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WipeoutZone @ E3

As it turned out, E3 was a pretty low key event as far as Wipeout Fusion was concerned. Just one console was playing the highly anticipated game when on the same stand the unheard of title "Airblade" somehow managed to be on two barely used machines.

Still, unlike other titles on show, the developers from Studio Liverpool made themselves accessible around the PS2 that was running ’Fusion, eager to gain feedback from the steady queue of fans awaiting their first play of the game.

I’d like to thank Rob Francis for his time and the ever manic Nino Ceraolo for the exclusive interview he gave for WipeoutZone.

It’s comforting to know that there are such good men working to bring the next installment of Wipeout to us. Look out for Nino’s interview and a full ’Fusion report from E3 in the next few days.