Here's a list of videos dealing with Pulse single races, time trial and speedlap.

Feel free to PM me if you want that i add your own video links, pilots.

We are happy to already have 2 of the best Pulse pilots who started to publish their art of piloting : a real big ideo Tutorial.
Feel free to discuss here if you want to comment them.

Kandang Single races Phantom (hard mode)

1.Outpost 7 White - link
2.Outpost 7 Black - link
3.Vertica White - link
4.Vertica Black - link
5.Platinum Rush White - link
6.Platinum Rush Black - link
7.Basilico White - link
8.Basilico Black - link
9.Fort Gale White - link
10.Fort Gale Black - link
11.The Amphiseum White - link
12.The Amphiseum Black - link
13.Tech De Ra White - link
14.Tech De Ra Black - link
15.De Konstruct White - link
16.De Konstruct Black - link
17.Arc Prime White - link
18.Arc Prime Black - link
19.Metropia White - link
20.Metropia Black - link
21.Moa Therma White - link
22.Moa Therma Black - link
23.Talon's Junction White - link
24.Talon's Junction Black - link

DJManiac Time trial

Tech De Ra White - Rapier speed class.
Arc Prime black Rapier