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Wipeout 64 Added to the Records System

If you’re a fan of Nintendo powered anti-gravity racing, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Nintendo 64 based sequel to our favourite racing game series has now been added to the records system. Think of it as an early Xmas present.

So, those of you who’ve been waiting for a chance to compare your times on Qoron IV, Dryoness, and Velocitar, to name but three, can now get your times entered for both the NTSC and PAL releases. I made the executive decision that the Japanese version is maybe a bit too weak in player numbers to be worthwhile, so I’ve left that out.

The addition of these Wipeout 64 versions does bring the collection of games in the records system up to a nice round ten, which is a considerable number of sequels & versions, considering the fact that Wipeout isn’t exactly mainstream. Here’s hoping for more sequels to get our teeth into in the near future, too.