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    Default R8 social media

    I am a TPP member and will be supporting the KickStarter too. But I am struggling to find a good/simple way to stay up to date on the goings-on.
    The R8Games site links to:
    • A partially configured Blogspot page that has never been used
    • A Google+ account with a grand total of one post
    • A Twitter feed in which 78 of the last 100 posts are just links to Facebook
    • A Facebook page
    • A Pinterest account

    I haven't used Facebook in a couple of years, but the way the Twitter feed is being used means that's effectively unavailable to me right now. I don't know the right place to ask this, but I hope it's not unreasonable to request that the blog actually be used and (if a suitable tweet can't be constructed) the Twitter feed link to that instead?

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    I'd imagine the other media will be used a lot more as the Kickstarter campaign kicks off, but it's worth pointing out to them. For reference, they appear most active on FB. I'll also try and post any major developments here.

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    Perhaps the subreddit might be something you are looking for:

    I've made it a while back and R8games themselves are also admins on it.
    Feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions regarding it.

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