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Thread: How I got WipEout 2097 (European version) to work on Win8.1 64bit

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    Default How I got WipEout 2097 (European version) to work on Win8.1 64bit

    1. Copy CD-ROM contents to folder on PC
    2. Copy setup32.exe from ( to the INSTALL sub-folder
    3. Run setup32.exe to install
    4. Install Typical size version to c:\wobble
    5. Replace Wipeout2.exe with slowdown version (attached
    6. If using WipeEout 2097 instead of WipEout XL: go into these folders are rename these files:


    7. Run Wipeout2.exe (no compatibility mode needed). If framerate is jerkier than you expect, and you're using Windows 8 or 8.1, to restore smooth framerate, use Microsoft's Application Compatibility Toolkit and apply the fix: NoGDIHWAcceleration

    8. Run Wipeout2.exe again (no compatibility mode needed)

    - This is for basic install, I couldn't get the network patch to install (complained about missing setup.lid file), plus I don't play multiplayer
    - The opening video (and possibly all videos) doesn't play; these are just MPEG files on the CD-ROM if you want to watch them
    - The framerate may start a little low then smooth out
    - The game might crash sometimes
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    After this, if you want to run in HD (e.g. 1440x1080) then download dgVoodoo2 from here:, put the dgVoodooSetup.exe and the 3 dll files from the MS sub-folder into the "wobble" folder.

    Then open dgVoodooSetup.exe and in General tab set Scaling mode to Centered, then click DirectX tab and set Resolution to 1440x1080. Turn on Antialiasing, and any other settings you like (you may need to limit your FPS to 60hz and Force vSync for best performance).

    Then you can play it looking like this:

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