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The loss of a friend

One week ago, the WipEoutZone community was shocked and saddened to learn that one of our own had unexpectedly taken his life at the age of 21.

Marcus, or LurifaxFlux as most of us knew him, had been a member of the forum since July 2009 and his chirpy personality had endeared him to many since then. Regularly playing online and posting his WipEout HD footage to YouTube, Marcus’ enthusiasm for WipEout was obvious.

What wasn’t so apparent were the inner struggles he endured and the lonliness he felt in life outside of his online interaction. After playing a final session with Team Nordic last Sunday evening, Marcus woke the next day with his mind made up that he’d had enough of this life.

Logging in to his WipEoutZone forum profile for the final time, he left a message that made his intentions clear, before posting of his suicide in a Swedish forum. By the time police and paramedics had arrived it was too late to safe his life.

None of us can quite comprehend something so sudden and so tragic, nor understand what brought Marcus to the point of no return. All we can do is cherish the memory of someone who selflessly lit up many lives despite the darkness in his own.

Members of the forum can post thoughts on Marcus here. Likewise, tributes can be posted on his profile page.

Keep flying, Marcus.