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And we're back!

Okay, so back somwehere in the mists of time... February 2012 whilst I was at a conference in Oxford, to be exact... the server got hacked and the dude that did it planted lots of nefarious code everywhere.

So due to the fact I couldn't really trust any of the code on the server I decided to delete all the files related to the old main site. That was supposed to be a temporary measure, but one thing led to another and that led to four and a half years.

But hey! Here we are live again with more to come. If you've become a visitor here during the down time then you probably don't understand what the deal is. It's cool. It's like an old school fan site kind of deal with features and all that kind of thing.

Anyway, you can't login or register for the main site yet as the admin side of things is taking a lot longer to clean up. So consider this a beta relaunch.