Profile: Auricom Research F3600 Anti-Gravity Racing Team



One of the major teams in F3600 Anti-Gravity Racing, Auricom Research is a US based organisation founded by former AG Systems employee Delia Flaubert. Principles of sporting excellence and the free availability of anti-gravity technology are enshrined in its mission statement, originally drafted by Flaubert in 2046, the year following her departure from AG Systems.

"Auricom Research is dedicated to the beneficial development of anti-gravity generation for all uses and for all mankind. It is our fundamental belief that the inspirational work of Pierre Belmondo must be continued within a climate of comradely competition so that the ultimate winners are all the peoples of the Earth. To this end, we will conduct research in a spirit of openness while endeavouring to win by genuine means so that all the planet may benefit from our discoveries."

Many felt at the time that in using Belmondo’s name, Flaubert was deliberately provoking her former colleague, Holst McQueen, who had also left AG Systems and was now putting together a race team for Russian industrial consortium Qirex Industries. Whether this was her intention or not, there is no doubt that the rivalry between the two teams remains extremely intense.

Of course, the rivalry is complicated by the on-going affair between Auricom’s enigmatic second pilot Anastasia Cherovoski and Qirex’s skilful all-conquering lead Kel Solaar. There have been accusations of illegal spying between the teams, and in fact Cherovoski herself has been implicated by certain observers. It is hard to imagine how the sport could recover if she was ever proved to be a Qirex spy working against her own Auricom team - it should be stressed that there is no evidence to support this theory.

Auricom Research have been boosted in recent years by the political ambitions of their charismatic and hugely popular lead pilot Arial Tetsuo. Arial has won the F3600 championship several times - her total of race wins is currently beaten only by Kel Solaar’s - and she has proved to be something of a political phenomenon in her native Japan. She stands on a vague platform of peace and unity, using her populist instincts to garner support while travelling the country with her shadowy entourage. Her speaking engagements are attended by millions.

Qirex Industries are publicly scornful of her unchallenging political manifesto, but they remain concerned at her popularity, not only in her homeland but also across the world. She has become something of a cult figure, representing the vague political aspirations of young people everywhere and is perhaps a more effective spokesperson for Auricom’s humanitarian aims than Delia Flaubert’s ageing mission statement could ever be.