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Thrusty’s flash challenge!

It’s all over - two months of almost tense competition came to a conclusion at the end of July to confirm what we all suspected: Al Sartwell is the don of AG Racing no matter which version of the game you stick in front of him. With Al taking the prestigious prize of a limited edition original Wipeout long-sleeved t-shirt, it was all about the dog fight for second place.

Relative newcomer, Vincent "Vincoof" David not only gave Al a run for his money, but pipped Amigo Jack to the post to collect his runners up prize of a Tigron themed "Burn Baby Burn!" Wipeout Fusion t-shirt, as modelled by Fliss on the right (that’s her one she’s wearing, not Vincoof’s!).

I suspect his prize will keep him from feeling too bad about being the latest contender eliminated by Mr Sartwell!

Well done to the winners and commiserations to Jack who missed out on the prizes on offer this time. Special thanks to Mark "Thruster" Hancock for setting up the challenge and handling the admin side of things.