiet few weeks it’s good to get the ball rolling again with an all new addition to the site. The Fan Fiction area of the is a place where we can use our imagination to expand on the Wipeout universe. There are already a couple of articles in there - one by myself (ahem) which is a race report from 2150. The other is a profile of Pierre Belmondo, the inventor of anti-gravity technology and the founder of the AG Racing Commission, written by Damon Fairclough - the copywriter behind the content we’ve read in most of the Wipeout game manuals. It makes for a cracking read, so treat yourself.

This new content is joined by a guide to Wipeout Fusion’s ships and pilots in the Features section. This was compiled by Team WipeoutZone pilot Al Sartwell (who’s currently on injured reserve!).

On the right is a picture of Pascale Rouser. There is no connection between any of the above and Pascale - I just think she’s a foxy chick and her picture looks quite nice!