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Six of the Best

Although it sometimes seems like much longer, WipeoutZone was launched six years ago today. The site has been around during so many transitional periods in my own life that it’s fun to look back and remember what was going on during the different stages in WipeoutZone’s evolution. So much has changed over the years, yet the thing that remains constant is that this is a first class online community. Everyone who takes part in the record tables and on the forums can take pride in keeping the spirit of the community alive.

As a six year old fan site of an eleven year old game franchise, I think we’re doing pretty well right now, considering the fact that we’re mainly competing against each other on the record tables. As fun as that is, I’m hopefull that before WipeoutZone is too many years older we’ll be able to compete against each other online (other than by using X-Link Kai, I mean).

Here’s looking forward to WipeoutZone year seven.