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Gravity ends this December, with the WipEout HD Cup.

Dedicated to all the devs from Psygnosis and Studio Liverpool, past and present:

The WipEout HD Cup is a truly ambitious project which will unite the many legendary pilots from around the world in a single event of epic proportions. The event will be a knockout tournament with up to 256 pilots, all flying high in one-on-one match-ups to see who will gain the ultimate victory.

Match-ups will be best of 7 rounds and can include single races and zone battles, with custom settings chosen by each pilot. Visit the WipEout HD section of the forum for all the details.

The tournament begins in December, but with 180 racers already registered, places are disappearing fast. So reserve your grid slot and play your part in the most intense futuristic racing experience of the year.

The WipEout HD Cup. By the fans, for the fans. For the record!