Wipeout Pure Music Track Listing

Rennie Pilgrem & Roxiller Bug
Written by Rennie Pilgrem, Chris Carter and James Cocozza.
Record Label: TCR Recordings
Published by Bisbal Music/Westbury Music/Copyright Control
Recorded at Moon Bass Alpha.

"Hellion" Performed by Ming + FS
Written by A. Albano and F. Sargolini aka Ming+FS
Published by Platinum Dogs Publishing BMI, adminstered by Kobalt Music
Group Limited
(P) & (C) 2005 Madhattan Studios Music Inc.

Artist Name: Paul Hartnoll
Track Name: Boot Up
(P) 2005 Paul Hartnoll

Artist Name: Paul Hartnoll
Track Name: Ignition
(P) 2005 Paul Hartnoll

DrumAttic Twins - "TWISTER"
Publishing - Copy right control

Plump DJs - "Black Jack 3"
Publishing - Reverb / Copyright Control

"C Note (instrumental mix)" by Photek
Written and produced by Photek
Published by Universal/MCA Music Ltd
Courtesy Photek Productions
Copyright 2004

Aphex Twin "Naks Acid"
Written & Produced by Richard D. James (Chrysalis Music)
Published by Chrysalis Music Ltd
(P) 2005 Warp Records Limited
Courtesy of Warp Records

Friendly "We Got Juice"
Written and Produced by Andrew Kornweibel
Copyright Control
2005 © Fat Records

"Cross The Line" Performed by Elite Force
Written by S.Shackleton.
Published by Universal/MCA Music Ltd
Elite Force master recording administered
by www.bellmanagement.com

Themroc "Mean Red"
Written by J Dan Peppe and Jon Collyer
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing / Copyright Control.

Cosmos "Kinection"
Written and produced by Tom Middleton
Licensed courtesy of Machine Management
Copyright Control.

LFO "Flu-Shot"
Written & Produced by Mark Bell (Warp Music)
(P) 2005 Warp Records Limited
Published by EMI Music Publishing Limited.
Courtesy of Warp Records

T Power "The System [Wipeout dub]"
Written by T.Power [M. Royal]
Licensed to Liquid V courtesy of Sound Boy

Jay Tripwire "Room 2"
Written and produced by Jay Tripwire
Licensed courtesy of Northern Lights
Published by Fabric Publishing

Stanton Warriors "Night Mover"
Written and produced by the Stanton Warriors for Punks Music
(Dominic Butler / Mark Yardley)
Copyright Control
Punks Music is owned by Stanton Warriors

Tiësto "Goldrush"
Written and Composed Tiësto
Published Bucks Music Group Ltd
2004 Black Hole Recordings

Written and produced by CoLD SToRAGE
Frost Byte Records

Tayo meets Acidrockers uptown "Crafty Youth"
Written and produced by Tayo Poppola and Matt Buggins
Published by copyright control

"Grand Theft (Edit)" by Freq Nasty
Written & Produced By Darin McFadyen
Published By Copyright Control
(P) Skint Records 2005
Appears courtesy of Skint Records
Taken form the album "Bring me the head of... ... ..." out now

Röyksopp: ’Curves’
Written, arranged and produced by Röyksopp (Berge/Brundtland)
Published by Universal Music Publishing ltd
Röyksopp is represented by DEF Ltd. email: info@d-e-f.com
P 2005 labels / EMI Music France under exclusive license to Wall of Sound in the UK
www.royksopp.com www.labels.tm.fr/royksopp www.wallofsound.net