More about Team Fusion - the developers creating Wipeout Fusion

Rob Francis - Lead Designer

Wipeout Fusion in action Rob Francis has been working on the Wipeout series since first joining Psygnosis in 1996. As gameplay co-ordinator on Wipeout 2097 / XL, he was responsible for setting up the ship handling, damage functionality and difficulty curve. Shortly after the game was finished he moved onto the PC conversion as Producer. The PC version of Wipeout 2097 / XL was challenging, being at the dawn of Direct X and PC 3D cards. Next came lead designer on Wipeout 64. In February 1999, Rob started designing Sony’s next generation Wipeout for PlayStation 2. Rob’s love of games started some twenty years ago playing games on his first home computer, the Dragon 32. This led to writing text adventures. Rob is a stickler for detail and believes in working hard to make the game the very best it can be.

Dave Burrows - Lead Programmer

Dave’s particle effect in action. Dave is currently heading up the programming team within the Fusion Studio. He has been in the industry for 8 years working on a variety of platforms. He started off in the heady days of VR and then moved onto Flight sims with specific work on 3d engines. He has made the final leap now working for Sony on its premium futuristic anti-gravity racer. He hopes he and his team will be one of the first to really push the PlayStation 2 to its limits with Fusion and can often be heard mumbling strange chants towards his development kit in ’assembler’ of which he is a master ;-)) He is looking forward to the day when he can truly define his own personal anti grav racer.

Nino Ceraolo - Studio Communications manager

Nino has been in the games industry for 4 years now and started life in the QA department ensuring all titles conformed to Sony’s strict guidelines and handling all multiplayer and hardware issues with Psygnosis multi format titles. A true gamer at heart with strong views on what makes a good game. Nino’s task on Wipeout was to source all music tracks for in game. After months of listening to numerous CD’s the final list was decided on. "we have used music which sounds right when playing the game, all artists were looked into famous or not with the onus being creating a soundtrack which enhanced the playing experience."