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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 39.6

    The referenced album title of Part 39.5 was Overkill by Savant.

    [s2_31.6: Part 39.6] Fighting the Juggernaut: Omega


    Sunday, November 22th, 2212


    Lucia looked back at the body and pulled out the knife embedded into the recently deceased's skull. It was then that she had seen it. She had realised what was so very, horribly wrong with the situation, and the evidence was right on the weapon.

    Although, a more accurate description would be that it wasn't. There was a very noticeable lack of blood. It wasn't that there were only a few specks, the blade was actually just as clean as it was before Lucia's attack.

    "...wh... what the f*ck?!"

    Her gaze moved quickly from the weapon in her hands to the 'corpse' she was still sitting on. The helmet was cracked from her stabbing, but there was an eerie darkness through the splits the knife caused. The curiosity must have gotten the better of him, because Brandon walked over to them, and held the helmet in his hands, looking into the cracks.

    "...I'll need to open this, thankfully your knife weakened it, so I can just..."

    He tried to pry it open, then pull it off, both to no avail.

    "Give me the knife?"

    The knife was handed to him, by a rather scared Lucia. Now in his possession, he used the knife to make more cracks in the helmet, effectively breaking it enough that he could pry it open into two halves, using the knife as a lever. Once he did that, it snapped in half, leaving the truth open for them all to see.

    "...Well, then. I believe that's a rather... interesting explanation." He looked up at them, wanting to find some kind of answer. "Where is the real Viktor Antonov?"

    CO-04, 05, 08 and 11 all looked at each other, then started comparing data and other relevant information, before ringing up the pits at Vohl Square II. CO-11 was the one to tell Brandon their findings.

    "The real Viktor Antonov is lying right under Lucia. There is no other 'real' one. It appears that he is, and always has been... an android."

    Brandon looked from the man talking to him, down at the very non-human, mechanical innards of the destroyed android, then stood back up, looking back at him.

    "...Argh... how the hell did we fail to notice this?! I swear he had a face, the face of Chris Scarborough!"

    "It doesn't matter anymore, Russia and Crinale are now without a leader. The only thing left is to-"

    "But Scarborough is Viktor! He's the head of the Racing Commission. What th--..."

    Suddenly, Brandon stopped. He could see a grand total of thirteen people... not including himself. The man facing away from him... he looked familiar, that was why he didn't notice at first... Suddenly, his demeanour changed, his eyes widened, and it looked like he was about to explode.

    "...WAIT... YOU. STOP!"

    Upon hearing the man's bellow, the other, unknown individual began running, making his escape. Brandon set off after him, running just as fast, ignoring all of the guards that saw him and tried to stop him. Naturally, that gave the 12 remaining people to make their own escape... or an attempt to catch up to Brandon.

    Through the now meaningless fortress, Brandon ran after the other man with all of his energy. He had to catch him under any circumstances. Down stairs, through hallways, down more stairs, and both had soon found themselves in the underground carpark. Weaving through cars, Brandon had lost sight of the man for a split second, before finding him entering a black and white, old-looking limousine, which looked like it had been modified to some extent. Running towards it, he found himself in a spot of deja vu.

    The car had taken off, made a turn out of the parking bay onto the stretch of the road Brandon found himself on... and heading right at the man himself.

    "WHAAAAAA-?!" Was the only thing he could physically say. Internally, he was thinking something more akin to 'Ah, crap. Not this again.'

    Knowing his failure at clearing a jump over a vastly smaller car earlier that year, Brandon made the smart choice to not attempt the same thing again, and instead leaped to the side, out of the way of the speeding car. When he looked back, he saw the car making odd fishtailing movements as if it had made an attempt to dodge him, before its brake lights lit up briefly and it rounded the corner, never to be seen again.

    <vohl square ii: short fwd_>
    <race: lap 88 of 88_>

    TUR847.1.13.329 (#13 | Leon Turner | F0-RA8/00191)
    02. ARD889.0.19.194 (#19 | Gareth Ardos | AX2.0_r3)

    Gareth was caught by surprise from seeing the black and orange Crinale pull back, slowing down to let him pass. Unbeknownst to Leon, however, he was wary of the tricks one would pull from such a tactic, having experienced it first hand. Thus, he was not as confused as Leon thought.

    "EMP Railgun."


    They had both fired their weapons, one after the other. Leon had fired his missiles mere milliseconds before Gareth's Railgun temporarily shut off his weapon systems. The aftermath left both craft slowing down, with no clear way of knowing who would win out of the two.


    That answer was, "none of them". The Jennter, racing a good distance behind Gareth, had fired their quake, having only seen the Crinale craft initially. The further damage and slowing effect the weapon caused to both craft gave them the edge needed to pull the victory right from under the rivals' noses. Both pilots had failed, losing from their attempts to make the other lose.

    Angelus, however, was the one to take second, and Crinale very closely followed in third. With the race over, Gareth returned to the pits to see Brandon had returned.

    "Hey! You've returned. Sorry about the loss."

    Brandon replied "Ehh, it's fine. 2nd is good enough."

    "So, what were you doing?"

    "...I think it's a good idea to not mention what I was doing right this moment. Soon, though, soon."

    The man, however, was still deep in thought, to what had happened that day...
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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 39.7

    The referenced album title of Part 39.6 was Juggernaut: Omega, the second half of the double album by Periphery.

    [s2_31.7: Part 39.7] The Fall


    Sunday, November 22th, 2212


    As Brandon watched the large limousine speed around the corner and out of sight, the majority of the group arrived, seeing the man rise to his feet and brush himself off.

    "What happened?" Alex asked.

    "Bastard tried to run me over, I think." Came the reply. "Where's the rest?"

    "They're speaking with the rest of the Russian government. We should be able to assign a new Ts.. No, let's not have another Tsar. I think it's time we got a Prime Minister. We need a new type of government."

    "Fair enough. The guy that almost ran me over though, he's gone, there's nothing we can do about that. Let's just head back."

    <my spirit | lacuna coil_>

    "I would love to head back. I need to get out of this hell-hole." Lucia agreed. "You know, doing that felt really cathartic, I feel like my spirit is finally free."

    "We have no further use for this place." Alex replied. "Let's go."

    At the entrance, all 13 people related to the mission exited the building. No-one would ever know that they were the cause of the soon to emerge chaos that would ensue at the top floor of the fortress. 12 of those individuals placed hidden weapons in a storage area of a small bus before boarding the bus themselves, the 13th one entered a red compact. Starting the engines, they both made the long, worthwhile journey back.

    The bus followed the rather nimble red car from the main road, all the way back to Vohl Square II. The rather long drive back took enough time so that they would be back in time to see the final few minutes of the race, or at the very least, the results. Everyone was still rather confused by the identity of Viktor, however they were all in high spirits due to the success of the mission, especially Lucia, who was actually smiling happily the entire way there.

    Once they arrived at the racing venue, Brandon took his leave, returning to his team's pit room, while the rest made their way back to Crinale's. A sudden hushed silence filled the air, not just because of the COs making their unusual appearance at the race venue, but also from the appearance of a woman that was not seen being affiliated with the team since early 2210.

    Despite that, she acted as if she was always the Director, not paying attention to the whispers and turning to Lucia, speaking to her.

    "It is time. You have waited long enough, now it is time for you to hear me out before leaving this team. Are you still willing to uphold your end of the promise?"

    The smaller girl nodded. She noticed the older, taller woman had gained an aura, a sense of leadership upon entering the specific partition. "Yes, I'll hear you out."

    A warm smile filled Alex's face, letting her know it was going to seem like a friendly chat. "Great, if you would follow me to the control room, we may speak in there."

    The entire group followed Alex up the stairs, not just Lucia. In fact, CO-02 spoke 7 words that made Alex feel much more than welcome back at her old team.

    "It's great to have you back, CO-01."

    That remark made her grin, and look extremely happy indeed... until they reached the top of the stairs. A single guard looked over at them, taking note of their new compatriot.

    "Stop right there." He said simply.

    Alex's expression changed from a happy grin to a deep scowl almost instantly, replying to the guard with, "My name is Alexandra Gelorum, CO-01. You will let me in."

    "No. You are not permitted to enter."

    "Let us handle this," CO-02 told her, stepping in front of her, then facing the guard, preparing to speak an imperative order.

    "It is the unanimous opinion of the Crinale Originals that Alexandra Gelorum is reappointed the designation CO-01, the true Director of Crinale. Because of the defeat and death of Viktor Antonov, we are effectively the Overseers of this team. What we agree on must not be denied, lest you wish to be fired from the team."

    "Forgive me if I do not believe you." The guard replied.

    "Believe this," Lucia spoke up, "I stabbed that f*cker 23 times in the head. He. Is. Dead."

    "Unfortunately for you, I can get into direct contact with Viktor."

    The guard fished a phone from his pocket and pressed a single button. He waited... and waited... and...

    "...What is the meaning of this?"

    "I told you, he's dead. Not that he was a-"

    "Lucia. That's enough." CO-02 cut her off, "The less people know, the better."


    "Now, as for you..."

    CO-02 walked up to the highly confused guard, and shoved him out of the way, opening the control room's door and allowing all 12 people to enter and the others who were already in there to leave, before closing it back up.

    Alex faced Lucia, looking down upon her smaller statue.

    "Now, if I may begin. I know you have had intentions of leaving the team due to your... lack of freedom. However, I intend to open that freedom up. As the Director of this team once more, I really do wish for you to stay with us. In return... I will let you race however you see fit. I know of your talent, your prodigal status, and I wish to only nurture it. No more unnecessary violence, you may use whatever strategy you come up with for any race you enter. This is my promise, as CO-01, and as the new Director."

    Lucia was shocked. She never thought that a person intending to regain their Director status for such a team would be so kind... so thoughtful. She looked down, as she blinked back tears.

    "Are... are you serious? You... you'll really let me race however I want?"

    "Of course, just so long as you stay with Crinale. There will definitely be more changes than just that, believe me."

    "...what about Leon?"

    "The COs have also told me about him, I don't think he will have a problem with the changes, he is also free to stay with us if he so wishes."

    "...I-I... I..."

    Lucia looked back up at Alex, the happiest look on her face in years.

    "Thank you! Thank you so much! I... yes, I will give this a second chance... I-I just cannot thank you enough, Alex!"

    "It is nothing. Nothing at all, I am just trying to help someone be the best they can be."

    For the first time in 2 years, Lucia finally felt like she was home. She was accepted, not just for her talent, but for how she wanted to put that talent to use. To them, she was an actual person, not a machine set to win races in one single particular way. She could not wait for the next season to start up, so she could finally be free, and fly in her own way.

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    Default Mystic Life in Speed - Part 101: Purity

    Mystic Life in Speed
    A Faster Than Angels Story

    FTA-MLiS101: Purity

    Ever since its fromation in 2026, the Jennter team had its very own conception of purity, especially different of that from other teams in the later AG leagues.
    By the purity of Jennter, where you have to follow this very concept in your whole life in order to work, the FX leagues have been more corruption than the F9000. This put the team in a strong disbalance with their allies at Angelus, as it did not strictly oppose the F12000, nor its formation. It were merely the words of Brandon Smith, reporting the gruesom means by which the league was formed, that also corrupted these years for them.
    For Jennter, the purity they seek seems once more in far distance...

    1st August 2211
    "Now, the past year have really been something..." sighed Jonathan, standing in the main hall of the Jennter HQ.
    Nico made a bitter expression "Too many memories..." he uttered.
    "Yes...I think if I was as young as you, I'd be dead from all this already." came from Jonathan, who tried to smile.
    Nico said nothing in return, almost glared at the old man.
    "Oh, I just try to be are strong..." Jonathan tied to break the silence.
    "Pff, I am not going to dwell on everything bad, only to ruin myself the better days this way!" Nice responded with a strong voice.
    The old Bovier smiled at these words "You truely are a Bovier...just don't smoke anymore."

    Nico shook his head "So you won't tell me where you will be heading?" he then asked Jonathan.
    "Not yet...for the better. But once everything is clear, I will surely show you what we got." he explained.
    "We?" Nico then asked.
    " wouldn't be too happy to hear that a certain Saki Kojikyofu is among them..." Jonathan uttered, expecting Nico's reaction.
    "...surely not. But I think you are many years ahead of me in many things." Nico calmly noted.
    "Wise answer, indeed. Now, in my twohundred years of existance I never felt something as similar as what she made me feel." Jonathan whispered, bewitched by his memories. While Nico giggled by what he said, Jonathan instantly continued to regain the seriousness "I have faced the divine and the divine merged with me!"

    "Just make sure she won't kill you." was Nico's only response to this.
    " not to be excluded." laughed Jonathan in irony.

    And so he departed...

    1st August 2212
    "Craft development is going pretty well, we can surely also soon deploy our superweapon." reported a Jennter engineer as Nico entered the research lab.
    "We will focus on next year with the craft." said Nico, making a cutting movement with his hands.
    "Next year, but this one is going well." came from another engineer.
    "Surely, but we are no itle contenders so far. Our craft is very good, but not special. Angelus and Crinale are rushing off with their perfections.
    See, it's the mistake everyone makes so far, they all just develop your ordinary matchbox craft with changing stats. We need something special, the aerodynamics are our field."
    Nico gave the order and rushed off to meet his pilots.

    "The Commission gave us the set of challenges you two have to take for the super weapon." Nico said to Patrick and Aurora and tossed an eSheet onto the table.
    Patrick picked it up and drove with his eyes over the list.
    "What the f'ck!?" he only said and gave it to Aurora.
    "Uhm, this hardly seems possible to me." the android agreed.
    "What?" was Nico's simple response.
    "These lap times, elimination targets, special conditions for races...they want to f'ck us over." Patrick said and shook his head.

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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 40

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny View Post
    [...] as it did not strictly oppose the F12000, nor its formation.
    ...that's just what they think, having not seen them do anything by means of opposing them... but there's a reason for that.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Screw it, I'm posting the final part now. Enjoy!

    The referenced album title of Part 39.7 was The Fall by Gorillaz.

    [s2_32.0: Part 40.0] F:/2212FINALE/


    Monday, November 23rd, 2212

    That day started with even more confusion between Alex, Brandon and the COs. Chris Scarborough had made an appearance to close off the 2212 season of the F12000 and announce the 2213 season, despite having been 'killed' by Lucia. And yet hours, even days after, there was no attempt to return to Crinale, or for that matter, the Russian government. The latter was up in arms over the mass confusion, and the fact that their former Tsar had been an android. It would be some time before a new Tsar, or any form of leader, would be appointed to office.

    Alex, however, was tasked with dealing with the mess Viktor had made. The space station that served as the team's primary base of operations was brought back down to Earth and disassembled, many of its parts being sold off to pay off the 'debts' collected by the team, using some of their surplus to buy up a new headquarters, keeping it's location unknown, in traditional Crinale fashion. Almost every other piece of Viktor-era machinery was also decommissioned, some even destroyed. Although, that was not their main issue.

    Their main issue was in regards to the remaining tech in their hands, the F12000 craft they were left with. Alex made a promise to not have any remnants of Viktor's rule of the company upon her reacquisition of it. However, they had just not enough money, and very little time to develop a new one. Thus, she was forced to break her promise for that one piece of technology. The F0-RA8 would have to stay as part of Alex's new Crinale.

    The technologies weren't the only thing she changed. A vast amount of people hired by Viktor that still adhered to his views were promptly fired from the team. Leon, naturally, decided to stay with the team when asked, purely for his love of racing.

    Alex had also reached out to Brandon, after a lot of the prior events had died down.

    "I've been making a lot of promises recently, so here's mine to you."

    "Uh, okay..." Brandon replied, having been caught off-guard.

    "Working with your team again opened up a lot of things for me, and I finally realised that I was initially wrong. So, I promise that as of now, we're friendly rivals."

    "Friendly rivals? ...Interesting."

    "Right, the only time I'll ever be violent towards you will be on the track, to keep that form of entertainment going. But I won't resort to anything illegal or unfair."

    "Well, that's very good to know. I shall reciprocate that and act on the track as if you're still a threat to us... because you are, in the sense that you're still a rival." He smiled warmly upon making that remark.

    Alex laughed. "Thank you. Thanks for giving me a second chance."

    "Not a problem. Take care."

    Because of her continued alliance with Brandon, she had accessed her own servers and pulled a certain piece of data. Once she found that it contained the relative information in it, she sent copies of the document detailing the chemical make-up of Tigron's experimental drug to both Angelus and Syncline, so the three teams were able to progress with their research to rid the world of The Condition.


    Angelus, after continued searches throughout the end of the year, and the beginning of the next, still had not found a new pilot to replace Tarah in time for the 2213 season. Many Angelus employees had considered Gareth's performance in the last two races to be quite optimal. Some of those people put two and two together and came up with the theory that he raced better on his own, without any other pilots racing alongside him. Either way, Angelus was still stuck with one pilot for the following season.

    The instant they were back in Australia after the Vohl Square II race, Brandon decided to use the secret information network he had to lift more Viktor-related data from Preispodnyaya. Among other, seemingly unrelated data, he had also received data on something he had been quite interested in since he saw it back in February of that year.

    Although no data on its actual performance and setup was written out, there were very detailed descriptions on the mechanics, systems and related specifications on the first of the mysterious Shinigami project's products: The RXK. Among the various other systems detailed that made up most of the car's systems, there were two in particular that caught his attention. The first was unheard of for production cars, having been fitted with a COFFIN-type system. However, the second system was so much more unbelievable, that it gained Brandon's attention more than the flight control system.

    "...Elec... what?!"

    Brandon recalled the final moments of his battle with that car, and how the explosion looked like it was hit with a Plasma. The reason why was simple; the engine was not anything that could be considered 'traditional' or 'normal'. It was referred to as an Electro-Plasma Kinetic Generator, a system that seemed to directly produce over 1500hp of thrust. That explained to him why the car seemed to be so fast, even though he didn't know the true output the car made.

    Along with that, he had also found some data pertaining to the F12000, although it was far from enough to bring the league down. Nevertheless, he decided to keep every piece of data he obtained from that place, as it all contributed to his plan to undermine the corrupt league.

    Between the start of December and the end of January, the teams were allowed to continue upgrading their craft for the following season. Angelus, naturally, focused their efforts on further upgrading their engine's power output and also the overall handling of the craft. They submitted their upgraded craft as the KA-AX2.0_r4, the AGR:Xff engine being registered as Type 3167.


    On one day in particular, Brandon received a phone call on his personal phone.

    "Yeah? Brandon speaking... what?!"

    The call was from an employee from Syncline. A few days after receiving the documents for The Condition's source, Nikole had, unfortunately, passed away. After making sure Alex knew, he set off to Mars, travelling to Syncline's headquarters. Once there, he found Johann Webber, the founder and lead technician of the team.

    "Hey, mind if we talk?"

    The man looked at him. "Brandon Smith, right?"

    "Yeah. I think you might know why I'm here."

    He closed his eyes and put his hand to his chin. "Mhh, Nikole? I'd rather not answer any questions pertaining to her. Call it a sign of respect."

    Brandon nodded. "Alright, I can respect that. How about the Condition? Can you talk about that?"

    "To you, yes. We've received the data on the chemical thanks to Miss Kotova, so we, along with Crinale, may proceed with developing the cure. I guess I can say one thing about Nikole, that she would want us to continue with this, no matter what."

    Brandon nodded, "I can understand, it is a rather serious situation that needs immediate and consistent attention. Rest assured that I will continue to help you in any I can."

    "That is appreciated, thank you."

    "How is Kat taking the news?"

    For some reason, Johann did not answer immediately. Instead, it looked as if he was thinking, as if he wasn't sure how exactly he should tell Brandon, if at all. But, he could not deny Nikole and Kat's trust in him.

    "She... she's in a coma."

    Brandon needed a moment to let that information sink in.

    "I... what? She's... in a coma? How did that happen?"

    The man shook his head, "I'm sorry, I hope you'll forgive me for not willing to disclose that information."

    Brandon held up his hand. "No, no. It's completely fine. I definitely understand."


    Several groups of people had been brought together, all through one mutual enemy. Soon, they would be forcibly torn apart from one another attempting to bring them down.

    Season 2: End.

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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 40.Epilogue

    [s2_E: Part 40.E] F:/2212FINALE/EPILOGUE


    Unknown Date.

    Unknown Location.

    Unknown Time.

    Two men had met up, to converse about an aspect of the Preispodnyaya Mission.

    "We need to talk. The truth must come out."

    "What? What truth?"

    "That information, how did you get it?"

    The other man sighed, placing a couple fingers to his temple.

    "Why is that so damn important? What matters is that I provided that information, nothing more."

    "But that's the thing, you obtained information that just wasn't possible to obtain."

    "Through legal means." He finished the other man's sentence.


    As the man in the black suit looked shocked, the one in the black coat smiled. It was a very cold-looking smile, one that looked like it was detached from the rest of his face's expression.

    "Fine, I admit it. I used an information network."

    "An information network?"

    "Yes. I paid an information broker to give me that useful piece of data. And I don't regret it. I will do whatever is necessary to prevent corruption from existing in the league. I mean, sure, I had only intended to use them once, but now... I will not hold back, not after the chains bounding me have been broken by the very thing I wished to destroy. None of my strategies could have predicted that happening!"

    "Strategies? As in, more than one?"

    "Yes! My strategy skills are in fact quite strong, even stronger than my racing capabilities, though I hardly call myself the best racer. Honestly, though, with my ability to think multiple steps ahead and plan a course of action, I could play a strong game of chess... that is, if I had any interest in the game in the first place."

    "So, this strategy... did it start with the F12000?"

    "Hahahaha!" He laughed, before adopting a very serious expression on his face. "Whatever gave you that idea?"

    The other man shivered. "Woah, you're giving off some legitimately scary vibes now."

    The man explained, "See, the F12000 strategy is just a small part of a grander plan, it's a smaller strategy inside a larger one, a... 'matryoshka' strategy, if you will. The larger, grander strategy, however? That started more than a decade ago, back when we just made cars. My strategy... started with Katana, with the conception of the Angelus Project."

    >>INITIATE: Beta_Angels_
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    Default Beta Angels: 0x00

    In preparation for the upcoming Season 3, I'll be posting parts that go into the past of Angelus! I decided to actually do planning for the new season, and it requires quite a lot of it. Also, I did have this side story planned before I decided to start the planning of Season 3, so I guess it all works out. In any case, please, enjoy!

    Beta Angels(0x00) >Phase_01<
    >>Geneva International Motor Show


    Thursday, March 2nd, 2186

    Geneva, Switzerland

    The sudden appearance of Katana Advancements with their Vixen sports car in 2185 in Australia had brought a lot of questions to people's minds, but it was a fresh, well deserved reboot to the Australian AG sports scene. The massive success the group had over that single year had brought them to move to another stage in their 'Phase 1', a mysterious multi-tier plan that they had only made brief, cryptic comments about.

    That next stage had brought several members of that group to Geneva, for the International Motor Show. Along with them, they had brought all they needed for the unveiling of their global debut the day prior, and had set everything up. Once the place had opened up for the general public, there were two vehicle-like shapes hidden under sheets, waiting for the moment when they would be unveiled.

    The leader of the group, a then 25 year-old Brandon Smith, was the one assigned to introduce the world to their group, and the car that had been massively successful in their home country. The man himself was clad in a rather sharp white suit shirt, black pants and a black tie. Passers-by were slowly gathering at the stall with the two blanketed designs, until, on the dot of 11am, the young-looking, neatly dressed man walked out to address the crowd.

    "I'm glad you all could come today. As you are no doubt aware, the damage caused by the recession from the F9000's collapse is slowly being repaired. Early this decade, I brought together several brilliant minds that shared my philosophy, to create a new age of anti-gravity transport.

    "The fruits of our efforts was completed and released to the Australian public in 2185. Because of the success of that, The Katana group are proud to release that very car to the global market. I present to you... the Vixen."

    The sheet of the first car was pulled off, revealing the tiny, yet sleek design. The flowing lines, while not aggressive, still gave the car an overall sporty appearance. As everyone admired the vehicle, the screen that served as the stall's backdrop began showing some graphics and photos of the car, along with some of the car's technical aspects. When that started, Brandon continued speaking.

    "The car is based on the premise of a light, nippy roadster that doesn't need a lot of power to be fun and sporty. The car weighs less than a ton, so with a 250hp powerplant, this thing is actually quite quick. Now, hopefully these will go on sale very soon, so you all should be able to experience this fantastic machine for yourselves.

    "However, we are aware of people who do want a bit more power in their lives. Well, I say a bit, really... we're aiming for over 500."

    The instant he said that, the second covered car was unveiled, a unique Katana design that no one person from the public had ever seen, Australian or otherwise.

    "This... is our Type-X Concept Supercar."

    The screen backdrop then split its display in two, the left half continuing to show the graphics and specs for the Vixen, the right showing just graphics for the new design, the Type-X. Like the Vixen, the Type-X wasn't overly aggressive in its design. While containing some sharp, aggressive lines, they were all to accentuate the main shape of the car, which was smooth and flowing.

    "We are currently working on this car, and we... well, I'm not one for deadlines, but it is a possibility we'll complete it by or in 2187. I..." He let out a chuckle. "I hate to put the pressure on everyone doing such a good job back home by saying that, but judging by our progress so far, '87 seems to be a good estimation. It could be in January, it could be December, but... yeah, '87.

    "Anyway, I've rambled on long enough, feel free to come up and look at our two cars, I'll also be more than happy to answer any questions about or discuss the aspects of them."

    Throughout the day and the rest of the show, Brandon seemed to be very happy that the two cars were gaining as much interest as they did. There were a lot more than he was expecting, which gave him the impression that sporty, enthusiast AG designs were making a comeback, with AG racing also developing alongside with the FX150 Amateur League.

    The final night of the show, he received a phone call, from the first person he had join his project, his close friend from school.

    "Hey Brandon, the show should have ended by now, right?"

    "Uh, yeah, close enough. What's up?"

    "How was it?"

    "Better than expected, I can say with 100% certainty that Phase 1 will be a complete success."


    "It is. Now is the time to bring AG Racing back on the roster, and ensure that what happened before will not happen again."

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    How carefree he appears!

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    Well, this was before he knew better XD

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    >>Tibetan AG Racing League


    Saturday, March 26th, 2196

    Sagarmatha, Tibet

    The announcement of the FX300 Anti-Gravity Racing League had pushed one individual's plan forward. Thus, he had to gain research a little quicker than he had anticipated. That research had brought him to Tibet, for the Tibetan Anti-Gravity Racing League, taking place on the old, but still maintained F5000 circuit, Sagarmatha.

    Previously a largely unknown event, the Tibetan variant of AG racing grew in popularity slightly after former pilot Myima Tsarong entered the F9000. When the league collapsed in 2170, the calm, graceful pilot returned to her roots, once again competing in the non-violent league once everything had died down and the recession was on its way out.

    <your love (remix) | the prodigy_>

    When the man arrived at the upgraded circuit, he could see, finally, the utter beauty of the calm, non-violent racing the pilots focused on. Every craft on the track had followed the philosophies of Piranha in 2097, being perfectly fast at the cost of no weapons. The pilots seemed to be very skilled, while the speeds they reached were just about on par with the Piranha prototype, if not slightly faster. The craft almost reached 500km/h on the straights, and were extremely fast around the corners, especially around the hairpin.

    Apart from the lack of weapons and focus on weapon use, the race was very similar on the F-class regulations. The craft had similar body shapes to those types of craft and had airbrakes to aid their already breathtaking cornering abilities. Even when they overtook each other, there was not an ounce of aggression in their manoeuvres. Through the whole race, he had a wide smile on his face.

    After the race, the man had started to do the reason he came to Tibet: Meet up with Myima herself.

    "Ah! Mr Smith!" The Tibetan woman called out to him. "It's good to meet you at last."

    "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Myima." Brandon greeted back. "How are you?"

    "I am just splendid, how are you?"

    "I've been great, just admiring this place, and that beautiful racing."

    "Ah, I am really glad that you enjoy our anti-gravity league." She said, bowing slightly.

    "It's completely fine. Speaking of racing though, I am in the process of developing a racing team for the upcoming FX300."

    "Oh, I have heard of that. It does seem a lot less... violent... than the F9000."

    "I sure hope it is, but I'll definitely be doing my bit. My team has similar philosophies to this league. Speed and handling, over heavy craft and weapon usage."

    "Interesting! I'd love to see what your team comes up with."

    "I hope you'd get to see it too! That race has given me quite a bit of inspiration, thank you."

    "Ah, you are too kind."

    "Hahaha, thank you. I just want to protect the leagues against any corruption that may return."

    "That is a good ambition. I hope you succeed."

    "I hope so too... Uh, hey. With your permission, would you be okay if I stay here for a few days? I would love to learn more about your wonderful culture, especially that calm racing style."

    "Oh! Well, I'd hardly call myself a master at that technique, but we definitely welcome anyone who is interested in our culture! Please, feel welcome to stay. Although, there are a couple things I ask that you do not make a part of your team, but I will mention what those things are."

    "Thank you, thank you so much!" Brandon said, bowing. "It is definitely an honour to be here."

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    >>FX150: Amateur AG Racing League


    Sunday, November 13th, 2196

    Sydney, Australia

    Australia was home to the final race of the final FX150 season before the start of the professional FX300 League. Because of that, and the fact that one of the competing teams were sponsored by Katana, Brandon had flown over to Sydney to spectate the race and, on the chance the team he was sponsoring won, congratulate them on their win.

    That team was a combination of 4 sub-groups working together as one singular team. The major group in the team, the University of Queensland's engineering portfolio, were the namesake of the team, QUAD, which was also a reference to the number of sub-groups working together.

    As part of the university's engineering/racing class, the students were to work with the groups to build a craft using parts supplied to them from supporters, sponsors and the groups within the team. The one chosen to pilot the craft was one that was interested in the actual piloting of the craft itself, Gareth Ardos, a then 25-year old student of the university.

    Brandon had taken his seat in the VIP section of the racetrack, just as the race was minutes from starting. All the craft had taken their place on the grid, with QUAD taking a mid-pack starting position. While not the fastest, Katana had provided the team with what they had called a "Semi-Prototype" AG stability system, which at the time, no-one could be able to fathom why the company had referred to the fully operational system as such.

    On the dot of 1pm, the race had started.

    Ready.... GO!

    Almost all the craft shot off the line, save for a couple that had some sort of mechanical failure, and was unable to be restarted to begin racing. Thus, they were promptly disqualified. They were a team that had all sorts of problems like that throughout the season, albeit not as severe as the failed start. However, that was the final nail in the team's coffin, and their chances of obtaining an underdog victory were diminished.

    On the track, the single QUAD craft was slowly making its way up the ranks, the video game-trained pilot navigating the dual-hull ship fairly easily. Although, that may also have had something to do with the fact that the FX150 ran at a slower speed than Gareth was used to. This did mean that, a couple times in his earlier races, he opened his airbrakes too early due to his muscle memory, but by the time this final race came about, he had eliminated that shortcoming.

    Entering the tunnel, Gareth fired off a turbo, passing one more craft, before said craft shot some rockets at him, defending their position from him. Retaining the inside line of the following corner, Gareth picked up some missiles. With the target locked on the craft ahead of him, he lay in wait, just in case he was able to pass them without firing the weapon. Unfortunately, the craft had started to pull away from him.

    "Mmh, fine."

    Upon making his decision, Gareth immediately fired the missiles at the craft, hitting it and slowing it down. As he passed it, he emerged from the tunnel, aiming for the next craft ahead of him. The distance between them, however, meant that it would take several laps to catch up and pass them.

    A multitude of laps later, Gareth, now in fourth place, had crossed the line for the final lap. He was right behind the three craft ahead of him, each were fighting for first place. As he passed the craft in third place, he obtained another turbo, which he instantly used, obtaining the top position upon entering the tunnel. Keeping his lead due to the high handling of the craft, Gareth was home free.

    Warning. Incoming weapon.

    Rockets were fired in their telltale 3-shot spread pattern. Each one had hit a craft, the third eliminating a team. Gareth was pushed back down two places, and with his direct competition using a turbo, he had to make do with the final position he had no choice but to accept.

    <race complete>
    <third place>

    While it wasn't a win, Gareth did get a place on the podium. After standing on the podium and accepting his finish, Gareth had made his way back to the pits, where one person was unexpectedly there, leaning against a wall.

    "That was a pretty good race. You were pretty good, I could tell you had your focus on proper racing techniques rather than overusing weapons to attain the victory." Brandon spoke to him.

    "U-uh, thanks, I... guess I could say I had a bit of practice with that racing style." Gareth replied, "Uh... who are you again?"

    Brandon stepped off the wall. "Do you not know who I am? Ah. Well, I guess it's as good a time as any to introduce myself. My name is Brandon Smith, I run a... moderately sized company called Katana. Maybe you've heard of it?" He joked, getting a chuckle out of Gareth.

    "Yep, sounds familiar." Gareth joked back. "So what are you doing here?"

    "I decided to watch the final FX150 race, to see the team I'm sponsoring live in action. See, I've got a project in the works, and... let's just say I had a reason why I needed to see this race. That's about all I can tell you right about now."

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