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Anniversary Competition Results

The WipeoutZone 1st Anniversary competition has been one by two fine entries from Daniel Ieraci and Thomas Klinger. Well done to the pair of them - you can check small pictures of their entries over in the right hand column and download the full size version by clicking on their names.

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that there was only meant to be one winner... well, I was faced with such a difficult decision that, if I could have, I would have awarded prizes to everyone who entered due to the time and effort put in. However, for me the two winning entries stood out in their own special way - Daniel’s seemed like a perfectly captured moment in time at an actual AG Race - very well done. With Thomas’ entry, however, he managed to fit together some neat touches like the WipeoutZone time table in the background as well as images of pilots from the golden age of AG Racing.

Everyone who entered a wallpaper can be proud of their efforts - they will all be available from the downloads page in the very near future.