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WipEout Pulse makes Eurogamer’s all-time top 10 PSP games list

Released four years ago this month, WipEout Pulse would prove to be the final version of WipEout to grace the PlayStation Portable. Raising and setting a very high standard for what could be delivered on a portable console, WipEout Pulse is arguably the most feature rich a version of WipEout ever to be released, considering the number and variety of tracks, ships, and the integration of the ship skinning facility.

Of the Eurogamer accolade, WipEout Pulse’s Lead Designer Colin Berry noted I’m torn, its the most feature complete, but I/we did screw up the handling a bit. In fairness to Colin, I messed up a perfectly good team by successfully arguing that they should be renamed and relocated after the ship design had already been done. If only we’d got to do a third iteration of WipEout on the PSP!

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