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Results of the last poll

Even allowing for the fact that it was up for a long time - the poll on the features you’d like to see on WipeoutZone proved to be quite a success with a total of 50 votes.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who took part in the poll - voting on the polls helps keep the community active and I couldn’t do that without you!

As 32% of you voted for more tables for other versions of the game, that will take the priority. Hopefully those of you who requested more downloads are happy with the recent additions to what has become quite a healthy part of the site.

The requests for more content and features on the history of AG racing should be met by the Features section I’ve added - I’ll get more content into that in the coming weeks.

Sadly the web based may take a little longer due to mail issues with the server, however I’d like to offer this feature at some point down the line and I’m glad you were interested in it.