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WipEout Pulse for PSP announced

After successfully being kept under wraps for what seems like an age, the second installment of WipEout for the PlayStation Portable was revealed at the European Wipeout Convention in Amsterdam at the weekend, before being officially announced to the press this week.

WipEout Pulse will feature the bulk of the teams from WipEout Pure, with the addition of a couple of new ones to choose from. With reversible track configurations and all-new magnetic sections added into the mix, WipEout Pulse is sure to build on the success of ’Pure, and turn things up a notch at the same time.

Aside from the gameplay advancements, the ability to add your own MP3’s into the soundtrack is a welcome addition, although if the inclusion of the excellent Exceeder by Mason is anything to go by, the soundtrack should be fantastic straight out of the box.

For the dedicated players on X-Link Kai, it wil be the inclusion of online play that’s the biggest improvement over ’Pure. Personally, I’m quite looking forward to battling with all my fellow WipEoutZone pilots on the racetracks of the FX400 League when WipEout Pulse arrives. Roll on September 2007!