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    Name: Sean "Cooper" Cooper

    SEX: Male

    Birth: June 17th, 2193

    Appearance: Sean Cooper (Remastered).jpg

    Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

    Zodiac: Gemini

    Age (Currently 2217): 23

    Nationality: Canadian

    Origin: Canada (American)

    Race: Caucasian

    Language(s): English

    Religion: N/A

    Height: 6'1"

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Brown

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Robotics/Mechanic

    FX400 IDF: COOP0617.2193

    Team: AG-Systems

    Position: Co-Lead Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Elite

    Region Reputation: Makana

    Squad Teammates: Katsu Sasaki / Sofia Rossetti

    Team Loyalty: Medium

    Allies: Auricom

    Rivals: Griffin Lang (FEISAR) / Mariana Sinclair (FEISAR)

    Medals: Gold: x9, Silver: x13, Bronze: x7

    Sponsors: Joy Noodles, ICOM, Belmondo Foundation, Anti-Gravity Development, Good Smile Racing

    Favorite Events: Single Race

    Favorite Track: Ubermall

    Leagues Competed: FX400 to FX500

    Character traits: Handy, Geeky, Cooperative, Witty, Dreamer


    Awareness: 7/10

    Aggression: 710

    Reaction/Reflexes: 7/10

    Consistency: 9/10

    Sean Cooper was once a newcomer and secondary pilot of Anti-Gravity Systems. He was born on June 17th 2193 in Vancouver, Canada, raised by an interesting family. His father was a mechanic/ robot engineer for the competitors of the Amateur FX150 league, and had took part of the AG-Rebirth Festival in 2185. It wasn't until 2197 when his dad had to go to the Island of Makana to help with maintaining robots for the race craft of the FX300 Racing League including working on the race craft themselves. Commercial teams like FEISAR and AG-Systems were the only teams to be worked on, while most kept their engineering private from outside engineers. Sean did see AG-races before on television, getting to see what his dad had worked on for the competing craft. Unfortunately, it's not very often that he sees his father, as he mostly lived with his mother back home, but he wasn't an only child in the family however. Following the footsteps of his dad, he learned how to fix and build with robotics and other engineering topics when he was just 5yrs old. All by himself, he programmed an old aimi bot, stored away in his dad's workshop. A small floating maintenance bot which helped repair and replace parts for race craft during the F9000 league became his personal project. He rewired the circuits on the robot, replacing the CPU on the control board to adapt with other functions other than what it was originally programmed for, yet those functions were still kept in the robot. After finishing reprogramming the bot, it had worked the way he wanted it, however by replacing the old CPU replacing its vocabulary, it had very little speech. After finishing his creation, He then decided to name his robot, Sparky, mostly by how many times it kept sparking during rebuilding. Aside from using it to do his chores around the house like a robot butler, he does almost treat it like brother, talking to it, and even playing sports with it like baseball and basketball. Playing with it in Hockey however still needed some work after an incident down at a local park.

    In the following years, Sean did program Sparky a little more, taking classes on mechanics and robotics when he was 12. He had gotten more technical with the primary majors just like his dad, and was almost seemed eligible on repairing robots and AG-Race craft along side with him. After graduating from highschool, Sean was torn by two choices. He definitely wanted to look for a career in engineering, even being chosen by a number of Universities with a given scholarship. However, despite the future possibilities in careers if earning a degree, Sean wanted to work for his dad after getting out of highschool instead, only to be homeschooled by his dad working alongside. This included having himself going to the Island with his dad to now help him for the upcoming FX350 Racing League in 2205 for the amateur pilots, taking Sparky along as a helping hand. Saying goodbye to his mom taking a floating cab to a nearby airport, Sean books a flight to the international hotspot of AG-Racing out in the pacific.

    Arriving at the island Makana gave Sean a huge impression over the race culture in the country. Landing near Vineta K, his dad surprisingly lived close by just outside the city, including a couple miles away from the town's racetrack off the beach. When he got to his dad’s address he was excited to see him outside, not seeing him for over a couple years. Sean’s father owned a robotics shop selling parts for amateur pilots or ordinary customers coming by, having a single apartment upstairs with 2 bedrooms, one of them now given to Sean. When it came to amateur race tournaments on the island, he and his father were already on the job. In the hangar bays, the father and son would keep maintenance on the aimi repair bots repairing the craft including inspecting and repairing any damaged race craft manually that were brought over, yet none from private teams. It's not too often that the two would be called in, only repairing the bots themselves for other jobs and selling discount robot parts for the amateur AG-Pilots and a couple of amateur teams at the events. Very rarely they would get service by few of the actual teams in the league, mostly for monitoring rather than actual repairing purposes leaving it to the bots themselves. For Sean, it got repetitive most of the time, and would rather see the races other than repairing the bots and ships themselves. In his absents on the job, he would have Sparky to fill in with his dad most of the time, and would head down to the stands or open lots where the race day festivals were set upped. However, most of the reasons why he left out was just to see the AG-Queen models at the events.

    While walking around the stands, Sean would still wear his uniform and at some occasions without knowing, would have oil spots on his clothes. He never really minded at first, until he got close to the AG-Queen models. The shows were another thing he would go see, getting through crowds just to see the dancers up-close and see their moves. While he thought the girls were beautiful in most performances, one in particular had caught his eye while looking at the all-star dancers. These girls were highly active and fast dancers performing to some of the most uplifting trance tracks throughout the shows. But one AG-Queen had really grabbed his attention, being almost the same age as him. One FEISAR AG-Queen, brunette with natural bright emerald green eyes would catch his eye. For being a teenager she had a fully athletic hourglass body, along with dance moves that were deemed mesmerizing using wands to stream lights around stage. One unique feature about her out of all the dancers was that she wore her trademark FEISAR striped white ribbon on her ponytail, giving her the impression of little girl innocence to the crowds around, wearing it for years as a child star. Unsurprisingly she was the most popular dancer on the island with Sean just knowing about it when speaking to other fans around him about who she was. Seeing how amazing she was in her performance, Sean grew an interest to the young AG-Queen, a celebrity crush almost for that matter. When going back home at the end of the event, she was all he could think about up until going to bed.

    Sean had never met this model in person, but even if he did he would feel very anxious to go near her or any girl for that matter. But one day in 2208, while inspecting a FEISAR race craft he was suddenly surprised when he heard a small female voice. Not expecting it, he accidentally hits his head under the wings of the race craft while on a ladder. He was knocked out, but as he woke up he saw a pretty face in front of him. Realizing who it was shocked him even more. In the flesh, it was the dancer he was attracted to, her name was Mariana Sinclair.

    "Are you ok?" Mariana asked him: "Ohmygod, I'm so sorry that I..."
    Sean Interrupts while holding his head: "Nonono, Its ok, I I I...I" (Sean Whispers to himself) "Wow."

    He was mesmerized by how she looked, wearing her new AG-Queen outfit, exposing her legs.

    Sean snaps out: “Oh I.. sorry I’m, still kind of dazed from that hit. Just trying to unblur my vision is all.”
    Mariana: “You sure you’re ok? You hit your head pretty hard there. Maybe you should go see a doctor or something.”
    Sean: “Don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m fine. Just.. You, you’re that AG-Queen I saw back at Vineta K. Mariana, right?”
    Mariana slowly answers: “Yes?”
    Sean: “heh, wow, what a beautiful name. ..Uh, I mean, It’s a nice name I mean. I’m not saying it like I like you or anything. Uh, a fan, I’m a fan is what I meant. I’ve, seen your performance back at that track couple days ago. It was.. Incredible.”
    Mariana: “You liked it? You’re not the only fan on this island you know. I have many fans from around the world. Everyone loves my performances. I found this dance style after all."
    Sean: “So you did. You’re very talented.”
    Mariana: “Of course I am. You’re looking at the #1 AG-Queen on this Island. No one else is as good as me.”
    Sean: “Damn straight. But, what are you doing here?”
    Mariana: “Why do you ask? Aren’t you the one looking at daddy’s craft?”
    Sean: “Thi.. This is your dad’s craft?”
    Mariana: “Of Course. You don’t know my daddy, Marcus Sinclair? He’s the best pilot in the world. FEISAR’s finest...”

    Sean was mesmerized by her beauty up close, not paying attention to her talking and started daydreaming about being with her. He slowly gained back focus as Mariana tried to get his attention.

    Mariana: “Hey? Hey? Is anything alright with you?”

    Sean snaps out of it again making more excuse about his head. He tried to act cool by trying to not act like a fool around her. He tried to impress her by talking all smart about the mechanics on the craft, saying things about it that Mariana wasn't interested about nor understood. Sean then just said that everything was fine, yet a couple of components needed to be replaced before it could go back on the track. Overall, Mariana knew what she wanted to know, thanking Sean and saying goodbye to him. Still shocked to have her come by, as she left, he suddenly faints again, only to be awaken by his companion, Sparky moments later.

    During race days in the hangers, Sean would be too distracted thinking about Mariana while replacing parts. Sparky, now reading emotions can sense Sean in a blissful mood as he tried to make him go away but then decides to tell him anyway about her and how he felt. Sparky was no love robot, but instead told statistics of him being with her with a 10.24% chance of it happening. As such, Sean wasn't the approachable type. He wouldn't have the guts to tell Mariana about how he felt, even if he tried, feeling he was way under her league because she was wealthy, athletic and perfectly beautiful. Comparing to himself, he was just a Mechanical geek who lived in his dad’s shop fixing race craft every day. He felt like it wasn’t impressive even to other girls as he thought it over laying in bed and looking at his ceiling at night, sometimes a poster of her. Looking around his room even out a window seeing posters/adverts of pilots with their crafts including with an AG-Queen model, Sean had an Idea on how he could impress Mariana. He had thoughts about being an AG-Pilot, thinking it could get her attention and have her to like him, yet Sparky still reads out statistics thinking it's not possible, even showing a lower percentage but Sean disagreed. He hoped that someday he'll be a pilot for FEISAR, and win every tournament to take home the gold and the girl. But that was until 2211, where he would pilot his first AG-Race craft.

    Having a crush on Mariana for over 2 years, Sean almost sensed something was in his way. Unaware she was an AG-Pilot herself since she turned 16 in the JX350 junior league in 2210, one pilot seemed to had been hanging out with her most of the time. German FEISAR Pilot Griffin Lang was Mariana's lead team pilot during the time, and the two were pretty close friends other than teammates, aside from Rachel Vega from Auricom who also got abit of Sean’s attention by her more cuter appearance/personality. Sean felt jealous over the experienced pilot as he was the most talked about pilot in FEISAR based on his charm and good looks. Sean thought he was overrated and believed he could be a better pilot than him and by getting attention for skill instead. As he thought about it, it gave him an idea as he now wanted to compete for the FX350/400 league, just to get the attention from Mariana. When it came to his dad however, he thought his son was crazy. Sean didn't really tell his dad why, but instead made up an excuse of just wanted to go for it, but his dad completely disagreed. "You wanted to fix robots and race craft, and now you want to fly one? You know how extremely dangerous it is out there?" his dad explained. But Sean didn't care; in his mind, he wanted to impress the superstar AG-Queen turned pilot, and to take down her teammate. He tried to make more excuse like having Sparky fill in his time while he raced and to repair his own craft. He tried everything to convince his dad but continued to get a ‘no’ from him. Sean would bother his dad every single day about it until at some point finally giving in by his son’s continuous begging, only to feel like his son did not know what he was getting into, even Sean himself. Trying to enroll at an academy on the island would be kind of expensive as it took Sean up until his 18th birthday for a possible chance to register at the Makanian AG-Academy in Vineta A east of the island.

    Sean eventually got his birthday wish registering to the academy for pilot training. As he got there he felt very excited, with teams FEISAR, AG-Systems, and Goteki 45 being the 3 commercial teams willing to train any pilot around the island. As such, Sean wanted to race for FEISAR just to be around his crush, even if it meant teaming up with his nemesis. Unfortunately with FEISAR having the most pilots joining in, he would get denied due to the last spot being taken and instead was introduced to the other two teams. This was not going how Sean had planned it and didn't want to back out only because he begged his dad so many times and would then change his mind all for nothing. Not wanting to be on a waiting list, he chose AG-Systems instead, being pointed to the hall leading to their part of the facility. Sean was frustrated, but overall he was going to sit in an AG-cockpit for real this time. Before however for the next couple of weeks, he would go through procedures by taking on the simulators first before getting into a real AG-Craft. His scores prove decent on the sim as well as zone mode, now given permission to walk into the team’s hanger bay. As he got there being led by an instructor and group, he was introduced to the other trainees in his class. His instructor was none other than Japanese pilot, Katsu Sasaki, who was surprisingly one of AG-Systems best veteran pilots and Sean's future teammate, currently training pilots in the facility during closed seasons. Sean had an idea on how to pilot one, but the thing he couldn't get use to were the airbrakes. On makeshift tracks starting on Vector class going on hard turns and hairpins, he would go off course. Still getting use to it, he was required to use auto-assist for the air-brakes to automatically turn on while heading towards tight turns. However, it felt like a bike with training wheels to Sean, feeling a bit embarrassed despite other trainees having the same exact problem.

    It didn't help much when he saw his adversary from FEISAR training another pilot both riding the course together. But what really surprised Sean was when the training pilot came out of the cockpit. It was a female figure that looked familiar to him. As she took off her helmet, it was Mariana herself, piloting the last FEISAR MK2 race-craft on Flash class speeds without using assist. Just a year younger than Sean and was an amateur pilot, Mariana had been piloting AG-Craft for quite awhile in the JX350 league. She got her first taste of competition back in 2210, becoming a very skilled teen pilot in her division to where she was eligible to race with the big boys/girls in the FX400 racing league. Piloting on the test course in the facility, she was trying to gain more skill on a faster speed class, having her teammate Griffin Lang to train her. Sean didn't know if he wanted to feel amazed or more frustrated. For one reason, he now knew Mariana was a pilot herself for the team that he originally wanted to join. To make matters worse, she was now racing with Griffin. Sean was still inexperience, piloting an AG-race craft on another team. In this case, instead of racing for her, he was racing against her.

    Sean had been upset of himself for weeks. Mariana was only an AG-Queen and pilot for FEISAR and somehow fate declined him from that team. During the course of his training, he was still a beginner, still not use to using the airbrakes and was still permitted to use auto-assist. Still, he was considered lucky as his instructor was an elite pilot, having students coming out as excellent pilots from the academy. Sean would complete his training eventually, now competing for rookie events in the FX400. His first race took place at a commercial city in the heart of Makana, racing in an indoor mall of "Ubermall". It was a junior exhibition race; weapon pads were disabled, and the race took the track in reverse where the first corner was a tight chicane. Both Sean and Mariana were two of the 8 competing pilots. Sean was positioned 4th while Mariana was 8th on the starting grid. He didn't want to feel like a complete novice, and decided to turn off his auto-assist before the race started, even though he had never raced on this track before.

    As the race started, the pilots zoomed down the Silverhead Wing through the track entrance, easy for Sean heading down the tunnel. But when it came to the first corner chicane, he turns, but without using the airbrakes. He hits and scrapes his craft alongside the track wall followed by the opposite side exiting out of the chicane. While still going, he also struggled on the second chicane just inside the entrance of the Barterhall Center, followed by going uphill inside the mall. With the harder sections of the track now passed it was then easygoing from then on. It took him a couple of laps to master the two chicanes, but he eventually got use to using the airbrakes and was then smooth sailing ahead. Unfortunately he couldn't catch up with the other pilots, and finishes last in his first race, but luckily wasn't officially. Mariana on the other hand, the race was just a warm up for her, finishing in first place. Sean would have felt embarrassed, but instead wanted another go to master the track. During his time visiting other tracks, he was now focused on mastering a track before a race, which helped him a lot finishing in the mid pack. Before long he remembered to use the airbrakes becoming a habit, conquering tight corners without a problem though was still racing in Flash class speeds.

    In 2212 after a follow-up of practice runs and exhibition races, Sean was now entering an official race back in Vineta K which would have him join with the official pilots of the FX400 league. The race was set to Rapier class, as pilots were now going 350 to 400mph. Just as much as he wanted to win this race, Mariana suddenly came in his mind again, who was also entering for a chance in the big league. To Mariana, she really wanted to win this, though knowing Sean was entering, her eye was still on the prize. It was a combat race, as the weapon pads were now enabled, meaning Sean would have to fire at his opponents in order to win, opponents like Mariana, which had him nervous. Both his dad and Sparky, even his mom was watching, including a couple of friends he had met on the island. Seeing them would make this an important race for him as he waited for the start. The pilots zoom off on the start of go in this 10 laps race; even though it was short there was enough action to excite everyone with explosions igniting all around the track. In the heat of the race, a couple of contenders get eliminated, but Sean and Mariana were one of the surviving pilots on the few remaining laps. The announcer looked over the two battling their way to the finish.

    Announcer: “It looks to be a very close race here, folks, what a show of determination from these two teams. With just a lap to go in this race it’s anyone’s game from here. Sinclair is still keeping her lead going down the tunnel, but Cooper’s still hanging on to her. Surely these two must have a weapon or turbo to change the outcome, saving them for the right moment I believe, only time will tell.”

    Mariana was out in front, as Sean catches up with her on the final lap. He had weapons, but he couldn't use them on her. He was close to taking first as he headed right beside her craft coming out the second tunnel on to the straight. The two just looked at each other through their cockpits; Mariana thought she was going to lose by a photo finish just meters away from the finish line. But with Sean secretly in love with her, he wanted her to win, making a bold move by slightly pushing the airbrakes and slowing down while Mariana passed the line with him taking second. It was the biggest choice he had ever made.

    While on the podium however, he didn’t felt proud of himself while receiving the silver medal thinking he had the chance to win if he fired his weapon or kept speeding onto the finish. As for Mariana taking gold, she was now starting to have a suspicion about Sean, thinking he had purposely lost for her. Even while thinking back first meeting him when he was a mechanic, how he acted around her, and was now an AG-Pilot for whatever reason as if to follow or impress her. She now had the feeling that he had a little crush on her, accounting that hundreds of male fans also felt the same way around her. It may appear she felt a bit the same way about him, but mostly, she had other ideas. Sean still made it to the official league, but with Mariana now knowing abit about his secret.

    Sean now teams up with his instructor Katsu Sasaki in the professional FX400 league. The two at least knew each other from 2211 and were able to communicate in a race. Sean would now step up to Rapier class speeds competing along with the professional pilots of the FX400 Racing League in 2213. Mariana was Elite, but Sean tried to ignore letting her take advantage when racing against her, but for his nemesis that is on the same team as her, it only motivated Sean to stay in front. But between him and Mariana outside of the track, Mariana already knew his secret affection towards her. For having her win the race a year ago, even saving her a couple times, she gave him respect, becoming somewhat a friend to Sean by having him be her personal mechanic and an ally, most of which to repair her domestic house robots for a discount price, but charming him to have it free of charge. But for Griffin who also had a thing for Mariana would intervene between the two. Knowing her attention to Sean, he now went after him, forming an arch rivalry. But despite the love triangle between the three pilots, Sean was also destined to have his team win in the FX400 League, and continued to race and repair robots and AG-race craft for years to come. While Sean may had thought Mariana now liked him, there was some sense to him that she may be using him to give her free fixes to her craft or domestic robots, and more defense on the track as she took first position most of the time.

    In early 2214, Sean's senses would turn out to be correct. Going by a hanger bay he spotted Mariana and Griffin talking to each other. Sean hid behind some crates as he heard them arguing about him.

    Griffin: “What’s the deal with you two anyway?”
    Mariana: “It’s nothing alright.”
    Griffin: “I’m seeing you two always talking to each other. He does things for you, you always go around him turning his gears every time you meet him. Are you two starting to have a thing for each other behind my back?”
    Mariana: “Ugh, don’t be ridiculous Griffin, like I ever want to get with him.”
    Griffin: “Heh, then explain why you always meet with him then. You obviously like him.”
    Mariana: “Gross. You know I’m better than that. Why would I want to be with some mechanic who’s probably all greasy and dirty all the time. Just look at his face. I’ve never seen that much acne on a guy’s face before, so disgusting. You wanna know why I hang out with him? He likes me, okay. I’m just pretending to like him back just so I can have the advantage in races when he’s around. He even fixes my robots back home, almost like a servant to me. He really thinks by doing this I will fall in love with him or something. What a loser. I’m just playing him as a fool that’s all I’m doing.”
    Griffin: “Ha, he sure is one now that you told me.”
    Mariana making fun of Sean’s Canadian: “Ay, I know how to fix things, Ay.”
    Griffin responds “What a hoser, Ay.” (Both laughing)

    Sean was heartbroken and just walked away from them. The next day, Mariana would come up and ask Sean for something only for him to say no by telling her he heard everything she said about him. Mariana would finally confess, but in a disrespectful tone saying no girl like her would ever like him, only for him to talk back at her about the comment she made and making fun of him. Sean just walked away from her, not wanting to see her for anything else ever again. For days, Sean was depressed, though already becoming a professional pilot for AG-Systems, he didn't want to quit. Instead, despite leaving his dad's business leaving Sparky to aid him, Sean decided to work for Katsu at a training academy in Makana, becoming an assistant for Katsu on training the new pilots for AG-Systems. As time passed, Sean got over Mariana, as he helped out his team's side of the facility. At some point in 2214 unfortunately, Katsu’s Co-lead Dutch pilot, Viona De-Jong leaves their squad and retires from racing overall. They had a new slot for another pilot to join them as they got their replacement in 2215. Sean would meet someone new on his team that will surprise him.

    One day, Katsu had introduced Sean to a new trainee, a person that was special to him not too long ago. He told him it was another female pilot, only for Sean to just say “Okay”, and waited for her arrival. When Sean was introduced to the new trainee few days later, he was shocked to see her. In his mind he thought the female was going be someone like their old pilot or other average looking women he saw in the hanger bay. He didn't thought of someone like this however. The female pilot was tiny to him, but was very beautiful. This new Italian trainee introduced herself as Sofia Rossetti, talking to him first in Italian until she surprisingly spoke English. She was another stunner to Sean, having the same reaction when he met Mariana for the first time as he nervously spoke to Sofia about being her replacement coach for Katsu. He finally got to say what he needed to say to the trainee, only to excuse himself for a bottle of water, coming back moments later to show Sofia around the hanger. Sean eventually got over his anxiety around Sofia and began going over her training on piloting a craft. Throughout time, Sean felt more comfortable around Sofia and grew a partner relationship with her until the opening season of the FX500 in 2215. Though becoming a friend to her, he doesn't rush himself about how he really felt towards her. He became a co-lead pilot and took his responsibility for Sofia in team events for years to come. He eventually knew some more things about Sofia, some of which that would surprise him.

    Sean Cooper is considered one of the many next to post generation pilots currently competing. Next to pilots like Jacob Reilly of Icaras, Mariana & Griffin of FEISAR, Loraine Johnson of Harimau, (etc.) these pilots in their early 20s will continue on the sport for future events and other unannounced leagues by the next decade, including the teenage pilots from the JX Divisions. For the past 7 years currently in 2217, Sean has already reached elite rank for the current FX500 racing league. Trained by one of the most skilled pilots on the international stage, his reputation from AG-Systems would explode throughout his progress in each oncoming season. Sean would become lead pilot this current year making Sofia Rossetti his secondary hand in team events that will eventually compete for the Squad Team Championships separate from the original SFC months later. However, with the roaring feud between the Belmondo Foundation and Qirex’s new forming coalition of teams, Sean and Sofia would join the fight for control of the race commission to protect Pierre Belmondo’s philosophy. Overall, Sean Cooper has earned around 30 medals and counting. With 9 gold, 13 silver, and 9 bronze. Sean, as well as Sofia hope to someday take home the STC platinum medals & trophy. The only thing blocking them of course would be Mariana and Griffin of FEISAR, becoming one of the new arch rival squads of the FX500. With allies, mostly in the race war against Qirex, pilots Rachel Vega and Tyrrell Byron of Auricom would be their closest friends on the Belmondo Foundation side. Sean’s past lead pilot, Katsu Sasaki, would only become a mentor to him and Sofia, leaving them to compete while backing out of the FX500 league the following year, despite involvement during the inaugural season. As for Sean & Sofia themselves, their partner relationship continues to grow throughout their progress in the professional league, as well as outside of racing in general.

    With a relationship this strong, it would appear that these two would become more than just "Friends in Speed".
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    Author Note (Update 6-12-17): Once again, taking consideration from Challenger #001, there's the possibility that I'll shorten this one and get to the point when she enters the FX500 league. I know some may not mind at all, but looking back , this is too long for being a backstory and perhaps some won't have time to read the whole thing or don't care how deep and detailed it is. I'm gonna shorten other ones that may be too long also. However, I'll still keep the original extended cut versions on if you want to dive deep into their stories. IDK, I got attached to this one and a couple of others so.. I got carried away with some and probably could have saved more time.


    Name: Sofia Rossetti

    SEX: Female

    Birth: December 16th, 2193

    Appearance: Sofia Rossetti (Remastered).jpg

    Birthplace: Chieti (Italy)

    Zodiac: Sagittarius

    Age (Currently 2217): 23

    Nationality: Italian

    Origin: Italy

    Race: Caucasian (Latin)

    Language(s): Italian / some English / partial Japanese

    Religion: (N/A)

    Height: 5'0"

    Hair Color: Caramel

    Eye Color: Brown

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): AG-Queen

    FX500 IDF: ROSS1216.2193

    Team: AG-Systems

    Position: Co-Lead Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Professional

    Region Reputation: Global

    Teammate: Sean Cooper

    Team Loyalty: High

    Allies: Rachel Vega (Auricom), Loraine Johnson (FEISAR)

    Rivals: Mariana Sinclair (FEISAR)

    Medals: Gold: x5, Silver: x3, Bronze: x6

    Sponsors: Joy Noodles, Belmondo Foundation, ICOM

    Favorite Events: Single Race

    Favorite Track: Moa Therma

    Leagues Competed: FX500

    Character traits: Beauty, Confident, Thoughtful, Dedicated, Courageous


    Awareness: 7/10

    Aggression: 6/10

    Reaction: 8/10

    Consistency: 8/10

    Born in the never-changing city of Chieti Italy, Sofia Rossetti is a petite but confident pilot in the current FX500 league for AG-Systems. As a child, she had lived a regular life in the narrow parts of Chieti, but never has it changed for many years despite modern enhancements scattered in parts of the city. When growing up, Sofia had an interest in dancing, specifically Ballet and had taken classes when she and her family moved to Rome. She also had interest travelling around the world, even having a father that took business trips around Europe, only for Sofia to live with her mother and baby brother in the new city. As for dance classes going up to her early teens, she became a star student in her class and was a star performer in plays and performances in parts of Italy. What she thought was going to be a career in regular performance arts, Sofia was soon given a letter after graduation, and it was something that had interests her.

    At age 12, Sofia was given a hologram supported invite from the AG-Race commission's performing arts branch to become a Junior Anti-Gravity Queen for the Current FX350 league in 2206. She read her invitation, including seeing the hologram images supporting it.

    Message:"You have been accepted an opportunity to become an Anti-Gravity Queen Performer in the fastest, most entertaining international sport the world has ever seen. Your performing talents have become worthy to us and we would like to interest you to the racing league's performing arts category with some of the most talented, most beautiful, most physically active dancers and models to perform on the sidelines for the official FX350 and 400 league events, coming from around the world. You may choose an official team that you wish to support or cheer for. Expect a new level of dancing with some of the most energetic style of music; that's if you can keep up with the same speed as the pilots on the track, which we're sure you're up to the challenge. You'll be putting your body, arms, and legs to the test. Only the most talented and spirited AG-Queens can reach superstardom, and we believe you'll be one of them. Your admission will be accepted at the Anti-Gravity Museum at Modesto Heights, Makana. We hope to see you there."

    Ending with a seal by The Belmondo Foundation, and a signature by founder & superstar AG-Queen, Mariana Sinclair.

    Sofia was absolutely excited for what maybe the perfect career for her. However, she never really saw AG-Racing before, even though she had seen ads about it around Rome more than in Chieti. With now her father back home, Sofia showed her invitation to her family, hopefully to have the permission to travel to Makana by herself. Although her family knew that she always wanted to travel to new places, they thought she was a bit young to go by herself. Not only that, her mother was starting to develop a viral infection inside her lungs, and it was unknown how she got it. When diagnosed it turned out be a rare type of lung cancer developed by a mutation. Even now the mother remembered about an old family member who had the same mutation, believing it to be inherited. There was no cure other than treatment to stop the spreading. Sofia’s father unfortunately couldn't stay with her because of his business trips, and Sofia was the oldest sibling that could take care of her mother if it got any worst. Sofia's dreams were about to be crushed, and it was the only free opportunity she would ever have. Though she couldn’t really blame them, her mother was dealing with a virus which may weaken her lungs and body that she won't be able to do much once it fully developed, and her little brother may not be enough to take care of her. Just when Sofia was about to forget her invite, her mother decided to just let her go anyway, knowing also she could take care of herself. She was confident that her treatment and nanobot antibiotics could slow down the virus growth. However, if it did came to where she needed physical help, then her daughter must come back home. Sofia hoped she won't come back soon. As her father was about to leave again, she came along with him to be dropped off on her own transport at an airport in Fiumicino. With her invitation including a passport to Makana, she was surprised to see that she was going to be taken on a Blimp Aircraft. Saying goodbye to her father, Sofia now boards the Blimp Ship on its way to her destination.

    Sofia was astonished when she finally came to the Makanian Islands. She had never seen anything like it, floating above the utopian skyline of Modesto Heights. Looking through the glass floor in front of the ship, she spots a track while coming in to land; few teams were seen taking test runs, showing blue glowing streams of ship exhaust zooming into the main tunnel in the AI Corp Facility. It was a whole new world to her, eager to land to port and taking a floating cab to tour parts of the city. When reaching the AG-museum just close to the main city track, she didn't know what to expect. Inside the facility amazed her, entering the main lobby where an old looking ship was presented in the center.

    "A replica of Pierre Belmondo's X1000 craft was first flown in the Nevada Tule Desert in 2035 with a successful test run that had changed the world of transportation and the start of an international pastime."

    That was what Sofia read on a holographic plaque presented right beside the craft, knowing some English when she came to the island. Right away Sofia had found an administration table in the pilot's lounge area. A robot was manning the table as she was asked for any admission slips or to give an application along with pay. Sofia hands in her filled invite admission and right away was shown to a stand with a holographic touch screen. On the screen showed all twelve teams and it was up to Sofia to choose which team colors she’ll wear.

    However, Sofia was kind of stumped; she had no idea who the teams were and there was very little info introducing the teams to her. As she went through them all, based on color, she seemed to have found a chosen team. The team she chose was Anti-Gravity Systems. Though FEISAR would have been a more appropriate team for her based on their nationality of the European Federation, Sofia instead chose the Euro-Japanese team of AG-Systems for their pallet of red, white, and cyan colors. She loved the color red, using the base color to design her outfit. As for patterns, they were mostly of complex themed designs that were only premium to returning or superstar performers/models, including the other two colors for primary base. Instead she just chose one of the default designs that showed the team logo. When finished choosing her dress size, her suit was now ready to be processed, only to receive it a few hours later. Within her free time in the museum, Sofia took an audio tour to learn more on the sport and teams. After going around the facility and knowing more of her chosen team, she didn't really regret her decision, learning history about the team and its European origin. Soon after, her suit was engineered and delivered to her back at the pilot's lounge.

    Sofia didn't know what to expect in the racing leagues ahead of her, all she knew was that she was going to be a performer. While the race season had came to a close days before, Sofia went to an AG-Queen dance school in the city to be taught of new dance style performances. The dancing was much different to her, as it now involved on more aspects of gymnastics and stringing, a lot more physical than her usual ballet. However, ballet was part of the AG-Queen dance style, though now she had to carry light tracing wands while performing. Looking over the other student performers in her age group, they were students from other parts of the world wearing badges of their assigned teams and country, including Sofia, representing Italy/AG-S. While a human instructor was giving sessions, a floating robot translator was reading the girls languages into English. After sessions, the student queens were free to go until another day of class. As for Sofia, she stayed at a hotel specifically for the pilots and performers. It was actually no different to her when she traveled with her ballet groups back in Italy staying in hotels when visiting other Italian cities, only this time it was international.

    Sofia was amateur for an AG-Queen; she needed more physical strength on her legs and abs if she was going to keep up with the experienced for the upcoming race season by next month. Though she was still training and exercising, Sofia took some free time to visit the AG-Museum to know more about the sport, including spectating practice runs on the main track in Modesto Heights as she passed through a bridge from building-to-building near the track tunnel exit. Though it was nothing but schooling and some sightseeing when she came to the island, Sofia never really talked to anyone other than her family on ICOM back in her hotel room. In the class, she couldn't really talk to anyone because of their different languages, and rarely there were Italian or partial English speakers. What looked like Sofia might not find a single friend on the island, a surprise visitor came to her class one day.

    Before the session had started, Sofia's instructor introduces a special visitor to the class. Most of the student queens were surprised of who it was, the original AG-Queen of the racing league, Mariana Sinclair. 12yrs old at the time, Mariana was a preteen superstar AG-Queen representing FEISAR and was the founder of the dance style. Her trend became popular last year in 2205 when other female performers started to represent for other teams, influenced by her work. As for age groups, Mariana's peer groups were just junior performers, wearing outfits that weren't as revealing as the young adult performers since their outfits were more revealing and meant to look sexy, taking on another level of being an AG-Queen by doing also modeling and starting races in the racing leagues. Sofia actually didn't know who Mariana was as the other queens start to approach her like a celebrity. However, Sofia realized that it was her who wrote the signature on the invite, seeing that she must be famous in the AG-industry. Mariana came to teach the student queens some more moves and learn to dance in faster paces, bringing along a music playlist to dance to. Sofia was now going to be taught by the master herself who was only a year younger than her.

    Every queen in the class got to see Mariana's demonstrating performance, including Sofia, who was now kind of nervous to perform it herself. Mariana moved quite fast by the music she played, but fortunately, she went step-by-step with each student. Everyone seemed to get the moves just right with some missteps, but came out average. Sofia however, didn't seem to get it, moving quite slow and was still trying to get use to the gymnastic style moves with the trance style music. Mariana then tried to help her pace and balancing, giving a tip to how and use the tempo of the beat to keep her rhythm while dancing. Sofia knew how to keep rhythm, but this was different than what she had learned from ballet since the music was keeping a steady pace. Mariana decided to have Sofia start slow, toning down the pace of the song and tries dancing along with her for Sofia to copy off from. Mariana starts at 100bpm, slowly speeding it up to 160bpm. Sofia was keeping pace with Mari as it got faster, soon hitting the rhythmic/floor gymnastic moves as they began doing flips on the center mat floor with everyone watching. The step-by-steps were now turning into a duet as they danced along with the sped-up trance beat while using light tracing gloves, giving Mariana an impression by Sofia. When the dance was over, the other students applaud loudly to their performance. Sofia was short of breath and drawing sweat. Mariana on the other hand didn't even look exhausted as if it was just a warm-up. When the class had ended, the queens were now free to go. However, Sofia was suddenly stopped by Mariana at the exit sliding door. Sofia turned her head as Mariana then asked her if she wanted to hang out, seeing how both had given an impressive performance with each other today. Without even thinking, Sofia said yes to her, walking together outside and into a private cab.

    The two took a trip to a nearby Mr. Somo food joint across the city for some time to eat, only for them to take time to talk and get to know each other. Even though Sofia was actually hanging out with a celebrity on the island, Mariana just felt like a new friend to her. Sofia tells where she was from, even though Mariana had seen her Italian badge during the class, but realized she was chosen by the industry to become an AG-Queen. Mariana saw potential from Sofia as long as she continued to dance with her. Even though Sofia had just begun to figure out the techniques in performing, Mariana wanted to continue teaching her, dropping out Sofia to privately train with her. Sofia agreed, and drops out of the class to meet with Mariana back at her family home in Vineta K, continuing in Mariana's private gym. Once the new season had started days later, the two were more than ready for what's ahead of them.

    Though the opening ceremonies since the FX300 league took place in Vineta K in Makana, The FX350 league had now moved its opening ceremony to the west, now appealing to new countries around the world. Sofia, now officially wearing her red AG-Systems Junior AG-Queen suit, travels yet again to another location, touching down in Las Vegas Nevada USA for the 2206 opening season in the large track of the Amphiseum. Millions of spectators and competing team craft all met up on a floating platform covering the hairpin section above in the Quadriga Rush Arena. Although both Sofia and Mariana were heading to the Amphiseum together, both were separated by their teams as they came off the Blimp airship. Since Mariana was a superstar AG-Queen and founder, she was headed to the VIP areas at the arena, while Sofia was sent off with a group of regular AG-Sys performers and new pilots to the platform. For the first time ever, Sofia got to see most of the team's AG-Craft and pilots including some AG-Queen performers with acouple holding the team flags. She looked above at the hundreds of thousands of spectators on the stands with millions around the world watching, just awestruck at how big this sport was. Much bigger than the Olympic Games, it was an event that would last a whole yearly season.

    With a group of AG-Sys AG-Queens, she noticed that most of them were Japanese due to the team's region reputation in Japan and home country. Some of the team pilots were also Japanese, including FX300 veteran Katsu Sasaki, introduced with the other team veterans from the transitioning league. As the ceremony continued, Mariana steps up to the mic from a higher platform, looking over the whole arena as she gave her speech and introduction. Sofia noticed her from the hologram screens scattered around the arena, even seeing her on the high platform. Mariana was also sitting with the league's executives and commissioners, including senior executive director and former F9000 pilot, Natasha Belmondo, 79yrs and still kicking. Belmondo also gives her final speech in the arena, and had finally re-opened another season for the 2206 FX350 league. The teams, pilots, and AG-queens had now set back in the hanger bays or sidelines with the first tournament of the season now commencing. Sofia was scheduled to perform during intermission time later on during the day. In the meantime, she headed to one of the VIP boxes, given permission by Mariana as a special visitor on the way up, watching the races on a big screen.

    Sofia witnesses real AG-racing for the first time, seeing the high speed craft and exploding weapons in intense race battles from different divisions in the tournament. While spectating also on the veteran division, she saw her team's pilot, Katsu for the first time racing, noticing him from the ceremony. Katsu was a master pilot from the FX300 league's leaderboards. Sofia was impressed by his maneuvering and combat strategy on the track as she saw him live from the screens and outside the window. It was also the fastest race she had seen as the veterans flew in phantom class speeds. Mariana also explained who he was, noticing Sofia taking interest in his racing. She showed Sofia his race stats on a hologram desktop in front of them, interesting her. Sure enough, when Sofia's time came during intermission time, she went off with the rest of the AG-Systems queen performers to a stage somewhere in the park areas of the Amphiseum.

    Before coming to the Amphiseum, Sofia had been in rehearsal with her team's performing group up on the Blimp Airship, even before that she rehearsed solo or with Mariana back on the island. This was Sofia's first big performance in the league, feeling nervous knowing that millions are watching around the world. She remembered Mariana's advice and focused more on the rhythm to keep her pace with the other AG-Queen performers. Apparently, the sun had already came down and the stage was dark when the queens got in position. However, they were holding wands for this performance as they lit up bright red and cyan when the music began playing, lighting up the stage. Sofia kept herself focused and began getting into the music. The stage lit up like a rave concert with lights tracing around the stage as the dancers moved in different directions. Sofia didn't have to do many complicated moves since she was just a first time AG-Queen. The experienced dancers have done more of the complex moves, and most of them were Japanese. Even the performance was culturally referenced to Japan because of the team being established there. The performance lasted for less than 5 minutes with Sofia having a great experience, more exciting than what she usually did back home in Italy. However, it was nothing compared to Mariana's solo performance moments later.

    Unlike the group performing AG-Queens which range from beginner to intermediate dancers, Superstar AG-Queens like Mariana had plenty of experience and were sponsored by the league's sponsored companies. Solo performances last as long as eight minutes or more depending on the song length or playlist. These AG-Queens had freedom to choose what song and dance moves they want to perform, and they usually dance up to170bpm or more with some really fast and possibly aggressive performances. Special AG-Queens also wore unique team outfits, sometimes with glowing or animated designs that react to the bass or melodies. Gadgets also range from extra wands, batons, and adapting wands with a stringing mode using the light tracing technology. When Sofia saw Mariana performed live for the first time, it was more spectacular than any of the solo ballets she had seen, even the other AG-Queen team groups who performed after was nothing to compare. However, from FEISAR's Mariana Sinclair, to other solo queens she had seen from other teams, Sofia was later inspired to become a solo AG-Queen for her team.

    Going months into the first season, Sofia tried to go for independent dancing, having Mariana as her coach and partner. During her time touring with team AG-Systems, Sofia also got a little more dedicated. Still dancing with a group however, she had took interest in the culture as well, inspiring her makeup style in performances. Mariana gave more advice to Sofia about being a star AG-Queen.

    Mariana: "If you want to stand out from the rest of the other queens, you must have your own appearance. Get some inspiration from your team, make a signature for yourself that says 'I'm thee AG-Queen of AG-Systems'. And that is how you can get more sponsors. Trust me, you'll be as popular as the pilots, maybe someday meet your favorite on your team. And if you're an older AG-queen, you start a race yourself."
    Sofia:"Start a race?"
    Mariana: "That's right, they get to walk down on the starting grid and start it themselves, that's if they choose them. Usually they pick me to do the countdowns."
    Sofia: "Is it dangerous to stand in the middle of the track?"
    Mariana:"Not if you step on a magnetic platform above the racers passing below you at fast speeds."

    Sofia makes a fear face as Mariana responds: "You'll get use to it. I tried it once and the magnet's pretty sturdy on your feet, so no worries falling off."
    Sofia thought about being a star queen and decided to go for it. She had an ideal appearance that she thought would make her stand out as a solo AG-Queen and dedicated to AG-Sys. She dyed her hair strands cardinal red, even at times dips her ends with cyan hues. Makeup wise, she decided for a geisha inspired eye shadow, completing herself with also a high ponytail with her short hair at the time. Sofia now had the look of a star AG-Queen, but she needed to perform excellent if she wanted to impress the spectators and receive her first sponsor. Mariana answered after seeing her appearance and red coloring: "'I'll make an AG-Queen star out of you yet."

    Sofia trained herself yet again, this time with Mariana on her side. With even more months going into the season, she continued with group performances but sets up workouts with Mariana in her private gym at home. Music became faster, dance movements became aggressive, and lights flared by the movements of the wands, gloves or stringing. Not only had Mariana developed Sofia as a professional AG-Queen, but also developed more of a relationship with her. They continued to hang out in race events or parts around Makana, till eventually Mariana officially introduced Sofia as a new best friend and partner in Vineta K, proving the rumors of the two. For the first time, Sofia got recognition on the island, and eventually does her first duet with Mariana on a live stage, already with experience but was still not ready to perform by herself yet. In early 2207, after a couple of duets on stage together, Sofia earned her first sponsor by AG-Systems, receiving attention by Joy Noodles. With now a company supporting her, Sofia grew more confident as a performer, feeling ready to now perform by herself to the crowd. She sets herself to do a lone performance for the last FX350 season final championship back at the Amphiseum in 2207.

    The FX350 was like a prologue for the FX400 league, as teams tested out their craft in proving grounds around Makana and the world. For 2 years the teams had upgraded their FX350 craft to compete for the race events that lied ahead. As the pilots faced more challenges ahead of them, so did the AG-Queens, with a new leaderboard for the solo queens to compete with each other in a new championship specially hosted between or after races. Sofia had yet to be qualified, as her first solo performance started at the end of the final season of the FX350. Nervous to go up on stage without Mariana, Sofa kept in mind what Mariana had said to her before going up. "Just dance to your heart's desires. Feel the music like a pilot feels his or her craft on the track." As Sofia's name was announced, she runs out on the dark stage and puts on light tracing gloves as her choice of gadgets. Her choice of trance music was euphoric, lasting up to 5 minutes and playing up to 170bpm, the same number of beats that Mariana performed with, confident that she had the same amount of experience as her. As the music began, she was on her own.

    From Sofia's Journal, her experience on her first solo AG-Queen performance. Translate from Italian to English: "I've never been so nervous in my life. Though I have performed by myself before in front of hundreds of people, this was something different. Millions were watching me on live television, just the thought alone made me sick to my stomach as I kept crouched in the middle of the dark stage. I knew there was no turning back. Just standing on the right side of the stage, Mariana kept an eye on me and I didn't want to let her down after all that training. The crowd was quiet; all I can hear are the sounds of the ships in the background as I waited for my song to play. When it started, my hand bands began to glow till the loud bass started echoing across the park. I began swinging my arms, moving my legs, just to get something going. As the song progressed, that's when I began moving a lot more, trailing the red lights on my bands just hoping they'll get most of the crowd's attention. I began doing movements on my legs, raising one of them up and down, keeping the rhythm of the song until right away I was feeling tired, and I haven't even got to the part where I had to do gymnastics. Luckily just 2 minutes into the song it got softer, there was no beat for me to move to. By this part I started doing my usual ballet with the melody playing. A stage light began to shine down on me once the main song melody and singing played, already I start remembering my performances back home how the same thing happens. However, the melody and lyrics got to me; when performing with the other AG-Systems AG-Queens and Mariana, I never felt like this. I was in the motion of it as I started tearing up. I heard uplifting melodies before, but nothing like this. I guess that's why they call it trance, and I did choose the song myself, but they speed it up for the performance. Keeping my eyes closed I felt like I was floating off the ground, and when it started building up again I started thinking about the ships speeding on the track, but in a point of view shot like their dash cams. The adrenaline started pumping in; I forgot how tired and nervous I was just thinking of the AG-Ships. Looking back at Mariana on the side, she had a smile on her face. I was finally feeling it, I was an Anti-Gravity Queen. The beat came back and I was jumping and flipping around, trailing the lights on my bands like crazy. I didn't want to stop because it felt so good to me now, that's how the AG-Queens can keep going on lengthy songs. Before I knew it, the song came to an end as I dropped to the ground on the last beat like a ship that stopped floating. A huge applause roared throughout the park in the Amphiseum. I actually did it all by myself. Mariana came up on stage with me as we both hugged each other, then another person came up on stage. It was that Japanese pilot from my team, and he said he loved my performance. I didn't know what to say at the time; all I knew was that I made a name for myself on my team. Just a day after, I signed another sponsor."

    Sofia Rossetti, June 12th, 2207.

    That day, Sofia met Katsu Sasaki for the first time. Already a fan of him, she was surprise to see that he had been watching and actually came up to her on stage. Katsu liked to support anyone in the AG-Systems team, even a young AG-Systems AG-Queen wanting to become a star. As a token by Katsu and the team, Sofia was given permission to walk around her team's hanger bay anytime she wanted, meeting the pilots or get a close up of the team's craft. After seeing Katsu's races throughout the season, Sofia showed to him that she was a fan, and right on time a floating camera drone was there, only for Katsu to have it take a picture of them and signing the hologram photo for Sofia to keep for herself as a gift. "You can meet me in the hanger bays on race days if I'm there." Katsu told Sofia when given the picture. The season had now ended after the closing ceremony in the arena where the top leading pilots stood on the podium. Sofia again stood on the large platform, only this time she stood with Mariana and the rest of the Star AG-Queens from every team at the time, while on her other side stood Qirex's 23yr old Afina Rusakova. Sofia didn't think it could get much better. Just a day after, while on an Airship going back to Makana, Sofia was signed another sponsor given by ICOM Communications.

    Sofia's first year as an AG-Queen became a spectacular experience to her, being fulfilled by the end of the season now becoming a rising star in the industry. The little AG-Queen that could, proved herself that she could be a solo performer, giving her thanks to her new best friend in the sport, Mariana Sinclair. However, at the end of the season with the sport taking a break from racing and the teams continuing in development, Sofia went back home to Italia to be with her family again for the month of a closed season in the league. She thought her family didn't saw her solo performance live, only to bring back her suit, her picture with Katsu, and a bronze plaque for her new solo AG-Queen career with the AG-Systems team logo. Solo AG-Queens were now given plaques for their progression and loyalty in the race commission, originally given to the pilots in the racing leagues. However, with the AG-Queen trend now rising alongside the sport and teams, it seemed now they shared the same loyalty with the pilots. Once Sofia got home, her family happily greeted her after a long year away. Surprisingly to her, before she could show her stuff to her parents and little brother, they congratulated her for her solo performance. Her family had watched her live after all, saying that they had seen her other performances with AG-Systems looking for her dancing with the group, including her duets with Mariana, seeing that she made a friend. Sofia told her experiences she had away from home, including traveling around the world to different race events and tracks from the race season.

    As for Sofia's mother, still suffering from minor cases of her infection, it didn't seem to have gotten worse since Sofia was away. However, there was still a chance when it might fully develop sometime and Sofia thought it might bring her back home during the next season. Just over a month being with her family, Sofia was soon sent back to Makana and over to the Amphiseum again for another opening season. While this opening ceremony wasn't as big as the last one, it did become an opening for the inaugural season of the new FX400 Racing League. This year, the commission and most of the teams were now looking to recruit new pilots to race in the new league; even teenagers who were as young as 16 were now widely accepted by FEISAR and AG-Systems as training teams for the junior divisions or the JX350 and 400 Racing League. Sofia reunited with Mariana once more, but unfortunately with the new league now hosting multiple events from around the world, the two would separate touring with teams and scheduled performances in parts of the world or Makana now that Sofia was an independent AG-Queen. With 2 sponsors on Sofia's belt, the companies now assigned her contracts to accomplish at specific race events in AG-Queen performances. Like the pilots’ contracts for races, any contract completed will increase a paycheck by the end of the season.

    Things had been kind of different for Sofia in the first year of the FX400. Besides her solo performances in the race events of the league, she was able to meet Katsu again back in the hanger bays to talk to him. As for Mariana, both also met again on the island, performing duets. The two also made pages, including a front cover of Float Magazine at the end of the year into 2208; it was almost like a late birthday gift for Sofia's 14th birthday on December 16th. Unfortunately, just 3 months into the New Year and just finishing another duet with Mariana, a call came to Sofia after coming back to her suite in Anulpha Pass. She knew who it possibly was as she answered using the hologram feature. A person appeared, showing to be her father. Her mother's infection had fully developed and was now taken to a hospital. Sofia's father wanted her to come back home, possibly not continuing for the 2208 season. Just ending her call, Mariana came to the room: "Hey, what are you doing? The next race is starting in a few minutes. We've been asked to lead the junior division teams on the starting grid. Come on." Sofia, tried to make a cheery response: "Oh, right,..I will be down in a second." Mariana: " Be quick. I can't afford to miss out on this one, even if I have to do it myself." In a strange way to Sofia, Mariana's attitude seemed to have changed, sounding more defensive about her AG-Queen status than before.

    While heading over to the starting grid on monorail, Sofia told Mariana her unfortunate news.

    Sofia: "I have to tell you something, something unfortunate. Remember when I said that my madre had a infection and that I might go back home if it got worse. Well.. It seems that time has now come."
    Mariana's eyes open wide as Sofia continues: "My padre just called me back at the suite, I have to go back home to Italia, now that madre is in the hospital again. I have to leave here."
    Mariana:"You mean like right now? But you can't go yet. I mean, we're just becoming a great duo in the league together. You and I are the best AG-Queens on this Island. You must keep your title no matter what."
    Sofia: "Mari, this is my madre we're talking about. Your AG-Queen career may be important to you, but my familia comes first. I have to leave before the closing season. I have no choice."
    Mariana:"But will you be back sometime next season?"
    Sofia:"I don't know, I probably will not come back at all. I am sorry Mari, I wish I can stay."
    Mariana in disappointment:"sigh…I understand. I have nothing to try and keep you here in the racing league. You could have been superstar AG-Queen, maybe even an AG-Pilot if you were dedicated enough someday."
    Sofia:"I probably would not be interested anyway. I am a performer, not a pilot. I could not possibly have the talent to take control of a big ship, not with my size."
    Mariana:"You'd be surprise; I've seen new pilots on FEISAR that are few years older than us. If they can do it, so can an AG-Queen like you and I. I know I'm gonna be a professional AG-Pilot someday, for my daddy."
    Sofia:"Then that is your decision then, not mine."
    Mariana: "Look, you can go if you want, just start this final race with me for the first and last time, my best friend."

    Sofia responded with a smile as Mariana held out her hand to her. She gave her hand as it transitions on the grid with the two walking in the middle, reaching the starting line separating to each side, stepping on their platforms raising them up, wielding their wands simultaneously. As they waited for the final rings on the countdown, both simultaneously swung their wands forward as the craft zoomed by them. It would be the last time for a while that Sofia will see AG-racing in action.

    Sofia left right after the start of the race, including one last goodbye to Mariana on the way out. She packed up back at her suite and signed herself out as an AG-Queen, receiving a final paycheck back at the museum. She left Anulpha on an airship to Vineta A only to get on a fast travel commercial spaceliner that took her back home in under 30 minutes, reaching just under the edge of space. Landing back home was bittersweet for Sofia, as her mother was back home with medical treatment. Her father was there as well with the family, yet after a few days he went back to business traveling, leaving only Sofia and her little brother with their mother. In some way, it upset Sofia that her father gets to go away still, especially since she got little paid more than him when leaving Makana. She had a dream career that felt taken away from her, despite needing to take care of her mother. An aimi servant drone would have helped them, but they were very expensive to own and Sofia's father was kind of stingy with money. To Sofia, her life became boring again, there was no place for Sofia to go and have fun, and dancing was now just a hobby.

    However, not much connection was lost from the race commission or Mariana as Sofia kept in contact with her on ICOM, and had kept on track with race events from the FX400 League in the 2208 season on television. Still, watching races and AG-Queens performing live made her wanting to come back again, but knew she couldn't. By this time, her league given passport had already expired, renewing it would have to be back on the island if she was still part of the racing league. Going back would cost her to re-register on her own citizen passport and permission by her parents, which at the moment was unlikely. At some point in 2209, she decided to move on with her life, storing her AG-Queen stuff in compartment cases and rarely contacting with Mariana on ICOM. Even so, Mariana also moved on from Sofia, meeting a new AG-Queen from Auricom and becoming a pilot herself in 2210. Despite taking care of her mother, Sofia needed a job for the time being. With a dancing diploma, Sofia took part at a nearby theater as a backup dancer, doing the same performances most of the time. However, she rather perform with a group of AG-Queens or by herself instead, but she didn't want to think about it.

    At some point in 2212, despite the medical treatments that had aided Sofia's mother at her home, she fell into a deep coma by her illnesses. Sofia panicked trying to wake her up while alone with her and her little brother who also began to help out more. She called her father immediately while away as she was told to take her mother back to the hospital for professional care. While there including the father, there was nothing the family could do besides waiting. Sadly, just days after being taken over there, Sofia’s mother never woke up, and passed on in her deep sleep. This depressed her for half a month until getting back on her feet again. 18yrs old at the time, Sofia was now alone along with her 10yr old little brother as her father still went away. As for their deceased mother, her ashes were put in an urn for the family to have her still be with them. However at some point the father decided to have his children go with him, moving down to a modern city where his business was moved to in the Sicilian Islands. Sofia asked which city they were headed, and in a surprise, she was headed to a city very familiar to her. In 2213, the family moved to Moa Therma.

    Moa Therma was a popular spot for AG-Racing as a track was constructed on the islands in the early 2200s. Sofia's memories when she was in the racing league began to stir up again as she saw ads of the teams when landing in the water afloat city. However, the AG-track was located few miles off from where they were, as the family had moved into a high-rise apartment. From where they were standing, Sofia could see a glimpse of the main track from their living room full window. She couldn't believe that an AG-Track was right close by to her new home. Just thinking about it made her go back to her compartment cases to pull out her AG-Queen outfit which surprisingly still fitted her, her bronze plague, and her storage device of where she kept her picture of her and Katsu, including another one with Mariana. It's been almost 5 years since she left Makana, only two years was she an AG-Queen and those years didn't seem enough to her. While looking through her stuff in her room, her father came in to see her. He talked to her in Italian as he came in.

    Father: "I know how much it means to you, angel. I'm very sorry that I couldn't be with your mother to take care of her. I just wish I didn't have to pull you away from your career."
    Sofia responds: "No, It's not your fault father. Mother wanted us most and I wanted to be there for her."
    Father: "I wish I was there to help her too. I understand you were upset that I have to be away, but my job's important angel, I have to work to support this family, and keep you doing what you love."
    Sofia: "But my career was important too father, I too wanted to support the family, travel the world, and be with my best friend."
    Father: "I see.. we both like traveling around the world, even your mother had that desire. I want to make it up you. You've shown a lot responsibility and care over the past years with us. And we know you could take care of yourself like the young woman you are. If you still want to, I can fly you back to the island and sign yourself as a performer again."
    Sofia: "You will? But ..what about Enzo (Little brother)? Who's going to take care of him while I'm gone?"
    Father: "Your little brother can be fine alone for a few hours while I'm gone. My work isn't too far from here. If you want in the next couple days, we'll all go to that race track and see what you have seen back then."
    Sofia runs to him for a hug: "Oh thank you father."

    Even though the 2213 race season was already in action around the world, it was about a month later when the FX400 league came to Moa Therma.
    A race event had finally came to Moa Therma sometime later, with Sofia and her family buying tickets to see the race division classes compete in a part race European tournament. Coming in as spectators, Sofia and her family had a spot looking over the starting grid on the left side of the track (forward race). Different race classes were there that day from Venom to Rapier, 20 laps per raced around the track with weapons enabled. Sofia had seen weapon races before, but her father had never seen any AG-race in a lifetime other than seeing Sofia perform. After seeing the Venom and Flash class division races, Sofia was right at home, and for a first is able to see one in a spectator's point of view. However, her father began to have mixed feelings about the sport and the violent nature of weapon races. Although, weapon enabled races had became rare since the FX300 league, due to violent incidents in the past including the Temtesh Bay Disaster in the F9000 league, the Belmondo Foundation strictly chose to keep weapon races to a minimal, and weapons that are switched on from weapon pads were less fatal and destructive to any AG-Craft competing. Still, that didn't stop race craft from getting eliminated, taking more measures of the pilot's safety. Shield energy became more reliable to weapon damage and collisions, keeping the craft intact and would only slow down if hit by another crafts weapon. Pilots are restraint by their seat from any neck braking Gs, and if a craft's shield energy does become critical, the pilot's ejection seat would automatically switch on in case of ship destruction, using teleporting technology to remove a pilot from the cockpit and safely sent back in a team hanger. What Sofia's father thought was a death race, the pilots were 110% safe out there from any harm by the weapons, even Sofia knew that while talking to Katsu in the team hangers years ago.

    Sofia convinced her father that the pilots were not in any danger as they waited for the Rapier class division to come up on the starting grid. During that time, they got food to eat by a drone vendor floating around them, until Sofia's father asked about her AG-Queen friend, Mariana. Before Sofia could say anything, an announcer was already talking out loud as the bottom doors on the track began to open. As 8 of the team craft started raising up, the announcer again introduces the rapier class pilots. As the pilots were introduced, one pilot surprised Sofia's father, piloting an orange/yellow craft from team Harimau International. The pilot was a 17yr old British blond girl who was a professional class pilot. That teenage pilot was Loraine Johnson, as Sofia's father looked back at his daughter, not able to imagine Sofia as an AG-pilot, despite being almost 2 years older than Loraine. However, as the announcer introduced the pilot in the white and blue FEISAR craft, it surprised Sofia. "It's her. She actually did it." Sofia told her father and brother after the FEISAR pilot's name was announced. It was Mariana herself, becoming a professional AG-Pilot at age 18. Sofia remembered when Mariana said that she was going to be a pilot, including that young teenage pilots were being accepted in the racing league. However, Sofia wanted to see her race for the first time, excited to see her once best friend take on a high-speed craft.

    On the start of go, the craft zoomed away from the start to the maglock sideways loop. Sofia could see the action on chase cameras projected on the holoscreens as AG-Craft started firing their weapons in sections of the track. She couldn't believe that Mariana was in this race, seeing her craft zoom by the grid and fighting back with the other pilots. Strangely though to Sofia, Mariana kept on attacking the Harimau pilot, as if she had a grudge with her. The race ended with Loraine Johnson taking third place in this tournament part race with Mariana coming in last. Mariana messed up by trying to ram Loraine only to miss and hit the side track wall, spinning out and having other racers pass by her. The tournament would continue on in Talons Junction UK, only for Sofia to feel kind of disappointed of Mariana's place in the race, but left her wondering about her clash with the young Harimau pilot. At the end of the 2213 season in mid-2214, Sofia's father kept his word by taking back Sofia to reassign in Makana as an AG-Queen, or so he thought.

    Sofia was again sent by herself on another Blimp Airship, but while heading to her destination, she was thinking hard on a decision she wanted to do while she was there. She wanted to be an AG-Queen again, but something had crossed her mind after seeing Mariana's race back in Moa Therma, even thinking back the thing she had said to her about dedication to a team. As she landed back in Modesto Heights and finding a cab, instead of the AG-Museum to reassign as an AG-Queen, she instead wanted to go to the island's AG Academy where teams FEISAR, AG-S and Goteki, were established training teams in Makana. While dropped off there, she felt nervous, heading inside the facility and walking to the front administration desk with an aimi robot manning behind it. Sofia came up to it: "Excuse me? I am here to see an instructor pilot, Katsu Sasaki. Is he here by any chance?" The robot looked up at her: "Do you have Identification, sir or madam?" Sofia took out 2 clear I.D. cards, one was her country I.D. and another from her AG-Queen days that had already expired, and gives them to the robot: "I am just a visitor, I am sure he will not mind seeing me." The robot scans her cards as she waited for the robot to speak. The robot answered: "I'm sorry madam, but Mr. Sasaki is not expecting visitors at this time. Please sign visitor's sheet for reserved visits for Mr. Sasaki." Sofia knew she was going to get denied, as she took out her picture she took with him and making a comment. “Please, this is an important visit, I know him and he knows me. Please let me see him for just a second." The robot took a while to answer, until finally it said something: "Please take corridor on the right side to the AG-Systems hanger training bays." Sofia took a half long walk to the corridor. While looking out the windows she saw a huge training ground and test track where the pilots in training were piloting their craft. Sofia finally saw a door with the AG-Systems symbol on it, leading her to the team's side of the training grounds.

    She heads down a staircase to the main hangers for AG-Systems. Entering through the main doors she saw rows of the team's training craft and student pilots walking around the hanger bay. However, there was no sign of Katsu, asking the trainees where he was until one told her where. He was above the hanger on a balcony watching his student pilots on the training course as Sofia headed up there and saw him standing next to a guardrail. She approached him, calling his name as he turned around surprised to see Sofia again after 6 years.

    Katsu responds:"Sofia? Why.. You look so grown up. I can't believe you’re here." (Katsu approaches her with a friendly hug) "What has happened to you? Back in 2208 you just disappeared before the closing season."
    Sofia: "It is a long story Mr. Sasaki, there were things that I had to do back home, but I guess I stayed longer away than I thought I was. Now I came back to support my team."
    Katsu: "But.. Why did you come here? I thought AG-Queens had to reassign at the AG-Museum."
    Sofia: "The same reason why everyone comes here, I came with a courage of wanting to learn how to pilot a ship myself. My best friend once told me that anyone can become a pilot if they were dedicated enough. When I was an AG-Queen long ago I thought I was already dedicated enough, until I saw my once best friend become a professional pilot herself. I want to join her on the track."
    Katsu answers her: "But being a professional pilot takes a lot of skill and attention. Even for someone who is starting out, you must be ready for what lies ahead. It's a dangerous sport little one, a lot of aggressive pilots will show no mercy to newcomers like you if you make it to the official racing league. Now I'm not the one that can accept anyone to pilot those craft for the hell of it. You must sign up at the front desk, and see if you are healthy enough to even race a craft. Are you sure you can handle it, Sofia?"
    Sofia responds: "If my once best friend Mariana can do it, then maybe I can too. I may be little, but size does not scare me anymore. I can do it, I hope."
    Katsu: "Don't hope or maybe, Sofia, you CAN do it. Just like that first solo performance you did 7 years ago when you were a little AG-Queen, you knew you could do it."
    Sofia: "Yes, yes I can. I can do it. Thank you, Mr. Sasaki."
    Katsu: "Please, I already told you accouple times, call me Katsu, and good luck getting in."
    Sofia: "I will."
    As Sofia was about to leave, Katsu almost forgot one thing to say to her: "Wait.. There's one more thing I forgot to ask. Me and my new co-lead pilot need a replacement pilot, and if you happen to make it as one, I would happily like to have you on my squad."
    Sofia responds in excitement: "Yes. I will be honored to race with you."

    Sofia heads to the administration desk immediately to be commissioned with the AG-Systems official racing team.

    At age 20, Sofia became a pilot trainee after succeeding on her heath procedures within the training facility, able to pilot an AG-craft. While choosing a team to train with, it was quite obvious who she chose and was sent along with the other AG-Systems student pilots. However, because Katsu knew Sofia, she became a private student to him, and was promised to become his new squad mate replacement. Since the end of the 2213 Season, Katsu's Dutch co-lead pilot, Viona De Jong had suddenly retired from racing for personal reasons. Only now, his once student and backup pilot, Sean Cooper with all the pilot experience given to him was now his new co-lead pilot. The foundation required at least 3 pilots a squad for every team, having only one as a backup, which in this case was going to be Sofia. However, Sofia was just a pilot-in-training even if she was a backup; she was not registered a speed class for any events in a racing league until graduation from the academy. Only then would Sofia be able to prove herself, and be determined which speed class she'll be racing in sometime in the upcoming FX500 racing league. Unfortunately, Katsu would be too busy with the other trainees on the training grounds to teach Sofia. Instead, Katsu would bring in Sean, experienced enough to where he can possibly train her.

    On that day, Katsu was searching for her in the hanger bay until spotting her coming out of a locker room wearing AG-S branded clothing, with tank-top and AG-pilot overall pants.

    Katsu gets her attention: "Chotto, (hey) Sofia"
    Sofia approaches: "I'm here, where do I start, instructor?"
    Katsu: "I first need you to come with me for a minute."
    Both walk over as Katsu explains: "Listen, I maybe your private coach, but I have other pilots here in the facility that need my instructions out there on the training grounds. I won't be able to meet you for certain lessons on any occasions."
    Sofia: "But who will guide my ship out there?"
    Katsu: "Ah, that is why I'm bringing you to your other instructor. He is a loyal teammate of mine, once a student pilot like you back in the day. I taught him everything he needed to know for the FX400 league, and I'm sure he'll teach you the same way."
    Katsu stops walking and explains more: "I told him you'll be another female pilot in our squad, I know he'll take care of you out there. 'A friend in speed', that is our motto here. Sean!.."
    Sean comes out underneath a training craft and approaches Katsu: "Everything is set up. So, where's our new backup pilot?"
    Katsu introduces Sofia: "She is standing right here. Sean, this is our new pilot-in-training."
    Sofia greets him: "Ciao, il mio nome è Sofia Rossetti." (Hello, my name is Sofia Rossetti)
    Sean with a mesmerized look:"...Ohoh I just, didn't know you said hi there for a sec uh.. 's, nice to meet you here uh, I'm Cooper, uh..Sean Cooper (Sean shakes her hand) Do you...speak any English at all, miss?"
    Sofia chuckles: "I do speak some English, that was just a little Italian lesson. E 'bello incontrare anche voi. (It's nice to meet you too.) Is it okay if I call you Sean or Cooper?"
    Sean: "Oh yeah that's fine, by my first name I mean. (Sean looks down at her) Wow you are so -er, than what Katsu said your actual age was, uh..I mean…Not that it's a bad thing or anything it's just… well I am pretty tall so, uh... oh jeez what am I saying."
    Katsu interrupts: "Please excuse him. He can be a little shy around attractive female pilots."
    Sean responds: "Don’t say that, I mean.. I mean yeah she's attractive and all but, I can talk to her normal like any other female trainee here. (Sean looks at her) I uh.. sorry about that. You do look pretty by the way.. my compliment.”
    Sofia responds: “Grazie.”
    Sean: Say, uh.. listen, I'm going to be your new instructor while, Katsu here is training the other pilots out there, so uh..this training craft right here, this is going to be yours to pilot. Neat ay?
    Sofia:"It's pretty big."
    Sean:"Yeah, it is, alright. Uh, well, I set it up for you myself so..It's ready for you whenever you, start flying I guess? Uh...Excuse me I need a drink, I'll be right back. (Sean walks away in excuse)."
    Sofia makes a comment:"He seems nice, polite."
    Katsu: "Trust me, he is, and an excellent pilot. The more you fly with him, the better connected you are. I know he'll enjoy having you in our squad someday. I must go now, and good luck out there."
    Sean Comes Back with open bottle: “Okay, I’m back, phew… Where he go?”

    Sean Cooper eventually came back to meet Sofia again despite having a nervous greeting. While Sean could talk to female pilots, when it came to beauties like her, he would get choked up; not since first meeting Mariana few years back did he felt a nervous reaction talking to a beautiful looking girl. However, despite having an interest with Mariana for some time and who he thought was an ally/friend to him in the racing league, Sean felt used after realizing Mariana was taking advantage of his affections to win races or receiving free repairs behind his father's business. Eventually, Sean had let go of Mariana with a broken heart and took some time working on the academy's training craft and racing in the league with Katsu, forgetting about her. As of now, Sean now meets another girl in his lifetime that he had an interest in. Both Sofia and Sean knew Mariana, yet they didn’t realize either or had met her before. Before Sofia was about to pilot a real AG-Craft herself, Sean showed her first to a simulator with the same cockpit interior of the AG-Systems craft and goes over the controls. Sean may have had an interest to Sofia, but he was serious about showing her the basics like if she was a regular student pilot. While using the sim, Sofia was strapped with a virtual reality helmet that now took her into the zone mode world. While most pilots use the zone world for speed class handling and competition in zone battles as well as for combat training/shooting rings (Detonator mode), Sofia took a more simulated approach with the zone mode projecting real looking worlds rather than the simplified colored worlds that experienced pilots mostly took part in. throughout time, Sofia used the simulations to practice the controls on the craft in any AG-track she chose, starting from Vector to Venom class speeds.

    At some point, Sofia eventually got to use her training craft for the first time in the training grounds. Already suited up and getting into a real cockpit, Sean or Katsu would lead her out the hanger carefully as possible. Sofia took in what she learned in the sim and followed her instructor Sean out to an open space to privately pilot her craft. She could not believe that she was actually controlling a large craft; she thought it would be complicated, but it turned out to be easy controlling at least an AG-Systems AG-craft.

    From Sofia's Journal, her first experience flying an AG-craft. Translate from Italian to English: "Nothing was more exciting and scary as using one of those ships that I saw in the racing leagues years ago. The simulations I can understand making mistakes is common with trainees like me, but eventually I gotten use to the controls and haven't crashed into a wall or skid on the side of the track while in the simulation. I thought all than anxiety would disappear from the simulator, but as I got on a real ship it, suddenly came back to me. I knew that if anything goes wrong, I was in trouble, I was afraid that I might accidentally go full speed, ramming the other pilots ahead of me. But I kept my attention to what Sean was telling me on the communicator installed on my helmet and took my craft out of the team hanger without any problems. Controlling the ship felt funny to me though, it was nothing I felt from the simulator despite the realistic movements it made while floating and the vibrations. For the real thing however, when I moved forward, it actually felt like I was moving forward. I actually forgot that you can't feel any of this in a simulation. But the real feeling came when Sean told me to 'go all out' as his ship accelerated out in the open grounds. I pushed the acceleration lever on my right side forward, and felt my seat get tighter as I moved. We were only going 350km/h (Vector), but it sure felt fast, I can't imagine what Mariana had felt in that race few months ago. When we got to the spot, Sean told me to stop by using the airbrake pedals under my feet, feeling myself pull forward as I stepped down on them. There was an instant break button on the left handle which I could of use but I went with what Sean said to me, he even told me that was for emergency situations. He told me everything what was on the dashboard back on the simulator, but most of it was on my helmet display for me to see easily. My speed, shield energy, including my laps and position were shown on it, even though they weren't turn on out in the open area. Sean kept talking to me as go until we took an actual track or course, remembering what I did on the simulation to here. He was a sweet instructor to me throughout my first few lessons, he believed in me once I took the course again by myself, and it felt familiar to me when I was AG-Queen. I still have lots to go before I can race for real's, Sean and Katsu will see that I have the talents as they do, someday, and I'll surprise Mariana once I meet her again. Although, I didn't think about it at first, but my father does not know I've became a pilot. I hope after all that convincing, father won't be too upset that I'm racing a ship now."

    Sofia Rossetti, August 23rd, 2214.

    Sofia eventually met Mariana again. During a night out with the squad at a Joy noodles joint in Vineta K. She, Sean, and Katsu ran into a group of young pilots from FEISAR including one Auricom. Sofia bumped Mariana in line while talking to Sean, not noticing her for a second when apologizing, giving both each other a surprise including Sean. The last time they had met, Mariana was the same height as Sofia, until 7 years later she was now 7 inches taller and looked more woman like. It amazed Sofia by how grown up she was, while Mariana on the other hand was amazed by how Sofia's face and body had changed, yet she was still somewhat the same short height. As the two hugged once again, Sean realized that his new interest was once a friend of his ex-crush, questioning Sofia about how she knew Mariana. He was surprised and excited to hear that Sofia use to be an AG-Queen for AG-Systems only for Sean wanting to see her perform someday yet didn’t tell her right away. As for Sofia meeting Mariana's group, she met her German teammate, Griffin Lang, and Auricom ally/new best friend, Rachel Vega. Both sides saw they have now moved on ever since, yet Sofia wanted to hang out with Mariana again, even though Sean was uncomfortable sitting with her, including his arch rival, Griffin Lang. Instead, Sean sat with Katsu at the front counter of the noodle bar in disappointment, as his supposed date sat in a booth with the 3 other pilots. Sofia would potentially meet her new competitors from sitting with Mariana in the booth. As she talked to Mariana, her personality seemed different to her now, including when Sofia asked her about that race in Moa Therma, and that Harimau pilot. Mariana would rather not say, even to her current friend, Rachel.

    Following the New Year into 2215 and the FX500 league, Sofia was still currently in the Makanian AG-Academy, progressing her AG-Career to be qualified for the 2215 opening season months later. Over time, she had improved and made a speed class for Sub-Flash during races with other student pilots from the Facility and other tracks on the island. Her loyalty and relationship with her squad also grew, including with Sean Cooper, currently taught by and hanging out in and outside of the academy, visiting also his father's home and workshop on the island, including meeting his floating robot companion, Sparky, working for Sean's father. Sofia would then discover Sean’s engineering talents looking at his projects including Sparky himself. Another gadget that Sean made for himself was a homemade computer watch, showing it to her knowing she wanted to see it and how it was programmed. She was impressed with what he does, surprising him coming from a girl. As for Mariana, despite Sofia meeting her again, they still went their separate ways with their teams, that is until Sofia decided to perform with her using her old suit. However, as they performed together once again, Mariana became a little competitive now with Sofia, even at one point taunting her in between a performance which kind of angered and confused Sofia. She couldn't recognize her once best friend anymore, talking about it to Sean, including at one point to Rachel Vega if she ever acted this way to her as well. Talking to Rachel also brought more information about the British Harimau pilot, Loraine Johnson, who use to be Mariana's teammate in the junior division of the FX400 league, including a FEISAR AG-Queen. Rachel also didn't know how they started to hate each other, leaving Sofia with a mystery to solve by herself. "That does not sound like the Mariana I knew." Sofia said to Rachel and Sean, hearing their stories about her. With Katsu, she got a first look of the AGS-500 model craft as he, including Sean took their new crafts to a team event in eastern Makana. Sofia would eventually pilot the craft herself at some point.

    Being in the academy for a good while, Sofia continued to show promising results on the test tracks. The techniques she implied from Katsu, including Sean, made way during unofficial races around Makana. Katsu himself was also surprised of how fast she had learned, even turning to Sean to congratulate his efforts on training her, knowing he cared allot for her to succeed but for an obvious reason. However, Sofia was only borderline between intermediate and professional, and she wasn't ready to compete just yet until meeting one last person. During some time in Spring of 2215, Sofia went along with Katsu, including French elite AG-S pilot, Thierry Caluroso to Japan at the main team HQ to meet with graduating junior pilots from the Good Smile Racing Academy. While there, she also met the team principal of AG-Sys for the first time, Sakura Tanaku. Unfortunately, Sean couldn't make it with them, dealing with his father's business for a while back in Vineta K. At first, Sofia felt kind of nervous to meet the head of the team/company, but Sakura already knew about her, shaking hands and welcoming her to Japan. Sofia gave Sakura a bow knowing some of the culture as she just chuckled in gratitude, showing Sofia and the rest around the facility. There the pilots met the junior team "Friends in Speed" taking the team's motto. Sofia was actually surprised at how young the pilots were, still in their mid-teens and were very skilled pilots despite their ages. Katsu and Thierry go over with the junior pilots while Sofia waited for instruction, walking along with the juniors. Once done, they now put their skills to the test on simulated tracks around Makana and parts of the world. To a surprise, Sakura also wanted to see Sofia pilot along with them, wanting to see her skills along with the juniors. She agreed and toot part on the simulated runs.

    For a few hours in the sim, the junior pilots exceeded expectations along with Sofia. She too was shocked by the young pilots herself after the sim, given full impression by the elite pilots and team principal. While the juniors still waited for results, Sofia on the other hand was accepted to the FX500 league by Sakura, waiting till the next season for her to enter. Katsu congratulated her, knowing she could do it all along. The two still stayed in Japan to follow-up with the juniors on their results. However, the Directors Sakura and Inatu were in need of help, choosing which pilot should lead their squad, coming with identical results from the sim. Since Sofia had raced with them in the sim and witnessed the pilots herself, she wanted to see the results. She too was baffled until she made an odd solution.

    Sofia: What is the most difficult track in this country?
    Sakura: That would have to be sky track of Metropia in Kyoto. Do you have a solution?
    Sofia: I suggest we see these pilots go up against each other, no weapons and on the highest speed class of the league on your sim.
    Sakura and Inatu look at eachother and back to Sofia: ..Are you sure about this?
    Sofia: Show Katsu and Thierry my suggestion, maybe they could give an answer.
    Sakura: ...Okay. Thank you miss. Rossetti, will tell them immediately. (Both bow to each other)

    The elite pilots took Sofia's suggestion and had the juniors race each other in order to choose their lead pilot. Sure enough they got their lead pilot for the squad. Junior pilot, Michael Sanderson would be the tie breaker pilot to lead the group overall. It will be a while for these juniors to compete in the FX500, but proved to be promising for the team a generation from now. As for Katsu and Sofia, they head back to Makana, only for Sofia to prep for the upcoming opening season this late summer. Months later, Sofia was back in America at the Amphiseum, now lined up with official AG-Systems pilots competing officially for the FX500 league. Sofia for the first time pilots the new craft, taking her run on the track with the rest of the pilots on her team after the ceremony. She was paired with Sean as she hoped; now competing together for team events including her first event in Las Vegas. From then on, she proved herself on her new racing career.

    By the end of 2215, Sofia made a name for herself in the racing league and surprised some fans including other pilots. When first starting out, AG-fans viewed her as an underdog, thinking this petite pilot would not survive the roughness of the aggressive, more taller pilots during numerous events she’ll enter. Surprisingly she exceeded expectations and prove the doubters wrong taking at least the podium spots in races on her own or with Sean. She received her first medal during a team event that took place in Asia during the Uplift tour, receiving silver with Sean on the podium coming short against EG.X taking first. By herself on the other hand, she wasn't too successful coming in mid or last position. Sofia however didn't give up though, and continued to race on her own during events around Makana. Despite wanting to go on her own, she enjoyed racing with Sean, extending their partnership and relationship by the end of the year. By the start of 2216, Sofia would become Professional, receiving her first gold medal alone on a Vertigo tournament in Southern Europe, racing on her home track in Moa Therma for the first time. However, racing there got the attention of her father, not knowing she was a pilot and thought she was continuing as an AG-Queen on her team. Sofia realized that she had lied to her father, but explained her reasons to him during her seasonal break. Despite the disappointment reaction from her Father for lying, he let Sofia continue on with her racing career, realizing she was now a grown woman making her own choices. Still, Sofia took that thought and began to miss being an AG-Queen and performing on a stage. While the season had no events for her during the winter, Sofia headed back to Vineta A in Makana to reassign as an AG-Queen officially for part time, making a comeback during a race event in east Makana.

    Sofia changes her outfit for the first time making designs that were similar to the new AG-Sys craft livery in base white and secondary red patterns. Her sponsors were also applied, now receiving her custom outfit for the coming AG-Queen qualifiers. Unfortunately, her racing career called for her again now with new events opening for her to compete. She puts away her AG-Queen outfit once more and wore her pilot overalls & gear. The AG-Sys fans quickly recognized her from the lineup seeing that her reputation was proceeding among the racing crowd. She was a competitor that now had expectations and was a new crowd favorite among the FX500 league. It should be obvious that fans still remembered her 8 years ago boosting her fame from her young AG-Queen days. It was only a matter of time until she made an ultimate comeback for the AG-Q Championships months ahead, but as of now the dancing would only be a part time activity. Her skills in racing for elite however were still a long way to go. Once again a number of events were given to her, choosing an event that'll qualify her to a certain tournament with pilots at her skill level based on her progress in single races or trials of a chosen event. The more third or above finishes she could complete, the faster she'll be qualified. She was now on her own in the professional stage.

    Sofia Chose the Frenzy Rapier Series this time, needing at least 4 podium spots to qualify in a main tournament. She succeeded in 7 out of 10 single events and qualifies for another point tournament taking place in central Makana. As she looked at the competitor leader-board she saw a familiar name as the number 1 seed, Loraine Johnson. Sofia was both anxious and excited to race this pilot, mostly to have a talk with her. There were 5 races starting from Staten Park and ending in Citta Nuova, while the rest was in the Sebenco mountain region. These were the toughest tracks on the island to race on such speeds like rapier. Even the most skilled pilot could struggle on most of these tracks, but Sofia was ambitious to show what she could do, even to competitor Loraine on the elite division. To make things interesting for Sofia, this was a weapon enabled race.

    Throughout the first 2 races, Sofia struggled to gain 3rd position. It was only the 3rd and 4th race she got more aggressive with the weapons on the Sebenco courses making 3rd, even Loraine was noticing her push up on the 3rd to 2nd position getting an impression for the petite pilot. When it came to Citta Nuova on the final race day, Loraine wanted to push her limits now with Sofia placing 2nd on the start. To make things challenging on the track, a dense fog covered the entire city only for plots to rely on their HUD outlining the track and aid their limited vision. During the race, it was a neck to neck fight between the two, only for Sofia to make a final move on the last lap taking first for the first time in this tournament. However, she was placed 3rd in the final standings on the Leader-board receiving bronze on the podium. As it turned out after the podium it was Loraine that would approach her, meeting each other face to face for the first time.

    Both talk about their race as well as mentioning their side careers as AG-Queens. When Sofia mentioned Mariana however, Loraine pretended she didn't know her as well as walking away from Sofia until she mentioned that she knew her, once being her best friend and the one who trained her as an AG-Q. Loraine was kind of surprised to hear she was a friend of her, telling Sofia how she became friends with who she called Mariana a "Spoiled Witch." Sofia tried to explain that she was never what Loraine thought of her, but Sofia wanted to know Loraine's side of the story about her, confirming what the others had told her. Loraine told Sofia everything including Mariana's unforgivable attempt of getting rid of her by causing an accident on a qualifying run as a junior pilot. Sofia didn't want to believe that Mariana would do such a thing, even Loraine knew she wouldn't believe her if she told her, but Sofia wanted to hear it from Mariana herself thinking she would admit and tell her side of the story. Loraine doubted it, but Sofia had already lost respect towards her old best friend. With the two going their separate ways, they hoped to meet again soon.

    Sofia Rossetti continues to raise her reputation in 2217. With only a year and a half of racing she proved to be a fair contender in the FX500 racing league. With only around 9 earned medals so far (3 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze), it was a great start for any new coming pilot especially an AG-Queen. Who was once and still dances spiritually for AG-Sys has now raced alongside. Whether as a pilot or performer she continues to turn heads in the coming years of the AG-Racing League, only to test her skills with the increasing violence over the race commission including a barbaric team joining the fight in 2218. If she were to make elite rank, this would be her chance to prove herself once more.
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    Author note: To keg_11, I made a small change for this pilot that you might need to change in your chronicles. Instead of being born in 2191 it’s instead turned to 2190 being just a year older to bypass him from the JX league and starting first from the FX400, being over 18yrs of age. Other than that, that was all what I really changed, plus having a couple of your pilots appear/mentioned in this backstory including Challenger.


    Name: Griffin Lang

    SEX: Male

    Birth: October 17th, 2190

    Birthplace: Berlin (Germany)

    Zodiac: Libra

    Age (Currently 2217): 26

    Nationality: German

    Origin: Germany (Father) / England (Mother)

    Race: Caucasian

    Language(s): German / some English

    Religion: N/A

    Height: 5'9"

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Blue

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Student (Graduate) / Unemployed

    FX400 IDF: LANG1017.2191

    Team: FEISAR

    Position: Lead Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Elite

    Region Reputation: Global

    Squad Teammates: Mariana Sinclair / Clara Bellerose

    Team Loyalty: High

    Allies: Valentino Bergamisto (Qirex) / Certain Female Pilots

    Rivals: Sean Cooper (AG-Systems)

    Medals: Gold: x15, Silver: x12, Bronze: x3

    Sponsors: JAP Energy Drink, MAGEC, IOTA, Mindcorp, FEISAR

    Favorite Events: Any

    Favorite Track: Any

    Leagues Competed: FX400 to FX500

    Character traits: Cocky, Popular, Charming


    Awareness: 9/10

    Aggression: 8/10

    Reaction/Reflexes: 9/10

    Consistency: 9/10

    There comes a time in the AG-League where pilots with celebrity status always seem to get the majority of attention. Not because of how skilled they were on a craft or how many medals they hold, but rather with good looks, charisma and or popular fan bases outside of racing. Pilots like Chiaki Hitomi are an example of pilots loved by mainstream fans but hated by AG-Communities being one of the worst pilots for AG-Systems despite outside popularity. The AG-Queens also had fan bases of their own including some actually competing in the AGRL. But unlike Hitomi, AG-Queens like Mariana Sinclair, Sofia Rossetti, Loraine Johnson, Rachel Vega, and Afina Rusakova, were proven to be very skilled pilots by AG-Fans having both sides love them for their diverse talents, but also for their stunning beauty and personalities. However this doesn’t always come from female pilots. Male pilots like Buster Harding of Triakis is known for his good body shape and high charisma, but is mostly known for his good will to the public and other pilots, including experience as a pilot in general. Jean Belmondo from AG-Systems at the time would also get automatic attention just by simply being a relative of a great name running the race commission. But then comes along a pilot who is an absolute nobody first starting out, but right away getting the attention of every female AG-fan and pilot in the racing league yet is disliked mostly by the male crowd. His pilot skills may be good enough for the SFC, but his personality is the real reason he gets people talking. Most say its jealousy, but others say it’s this pilot’s ego and overrated popularity that gets his haters. Considered to be the Jason Barber (WipEout Universe’s Justin Bieber) of the AGRL is none other than German FEISAR pilot, Griffin Lang.

    Born on October 17th 2190 in the heart of Berlin in Germany, Griffin was one of those pilots with the most charismatic and cocky personalities to compete in the FX400 league, always looking up high with a big smile on his face showing everyone that he could do anything for his fans. As a child, Griffin was a fan of AG-racing when the professional FX300 league announced on the island Makana, and he had well knowledge of the sport in general or so he says. The only noticeable trait from Griffin was that he was never shy to express himself. In a German highschool he was one of the most popular kids on campus, always sociable and charismatic but mostly to female students. He had lots of friends or at least he thought so, playing many sports and taking part in many activities. For dates he’s asked out by almost every girl on campus while brushing aside other guys while most likely taking their girlfriends along with him. It came with no surprise that he’s supposedly the most handsome student at his school as well, but of course with all that charm and confidents, other students would not buy into his ego. He was so cocky about himself that he even says to everyone that he'll get into AG-racing after he graduated, and of course everyone believed him by already having a pre fan base.

    Though he may be confident of himself, he came across as being egocentric. At times he would become annoying to some students becoming sick and tired of his big-headed attitude, but that didn't turn away any popularity he was given by pre-fans, even before he became a pilot. Though everyone may seem to already revolve around him, he was ambitious to want more around the world, and continued to try and fulfill his goal once he came out of highschool. What he didn't think of first was where to find FEISAR's HQ. FEISAR was nowhere around Germany, and the closest HQ was located in France but was sort of temporary due to the company moving around across Europe and not having a permanent facility. Despite already filling an application to the FEISAR Academy, he had to wait awhile to get a response. Waiting for about a month being recognized by the team, it turned out FEISAR were the ones who came to Griffin's parents’ doorstep. His family knew he was going to compete and decided to let him go with a transport to France. It was an exciting moment for Griffin as he came to the Academy for the junior division. For over a couple months, Griffin became decent in his group of test pilots; he mastered FEISAR's X2 craft in the academy, showing he had experience now as a beginner pilot. He would soon get transferred to the AG-racing homeland of Makana in 2208, completing the rest of his training almost halfway around the world.

    While continuing at the Makanian AG-Academy, he was now meeting with other FEISAR trainees coming from other parts of the world including from the native homeland. Griffin was lined up with other teen pilots preparing for the JX350 junior league specifically established for the prodigy pilots. It was there he had also met 16yr old Mariana Sinclair, still a JX pilot at the time in the junior division for FEISAR. Mariana was a young world famous AG-Queen who founded the dance/performing trend when she was just a toddler. Following the footsteps of her father, Marcus Sinclair, a professional FEISAR pilot from the FX300 league, she signed herself as a pilot on the same team barely starting out in the JX division hoping to reach the official FX400 professional AGRL sometime soon. Griffin was surprised to see such a young female pilot making her way to a new league, but he also had an interest in her. He recognized her from FEISAR's section in AG-magazines including live AG-Queen performances. Griffin wanted to know more about her, and without hesitation he approached her for the first time out in the facility’s test track.

    Already knowing how to speak English, his first response to her: "Well, you seem to be very young to be a pilot for your age, or are you just a small young woman who has the most youthful face in this facility?"
    Mariana: "Oh yeah, I'm just a small 20yr old woman that looks young is all,… (Sigh), do I look over 20 to you? I'm 16, of course I'm young, everyone in the JX division is. Now will you please leave me alone?"
    Griffin: "huh, I bet you get ask that all the time."
    Mariana: "Can I help you with something?"
    Griffin: "I'm just curious about you. I see a lot of young pilots around, and you are much more developed than what I've seen in this place."
    Mariana: “I work out my body a lot thank you very much. You know I WAS with FEISAR long before I became a pilot."
    Griffin pretends to not know her: "Really? Cause I swear, you do look familiar."
    Mariana: "Funny you should ask, because everyone knows who I am on this Island and on this Earth. I'm Mariana Sinclair? Founder and world famous AG-Queen in the world? That Energy Drink commercial? I'm on plenty of magazines? Does it now ring a bell?"
    Griffin: "It does.. Oh.. I know why, I just didn't recognize you without that ribbon on your hair."
    Mariana: "Oh very funny (Sarcasm), like I’m not recognizable without it. And who are you, exactly?"
    Griffin: "Allow me to introduce myself properly then. Guten tag, I'm Griffin Lang."

    The conversation between the two went on until they were separated by their groups. They soon met up again at the same spot for partner training and was when the two started to fly with each other. Griffin began to show piloting techniques to her while Mariana did the same. While continuing to partner up in lessons for the past couple of days, both began to form a friendly relationship. Unfortunately this would be put on halt by the 2209 opening race season of the FX400 league as Griffin was officially competing in the FX events of the FX400 league, bypassing the JX division since he was 18 and over.

    Throughout most of the season, Griffin bame well noticed by spectators, specifically by female fans. As he continued racing in the league against his competitors, more and more people start to notice him, but it wasn’t his racing that got their attention. FEISAR began noticing his notoriety soon after, as the team principal of FEISAR, Nicolo Testa soon got word of this pilot over his popularity. Nicolo wanted to meet Griffin at a meeting, heading to Makana and messaging Griffin with an invite back at the AG-Academy/facility to meet with the best pilots from FEISAR. While coming there a day later, Griffin was put in a meeting room office at FEISAR’s side of the academy. There he met some other FX400 pilots from the same team only they were the best of the best. Pilots, Thanos Ikrausus (GBR), Ezio De’Rosso (ITA) were waiting to see what they think is their new hotshot, and were surprise to hear about his age as they talked. Nicolo came in soon after and sat up front wanting to give griffin a deal of a lifetime, only to discuss it with the rest of the other pilots. He talks to Griffin about his first year in the league only to be interested with his personality while competing in only the AGRL events. Griffin did master the X4 craft much quicker than usual compared to other FEISAR pilots currently competing, but that wasn’t what he was brought in the office for. With only a month away from the Season Final Championship, Nicolo wanted to give Griffin a jump start to the elite stage. He wanted Griffin to come back to the academy in order to continue to master his pilot skills for the upcoming event as Nicolo was deciding to now choose him to compete yearly for the SFC. However Thanos and Ezio wanted the offer, especially since they were the more skilled pilots including one of them currently entering the SFC for the past 3 years. Nicolo wanted a rising star for FEISAR considering also Griffin’s rising popularity with AG-Fans. He wanted Griffin to be the “People’s Pilot” using his charming personality to also give FEISAR more wider recognition even if he doesn’t do that well in the SFC. More people would want to join and stay with FEISAR if Griffin’s charisma pleases everyone. Mariana Sinclair had already given the team a spotlight for all these years as an AG-Queen, now they needed a star pilot. Griffin would agree with the offer by shaking Nicolo’s hand and uses his time to prepare in the facility. Despite the other two pilots kind of upset that a kid would take their places for the SFC, they had no choice but to push his skills further by the date. Starting tomorrow they had to show Griffin the works of becoming an elite pilot with their team principal watching over them throughout each day.

    During the SFC, Griffin was now FEISAR’s choice going up against the very best of the league in an all out championship across the world. But despite all the enthusiasm of wanting to win the final event, he would come off as a mid pack runner on the final results. This would also be the first time he was ever eliminated in a race, losing a craft for his team at the very end of the championships. Overall, he was still a winner at heart to most of his fans supporting him, winning people over by his personality in front of cameras with his purely white smile and pointing thumbs up. By next season of 2210 he would be promoted to lead pilot as well as signing a sponsor deal for JAP Energy drink, FEISAR’s main sponsor. His female friend from the Makanian AG-Academy (Mariana) would also make it to the FX400 league, skipping over the JX league by her rising skill level at age 17. Choosing his partners from the FEISAR line-up, Mariana would be his obvious choice as secondary, reunited again with Griffin for the professional stage followed by Loraine Johnson from Great Britain until her disappearance from the team a year later. Loraine would be replaced shortly by French female pilot, Clara Bellerose, coming up as Griffin’s backup pilot in his squad. Based on his choices however, it would come to no surprise that Griffin is still a Ladies’ Man, even though Loraine had proven skills of her own and Clara was only few years older than him. While he WAS lead pilot, he would sometimes give his position to Mariana, showing she was confident enough to take control of the team, despite Griffin mostly competing in more races than her. While she did came to the starting grid in a craft, Mariana would still come to the starting grid as an AG-Queen part time. Griffin would see her out on the track patrolling his craft for the first time, being his personal AG-Queen as she starts the race winking over to him in 1st position of the grid giving absolute motivation to win. Despite having an interest in her however, he was also charming with other women in his races, both the AG-Queens and pilots for that matter. Coping with his sponsors he had earned in races, his charms and charisma would continue to make him a product puppet for these companies, most of which with JAP energy drink. Just about every product he promoted gave him more fame outside the track, most noticed after making a 2212 SFC commercial with Mariana for the ending season.

    As a pilot in general, Griffin was FEISAR's finest and fastest pilots on the team. He was precise but also aggressive against other opponents, but racing against female pilots was usually passive. He had taken FEISAR into winning more races than they ever did with other pilots in the current league, winning many tournaments in the few seasons by 2213 aside from the SFC. He carried the most Gold medals for the team at the time and shared trophies with both Mariana and Clara in tean tournaments. Teams like EG-X oppose him, including faster teams like Icaras, seeing him as a threat of overtaking them, not counting on how slow his craft was, but by the limits he'll take to pass them. Like in highschool, as Griffin grew more popular in the years, he bame more cocky and egotistical, similar to Mariana. He bacame hotheaded whenever he lost a race, and he always questioned the officials for putting him in a certain position on the starting line rather than up front. During press conferences with FEISAR he would act all bigheaded when taking questions, only to gloat how amazing he is in order to please his fans on camera. Other male pilots from his team and others would find him annoying both on and off the track, usually seeing him still acting like a spoiled kid when it came to his cocky attitude. However, one pilot would find him the most obnoxious.

    Most annoyed by Griffin was AG-Systems rookie, Sean Cooper, taking notice of him when he was around Mariana, having a secret affection towards her on the other team. What upsets Sean the most was Griffin's relationship with Mariana in general, but even he thought Griffin was the most overrated pilot currently competing, getting more attention for his charm & good looks rather than his overall skill in racing. Griffin would usually make fun of Sean during visits at his workshop as Mariana came to Sean for repairs on her craft or domestic house robots for her new stilt home in Vineta K. But as Mariana became suspicious about Sean's behavior, she planned on teasing him to make him repair anything she wanted for free. But while doing so also made Griffin suspicious, thinking Mariana turned him down for Sean rather than for himself. But as he found out when talking to Mariana one day, he would realize that she’d never really liked Sean at all, laughing along with her when all she did was used him, toying with his affections. Apparently it all stopped when Sean found out just a day later. Their rivalry would also continue in 2214. While Griffin was more physical than Sean off the track, Sean was taller but thin, yet on the track he was more consistent. He may be shy around women, but it didn’t mean he was a pushover racing difficult opponents. During the final seasons of the FX400 league, Griffin bean to lose his own consistency battling with Sean during races, but at times he would still win half over Sean in head to head events. Sean would persistently fight back hard as Griffin started to lose his confidence towards a more consistent pilot trained by the very best at AG-Systems. At the end of the 2214 season, Sean would come out with the most wins against Griffin as fans of him began to turn to the AG-S pilot for his overall experience. Either way, Griffin was becoming old news by the start of the FX500 league in 2215.

    However, Griffin would still regain his popularity by doing whatever it took to compete again and win the Season Final Championships yet would still come mid-pack or last place runner on the final 2215 season. As offers from other teams wanted Griffin to join including Icaras, he turned them down to stay with FEISAR. No one was sure why he would turn down a much faster team for a slow but maneuverable craft, but it seemed that his relationship with Mariana Sinclair would give him more of a reason to stay, but more likely he was FEISAR’s megastar pilot. He never admitted to her or at press conferences that he had an interest in her over the questions he was given. Ironically though for how confident he was, his feelings towards Mariana got the best of him as she didn’t really show too much affection by turning down any flirting coming from him. Whether Mariana was focusing more on her racing career, or Griffin was just not good enough for her despite being a perfect egotistical team couple. He at least showed care for the female AG-Queen pilot during their years in the FX400 league.

    Continuing on in the FX500 racing league in 2216, Griffin would now switch to FEISAR’s X5-Alpha craft, a much faster variant of their X4 model, keeping the maneuverability that they're most famous for. Even during the FX400 league Griffin had tested prototype versions of the X5 including Mariana as a special offer from the team in 2210. Surprisingly around that same year, Griffin met an old friend from the academy back in Europe, a former FEISAR pilot named Valentino Bergamisto who flew alongside during testing at the time, forming a small partnership. Unfortunately, they went their separate ways in different league divisions of the SFC including Valentino transferring to Qirex-RD in 2214 after the championships. By the new league however, Valentino would meet him again for a small reunion, only to become his ally in races and was introduced to Mariana which got her attention. As it turned out she had an interest in the Italian pilot, already attempting to flirt with him when first meeting each other, only for Valentino to not notice at first and went on with Griffin afterwards. Griffin overall would still be the charismatic pilot he once was for the new generation, but his popularity would become stale to his fans soon after. Racing for about 8 years, Griffin has earned 30 medals in his racing career, but no platinum medal or title was earned for competing in the SFC, just coming short from his highest position of 4th place in 2211 and 2214. (15G/12S/3B) His chances in the FX500 league would slow down by the next decade with FEISAR. Having nothing to lose while Mariana splits away, Griffin would eventually transfer over to another team entirely. It would appear that Icaras would have an open slot for him sometime in the 2218 season; going full on top speed rather than the sleek maneuverability that made him a one year wonder. FEISAR is what started his growing sensation to many fans in the first place, only to end as his fans moved on to the next big personality in racing.
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    Author note: Yet another long written story here, only this has more dialogue and is interconnected with other pilot backstories later on in their perspectives and putting their pieces together. This mostly turns into an AG-Queen drama rather than a pilot story, but there will be more racing related ones up next. You may notice that the grammer on Sofia's dialogue is alittle off. That was done on purpose since she isn't a native English speaker.


    Name: Mariana Sinclair

    SEX: Female

    Birth: August 15th, 2194

    Birthplace: Vineta K (Makana)

    Zodiac: Leo

    Age (Currently 2217): 23

    Nationality: Makanian

    Origin: England (Father) / Chile (Mother)

    Race: Caucasian (Latin)

    Language(s): English / partial Spanish

    Religion: N/A

    Height: 5'7"

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Emerald Green

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Anti-Gravity Queen

    FX400 IDF: SINC0815.2194

    Team: FEISAR

    Position: Co-Lead Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Elite

    Region Reputation: Global

    Squad Teammates: Griffin Lang

    Team Loyalty: High

    Allies: Valentino Bergamisto (Qirex)

    Rivals: Loraine Johnson (FEISAR), Sofia Rossetti (AG-Sys), Rachel Vega (Auricom)

    Medals: Gold: x12, Silver: x14, Bronze: x7

    Sponsors: JAP Energy Drink, MAGEC, Joy Noodles, +01

    Favorite Events: Single Race

    Favorite Track: Vineta K

    Leagues Competed: JX(Junior Division) to FX500

    Character traits: Popular, Beauty, Spoiled, Stubborn, Egotistic


    Awareness: 9/10

    Aggression: 8/10

    Reaction/Reflexes: 8/10

    Consistency: 7/10

    Prologue: Things had came to a crashing halt after the F9000 league. On the month of October, 2170, the Anti-Gravity purity Coalition had exposed allegations of corruption and illegal practices between the F9000 Federation, the Overtel, and numerous organizations & crime syndicates across the globe. With sensitive evidence being shown to the public, AG fans started to wake up and realize what was happening behind the scenes as the greed of these organizations had taken advantage of the technology for their own personal gains. The sport was turned from a purity pastime to a corporate battleground with excessive tracks built around the world, track weapons becoming overpowered still scarring the minds of people after the Temtesh Bay Disaster in 2164. Everything was a mess only to discover the dark truths behind it all. The league was put on hold, but the damage had already been done. The associated organizations were terminated after US marshals seized the Overtel headquarters in Nova City (New York City), and a few AG teams like G-Tech and Tigron had fallen to bankruptcy or were terminated, yet their responsibilities have already torn down the Economic market. Global unrest scattered across the world along with civilians boycotting the technology, causing a complete collapse to the economy itself putting the world into another state of economic depression. The F9000 league was suspended; throughout the 2170's, AG tracks from around the world were left abandoned. Not a single craft was ever flown throughout the decade with people struggling with recession all across world. What was once a grand sport turned into an economic nightmare. What Pierre Belmondo (founder of AG technology) wanted became an all out war for money and power as he feared. Anti-Gravity racing has now fallen to its knees, or so it seems.

    During the early 2180's, first signs of the global amateur scene emerged consisting on restored craft on makeshift circuits. Traditional AG fans and enthusiasts relive the days when Anti Gravity racing didn't excess on high powered weapons, or rollercoaster type tracks, but the purity of how Pierre saw his vision throughout the first three F-thousand leagues despite the flaws that sank in up until the F9000. By 2185, the Anti-Gravity Purity Rebirth Festival was held as an amateur racing event on the flat Tule Desert in Nevada to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Pierre Belmondo's historical flight in 2035. What resulted were returning teams such as AG-Systems, Qirex, and FEISAR, who helped replaced any supplied parts for the contender's ships. The newly formed Belmondo Foundation then announced the first FX150 league for the amateur race pilots to compete in and would soon revive newer pilots to race professionally for an upcoming FX league currently not announced.

    During competition of the FX150, one pilot was soon recognized from the newcomers of AG racing, introducing amateur pilot, Marcus Sinclair. Marcus had a family history dating back to the early 20th century when his ancestors had been racing since the invention of the automobile. The family had raced for generations in automotive racing until the technology of Anti-Gravity came along in the 2040's. The tradition was moved on to the F-thousand leagues including the A.G.R.C. in 2048. However, the Sinclair's never took on with the elite class racing leagues while Marcus was destined to do for the first time in his family's history and maybe for his future children. The Sinclair's are also a wealthy family, having to live in million dollar houses over the years and were unaffected by the great depression overall. Ever since AG racing emerged again, Sinclair was met with a youthful Chilean woman, calling herself Arianna Santiago. The two met just after the end of the depression in 2179, and have been together for over 6 years up until the Rebirth Festival in Nevada. When the FX150 Amateur league was announced, Sinclair was eager to make a decision with his upcoming fiancé. On the day that he won the first amateur tournament, Marcus proposed to her to be his lovely wife for years to come. Arianna said yes to the proposal, and was soon to be engaged on the Pacific Island of Makana, hosting the official FX300 Racing League in 2195. The Couple lived in a villa close by the coast of Vineta K, just a few miles away from a constructed track in preparation of the new league. When FEISAR came back from the events of the depression, they were ready to introduce their new FX300 race craft for the upcoming league and Marcus got a hold of their new X1 model craft to test pilot. However the league was still a couple of years from now, still going on with the FX150 AGLR along with testing out the new craft for the company.

    At some point, Arianna Sinclair wanted children, and for Marcus it was a right decision to make, hoping to have a son to pass down the tradition in future FX leagues in the 23rd century. By 2192, Arianna was now in labor, but unfortunately for Marcus hearing that the baby was going to be a girl, he personally didn't mind at first, already making a decision to have two kids in their home. Still, he carried on with his career in the amateur league until November 6 when the baby was ready to arrive. The first child was born, naming their first daughter in the family, Olivia Sinclair. Marcus was proud, but was still kind of nervous; he thought his daughter wouldn’t have an interest for AG racing nor continue the family name. Two years later however, they were ready to have another child. The mother, now having another pregnancy, wanted to surprise her husband and daughter this time who was now a year and a half old. As for the father, he was kind of impatient on what gender it was going to be, up until August 15th, 2194. Once again the mother was back at a Vineta K hospital as she came out of the emergency room with the baby in her arms. Marcus was anxious to see his new child expecting a baby boy, but as the mother showed the baby, Marcus' hopes just drop. It was another baby girl, but something about her made the Father forget that he wanted a son. The child looked more like her mother; very beautiful with natural emerald green eyes. The father loved his new child regardless as Olivia was brought in with him to see her new little sister. They named their 2nd daughter, Mariana, almost a combination of the two parent's names and were proud of it. When the mother was well enough, they set back home.

    Main Story: Half a year after Mariana's Birth, the FX300 AGLR was now officially hosted to AG fans on Makana. Classic teams including new teams like Triakis and Harimau were introduced along with the professional league, and Mariana's father competes professionally for his racing career in 2197. The first AG-tournament hosts on the track of Vineta K, with Olivia now 3yrs old and Mariana turning 2. They went with their mother to their father's race live for the first time. In addition to their father's race, they got to see the hangers under the starting grid before the race began and saw their father get in the cockpit of FEISAR's X2 race craft. After saying good luck to him, the two sisters and their mother all head up to the stands, sitting in the front row where they saw their father's craft lift up onto the starting grid. The sisters would wave to him seeing their father in the cockpit wave back. Eventually the starting grid began to countdown as they saw their father launch out of the line and out on the track with the other opponents. Momentarily they saw his craft zoom by on every lap, watching him on the projected monitors battling out with the other teams on their way to the finish. Their father would make 2nd place that day, continuing on with the Alpha tournament on the island and winning gold overall for his family.

    By 2197, Mariana turned 3yrs old. One day already talking, she went up to her father while he was admiring the FEISAR race craft out on a lot during a race event in the same city. She looked up at her father, wondering what he is doing.
    Mariana: "Daddy, what are you doing?" speaking in a toddler voice.
    Her father looked at her, "Oh nothing, Angel, I was just thinking about… what you might become one day."
    Mariana was confused:"What do you mean daddy?"
    Her father picks her up on his arms: "Well… daddy has a little tradition in his side of the family. When I was your age, my daddy once told me that someday, I was going to race in these … big things. I wasn't too interested in what he said it at first, but he showed me how to fly these, and I then became just as good as him. His father also taught him, and his dad taught him too. Your Daddy's family have been racing for many years, and someday, you'll be flying these things too."(Father puts helmet on her)
    Mariana just looks at him: "But I'm too little to fly these floaty thingies."
    Her father just chuckles: "Oh.. not right now of course, but I think someday you would be big enough to fly these, Angel. You'll make your daddy proud if you did."

    Just as her father had thought, Mariana didn't look interested, even when he told her sister it turned out to be the same reaction. For Mariana however, she had another interest in mind. While walking with her mother that same day, Mariana had noticed a couple of race models with the other teams. In Mariana's mind, she wanted to become a model, mostly a dancer, standing next to her father's craft and copied the girl's poses. But when people past by, she would quickly hide behind the stands for the craft. Mariana was very shy, but when people passed by they would notice her hiding, sometimes asking her to come out. While soon being noticed, Mariana slowly would come out and try to pose for a group of people, even doing a little dance. What she got were a lot of smiles, even some handing her coins for her little performances. She soon shook off her shyness and really began to perform a show to people, having a circle surrounding her. Her parents then began to notice the large circle around the craft, as they saw nothing but their daughter dancing around to her new fans. What her parents saw was the start of her new career.

    Of course, the Sinclair's had money; whatever Mariana wanted they will always give to her, being very spoiled. The FEISAR team gave her a specially made jacket/outfit with the team's colors and symbol. She was also given a wand to trace light in mid air, including a ribbon with a light blue stripe to wear with her ponytail. What she turned out to be was like an AG-Cheerleader, using all the gifts that were given to her. On behalf of her gifts though, she can do whatever she wanted in any race day happening on the island of Makana. She could dance/sing on stage, meet with her team's pilots, and could even countdown for a race, including her father's, becoming an icon to the sport. As she got older her fame and recognition started to grow, taking notice by company sponsors for her and her team, one of which was JAP Energy Drink which they also made her do a commercial for their product. She would now get paid for her career, officially calling herself an Anti-Gravity Queen, a new type of race model that she could setup her own rules of being one, making her the founder of the new trend. Not only did she made it for modeling and starting races, but mostly performing a style of dancing using light tracing wands, patons, or string to fast paced trance music, plus dancing with other AG-Q performers on the same team. A good example to AG-Queen dancing was a cross between Gymnastics and Rave, using alot of arm and leg movement & rhythm in their performances. Sometimes Ballet would be performed on slow or euphoric parts in certain songs giving emotional or storytelling moments to crowds while taking off in gymnastic-like movements as the beat starts playing again. The wands they carried have a special technology that can paint light in mid air, whether it's night or day, the light will still be visible. They can switch to painting trails or set it like streamers; this was also used to start races. Sometimes an AG-Queen would have their outfits light up or animated in certain performances, most of which are custom made than the standard suits starting out. Mariana would explain how this style of dance worked, using a hologram of herself or teaching others in person. Other peers and young women as well as small number of men would be inspired to become AG-Queen/King performers for other teams in 2205, becoming a popular new fashion/entertainment trend to the AG-Industry. This was also the same year the official opening of the FX350 racing league began happening around the world.

    The racing league would quickly upgrade to the FX400 by 2207. Mariana was turning 14yrs old and was now setting off on a global stage, traveling across the world to other tracks hosting AG Tournaments for her to perform. Dancing all around from Moa Therma (Italy), to Talons Junction (England). From Metropia (Japan) to the Amphisium (United States, Nevada), etc. With so many places she could travel to, many cultures were able to see her live on tour, yet she didn’t go on stage alone however. During sometime back in mid 2206, Mariana met with another young AG-Queen coming from the province of Italy before an opening season. During a surprise visit to an AG-Queen dance class in Vineta A, A young and petite AG-Queen named Sofia Rossetti caught her attention while doing a duet with her in front of the other students. She was an AG-Queen representing AG-Systems showing her badge, possibly the only Italian AG-Queen to be on this team having Japanese dancers as their most common. Rossetti liked the color red on her outfit which was why she chose her team, not familiar with the choices when she came to the island. Mariana was impressed by their demonstration as she asked Sofia if she wanted to hang out around the campus. Sofia agreed as their friendship grew throughout the 2206 season. After months of getting to know Sofia and even helping her train as an independent AG-Queen, she officially introduced her as a new best friend back in Makana, becoming the first ever AG-Queen duet to perform, coming from other teams. They were the memorable Queens of 2207-08 where Sofia had also made a name for herself in between the FX350 and 400 AGRL. Unfortunately after a year and a half in a friendly relationship, Sofia would leave the league and Island for personal reasons. Saying goodbye to Mariana, the two never saw each other again in person, but kept in contact on ICOM over the years.

    Eventually, Mariana moved on from her old best friend; while she was signing in again as an AG-Queen at the Anti Gravity Museum in Modesto Heights in 2208, she accidently bumps into another signed in AG-Queen named Rachel Vega. She was an American farm girl coming from the central farmlands of California, United States, who came to the big city for the first time to become an AG-Queen herself for Auricom. The two start to talk to each other as Mariana showed Rachel around the museum. Soon after, they started to hang out, and when the first tournament of the fall season started, the two then became best of friends. Like Sofia, Rachel was an AG-Queen for another team though she was a little taller and older than Mariana. From 2208 to 2209, they also became dance partners of that current year. While meeting Rachel around that time, Mariana also met with a German FEISAR pilot named Griffin Lang, who would become her teammate after signing herself as a junior pilot for the JX350 league in the name of her father’s ancestry, continuing the tradition to become the first female in the family to compete professionally in the AGRL.

    As her name grew from around the world, everyone would fall in love with her having the largest fan base out of all the AG-Queens from every competing team. Everyone literally treated her like a queen with many fans offering her gifts and requests during her shows. They praised her for her talents and beauty, not having enough of her as she moved on to the next track on her tours, getting the same reactions every time she came and went, becoming a worldwide celebrity and an icon for FEISAR. However, because of her nonstop popularity and fame, she would develop an ego over her AG-Queen reputation. She started to turn self-centered, believing that she WAS like a goddess in the industry, better than the rest of the other AG-Queens around the island, including her friends. When it now came to racing, that would show as well, feeling important in both areas always obsessed to be the best and complains whenever things didn’t go her way. In 2209, Mariana would turn 16. Her special gift from her father and team gave her first dibs on piloting FEISAR's new prototype concept craft back at the AG-Academy. First being taught by her father including basic piloting tips from Griffin Lang and Noelani Kekumu from Goteki 45, Mariana was already learning quickly on flying an AG-Race craft. However, she wasn’t ready or too young to take on FX division races just yet, staying in the junior division up until 2210. Her current speed class was under Vector (Below 200mph) only entering for time trials while still training at the Academy and racing with other team pilots. Even so, racing was in her blood, taking from her father's side of the family. She would become the youngest pilot to ever race for the FX400 racing league, able to compete professionally at the age of 17, that is until another young pilot had taken her title at age 16, let along her AG-Queen ranking.

    Still racing in the JX division at the time, Mariana was met with a young British AG-Queen/ pilot joining the FEISAR team named Loraine Johnson. Loraine was the granddaughter of F9000 pilot, Daniel Johnson, witnessing her birth on August 2195. He unfortunately was a paralyzed victim of the Temtesh Bay Disaster in 2164, only to retire after on a hover chair, never to race again. Loraine however would become the next generation in the family hoping to compete for the FX400/500 racing league just like Mariana. She was trained a year younger than her at the age of 15, piloting FEISAR's current X4 race craft at the same test track in the Makanian AG-Academy, learning very quickly herself. During the opening of the AG-season at the Amphiseum in Las Vegas, Loraine also became an AG-Queen for FEISAR along with Mariana. Loraine would come up and give a friendly introduction to her, being a fan of her work and looking up to her, inspired to become an AG-Queen and pilot. Mariana did introduce herself to her, but at the same time she didn't seem to like Loraine first greeting her. During the current year, Mariana was arrogant and competitive, following her AG-Queen stats formed in 2208. Every AG-Queen on the island now carried a ranking like an AG-pilot, and unsurprisingly the founder was ranked first on the leaderboard as Mariana wanted to keep it that way. Loraine had already taken the title of youngest AG-Pilot, it was only a matter of time until she started taking something else important to Mariana.

    Loraine was known as a relative of a past pilot, so her attention was noticed of that to everyone. Not only was she well known, but a pure beauty also. For being a teenager she was the most favorite to AG-fans, with blond hair, sapphire blue eyes, and a polite British accent. Her dancing also looked more graceful to her choice of uplifting trance music, almost telling a deeper emotion or story in her performances. To Mariana, she was stealing her spotlight. Even though she was her teammate and fan, she dispised Loraine because she was perfect, even as a pilot she had a better racing line. Mariana never wanted to admit that she was jealous of her, including her friends. Instead, she tried to be better than her, proving to her fanbase that she could be just as good if not better. However despite her efforts, when the AG-Queen leaderboard was updated, Mariana witnessed her worst fear. Looking at a live news screening in Vineta K. Loraine had bumped her down a rank and was now the #1 AG-Queen in the world as a one year wonder. Mariana was in shock looking at the screen. She was with Rachel when they saw it as she began to worry about Mariana, looking devastated.

    Rachel answers to her: "Mariana? Are you ok? Mari?"
    Mariana: "I… I forgot something back at the suite. I'll be right back."
    Rachel (as Mariana walks off): "Do you need me to come with you!?"
    Mariana: "Just leave me alone!"

    Rachel looked back at her, confused and worried. Mariana runs back to her hotel suite alone, locking the sliding door as she jumps on her bed screaming at the top of her lungs under her pillow and throwing a tantrum. From this point on, her mind was now set for sabotage. On some days as an AG-Queen, Mariana attempts to cheat by sabotaging Loraine's performances. While backstage seeing her wands one day, Mariana screws with the wiring taking them apart by making them break or over trace. Another point was over-rubbing wax on Loraine’s dance shoes, making them slippery or sometimes changing the music tempo or song in the middle of her performances. Unfortunately for Mariana, all of those would fail when Loraine improvised or had replacements before performing. Loraine continued to gain fans and opportunities as well as taking Mariana’s own fans, going over to support for her instead. At this point, Mariana was frustrated and desperate. Her popularity was slowly decreasing every day and even her frustration would show in performances, filling her anger on her dance moves as well has her choices of music playing more hardcore trance beats. Eventually, she had enough of it, thinking of dark thoughts on how to sabotage if not getting rid of Loraine from her life. A race qualifier for the JX division was opening in Vineta K at some point. Loraine signs herself for the event, only for Mariana to get her chance to attack her. Not knowing anyone who can do her dirty work, she instead planned to do it herself by sabotaging Loraine's craft somehow, having it fail out on the track. She wanted to make it look like an accident and for Loraine to be out of commission for the race if not possibly seriously injuring her. She would plan carefully the next day.

    During the day when she and Loraine were in the hanger bay along with the team's crew, Mariana studied her surroundings and under her own FEISAR craft for anything to mess up on Loraine's, even innocently asking questions to mechanics about what's under there for information until she found one thing she could tamper with. She spotted a drilling tool on a counter that could be used, as well as spotting an HD camera in the hanger which would only make it harder for her to pull off until finding a blind spot behind Loraine’s craft. Once the hanger was about to be closed, Mariana had an idea on how to sneak back in. Before long in the middle of the night, hours before the JX qualifier in Vineta K. Mariana got herself dark clothing, gloves, and used her VIP hanger key to get inside the hanger. Knowing about the camera, she covers her face with a hood, looking away and hiding under Loraine's craft. She looked under the craft for anything that may be important, trying to remember what the mechanic told her until finding a cable from a reactor that powered the main magnetic field generator centered under the craft. She found the electric drill tool to carefully loosen the bolts from a cable connected to the generator to where it will fall off by the movements of the craft, disconnecting the cable leaking any power going to the magnet. She immediately left the hanger before anyone showed up, but was suddenly feeling anxious. Hours later, already suited up, Loraine took a test run out on the track. After 3 laps in on a final lap, Loraine felt like something was wrong, only to be notified by crew that a cable got loose and was disconnected from the main field generator. When she entered the second corner on a lap, her ship was losing gravitational lift as the craft dropped down and started skidding on the track. Unable to manually teleport eject on time she slammed into the side wall outside the first tunnel. Mariana was actually shocked that her tampering went horribly wrong or unexpected, thinking she would have ejected out. The crash looked fatal, as Mariana didn't want it to be this bad, feeling scared that she may had actually killed her. Loraine wouldn't have survived, but amazingly, she crawled out of the cockpit before paramedics came by. She only had minor cuts and bruises, but unfortunately suffered a fractured leg while trying to stand up. If she were to have gone faster than Vector class without shield energy, she would have gotten killed by the impact. However, though only intending to try and mess up Loraine's AG-Craft for the whole season, Mariana had also put Loraine out of commission as an AG-Queen, not being able to dance, temporarily.

    From Mariana's Diary over the accident she caused: "I was not proud of what I did, but I just couldn't control myself. She had it coming and I needed to do something. After what happened today and seeing her craft crashed on the track wall in Vineta K, it was just hard to watch. I thought I had killed her, and that was something I did not had in mind, honestly. If people knew about this, my career would be over, people will picture me like I'm some murderer and I can't let that happen to my reputation. Hopefully nobody will know about this, but it seems that the trouble has already been done. This was all that Little Miss Perfect's fault, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have done that sort of thing. She should be glad to be still alive, all I wanted was to teach her a lesson not to cross my path, and she got it. There could only be one star AG-Queen in this world and that should always be me, my crown, my rules. I will always be the master. I'm just gonna keep myself quiet about what happened, nobody will know it was me that caused that accident. It will be old news in about a week and I won't feel guilty about it. I don’t ever want to do that again. I know I’m better than her. I’ll be #1 AG-Queen again, and soon as a pilot."

    Mariana Sinclair: March 18th, 2211

    A couple days had past and Loraine was still walking in crutches. Ship inspection was checked on the damaged race craft and discovered that the main magnetic field generator was disconnected. The bolts were loosened somehow, connecting a cable from the reactor as it hanged off while racing. It was unknown how it was caused. Knowing they were screwed in tight, it appeared they’d been loosened before takeoff. Looking over security footage in the hanger, they saw a person under a dark hood tampering with the ship's components. The hooded person had a feminine looking body, confirming it to be a female. But despite how clear and advanced the camera was, the hooded person kept her face hidden as if she knew where the cameras were, making Mariana's sneak through successful, only to realize if she were to be caught, her reputation would take a big negative hit from AG-fans. Loraine was shocked, but confused while still looking at the footage: "Who would want to do this to me? Was her intention to kill me like it was an accident? This is scary. Someone is after me, but who?" Loraine thought to herself, still hoping to race in the later FX league. Mariana however did felt guilty about the accident, she slowly realized what her popularity was doing to her, but her jealousy and reputation still controlled her. Months after the accident, Loraine had already recovered and continued to be an AG-Queen for FEISAR. Unfortunately, after taking most of the spotlight, Mariana had finally snapped. While in her suite, Mariana came over to her door almost wanting to start a fight with Loraine. She just continued to argue, but Loraine was confused why. Mariana’s jealousy got the best of her as she now admits that Loraine had stolen her popularity and attention, even admitting that she tampered with Loraine's craft. After hearing that confession, Loraine couldn't believe what she heard. Her own teammate / idle had betrayed her, thinking she attempted to kill her out of jealousy. By now, the two really started to argue, and was when Loraine finally had enough and felt unsafe being near her. She leaves the team, both pilot and AG-Queen to join with another, finding a spot with Harimau International, FEISAR's allied teams. Just days later, French pilot, Clara Bellerose took Loraine's place chosen by Griffin, as Mariana thought Loraine had left for good, but her guilt still stayed, trying to ignore the feeling.

    Years have now past as Mariana turns 18 in 2212, racing for about a year in the FX400 Racing league. She was still one of the most competitive and hot tempered pilots on the track, including to her nemesis on the Harimau team. It was when in 2215, where she now moved on to the official FX500 league at age 21. She was reunited with her prototype race craft, the X5, competing in the highest speed class, Phantom (below 500mph) along with her squadmate Griffin Lang, becoming one of the most experienced young pilots in AG-History just aside from pilot Arial Tetsuo from 2052 in the F3600 league. However, Mariana continued also as an AG-Queen, stepping up as a supermodel for fashion companies including 2ND SKIN, but that's not to say Loraine would also have the same interest. Mariana and Loraine would be the bitterest of rivals of the FX400 to 500 AGRL as they personally went head to head with each other during their race seasons. Though blinded by their hate with one another, they were evenly matched, including having the same type of interest. Most fans would suggest that they should team up again, speaking to them on social sites like ICOM, but they, mostly Loraine would disapprove. Their racing careers in hating and misunderstanding each other would still go on till this day. On that same year however, Mariana also meets with a familiar face again.

    During a night out at a Joy Noodles bar with her friend/ally and teammate, Mariana would accidently bump into her old best friend, Sofia Rossetti along with her new AG-Systems teammates, Katsu and Sean, becoming a pilot herself. They were both happy to see each other after 7 years and admired how much they've changed since their last AG-Queen starting race back in 2208 as teenagers. Though Sofia was originally going to sit with her teammates, she instead went along with Mari's group at another table leaving her team sitting at a counter. They talked and introduced each other with Rachel and Griffin, having a good time and shared their stories until Sofia left with her team after the bill was paid. Mariana would meet her later on again, this time for old time sakes having a duet as AG-Queens on a stage with Sofia still keeping her experience. However, Mariana's competitiveness would show as she tried to out-dance and taunt her.

    As the dance was over and back at the lockers, Sofia questioned Mariana only for her to make a remark: "What's the matter, couldn't keep up? You could do better than that."
    Sofia confusingly got upset: "What was that about?"
    Mariana: "Come on, Sofie, what's wrong with a little motivated taunting? Do you want me to beat you? I could do this faster than you could pilot an AG-craft on Phantom class speeds. You need to sharpen up on your skills, slowpoke."
    Sofia: "Slowpoke? Mari this is not like you, why you acting rude suddenly?"
    Mariana: "I think you need to work on that grammar alittle there, Sofie. Your English was kind of off."
    Sofia: "Did you listen what I just said?"
    Mariana: "Look, things have changed in the AG-Queen division okay. I was just trying to motivate you, that's all. It's nothing personal or to get upset about."
    Sofia: "I just do not like how you made those faces at me, va bene? I am going back to the academy. I will see you next time"
    Mariana: "Okay, I guess I’m sorry that I did that to you then, I'll see you some other time maybe." (Sofia left confused)

    It's no surprise to pilots who have faced her would come across her taunting, even on podiums taking gold she would wave her medal to the other place finishers' faces as well as sticking her tongue at them. By the end of 2215, fans start to realize her sweet hearted personality was now nonexistent. Like a popstar with a big ego, Mariana became one of the rudest, immature and egotistical female pilots and AG-Queens in the entire FX500 league. Till this day, AG-Fans were mixed about her, whether they now hate her or love her. Despite her good girl gone bad change over, she was still a very skilled pilot to FEISAR as well as the most talented AG-Queen, keeping her reputation overall. For her teammates, Griffin still raced alongside her, even He himself carried a big ego much like her with fans and haters. Their backup pilot, Clara Bellerose would move on from their squad, retiring from racing all together after more issues with nausea occurred while racing, only to pursue her interest in the arts instead using her augmented vision, making a final decision if to continue her racing career or not. Mariana would almost go independent after Clara retired, but instead she chose to stay anyway yet doesn't communicate with Griffin as much than before in races. She had no actual allies from other teams until she was introduced to a pilot that was once Griffin's friend. Griffin would meet his old friend and test pilot partner Valentino Bergamisto, who transferred to Qirex-RD back in 2214 after the FX350 division of the SFC. She liked what she saw looking at Valentino’s hansom looks, immediately talking to him in a flirty voice and mentioning of being a star AG-Queen, feeling like showing off her body in her AG-Q suit for him. Valentino wouldn’t notice her coquettish behavior as he greeted her normally, going off with Griffin soon after, not seeing him for awhile since. While Mariana tried to “make a new friend”, her friends however were another story. Allies like Rachel Vega would finally move on from her, unable to deal with her rude behavior as well as cooperation in races getting shoved aside every time. Sofia Rossetti would also move on, but it wasn't until she was visited at her home that made Sofia stay away from her.

    Mariana was living at her own home still in Vineta K only to get a message from her home's computer that someone was at her door. She saw who it was and opens the door automatically to let Sofia in her high-end stilt home.

    Coming in the living room, Mariana answered: "What are you doing here?"
    Sofia, sounding upset with her: "We need to talk."
    Mariana: "Can it be another time cause I'm quite busy right now. I can have my robot servant serve you something if you want…"
    Sofia Interrupts her: "It is about Loraine, and everything else I heard about you."
    Mariana froze and answers: "…What did that b*tch tell you?"
    Sofia: "Is there reason why you would call her such thing? What about Rachel and Sean, what did you do to them?"
    Mariana: "I don't know what you're talking about. And why did you have to bring up Rachel at this time, she stopped being my friend for no reason."
    Sofia: "Is it because she cannot stand you anymore? Has your rude behavior made her not want to be your friend and ally?"
    Mariana: "I don't know."
    Sofia: "And Sean, did you use him to your advantage just so you could win races while he thought you were his ally the whole time? I suppose that robot over there is what Sean fixed for you."
    Mariana: "Where the hell are you going with this?"
    Sofia: "You are not who I thought you were, Mari. You have change so much but not in the way people would view you. You manipulate everyone, used everyone, you will hurt anyone, to keep your rise in fame. The Mariana I knew would never do such thing. But what you did, to that British pilot, ..I do not know what to ask you next."
    Mariana got nervous: "Whatever she told you are all lies. I did nothing wrong. You can't prove what I did."
    Sofia: "I do not need proof to believe that you could go at this level. From all the stories I heard and how the industry thinks of you now. I just cannot believe you would actually do this."
    Mariana: "I didn't do anything."
    Sofia: "Please tell me the truth, Mari, That qualifier back in 2211, Loraine got into an accident that almost took her life. I talked to her, and she told me all about it. That was no accident."
    M: "It was an accident, Sofie. Like I said she’s lying to you just to put the blame on me. I’m innocent, alright."
    S: “Really. How come there was footage of someone tampering with her ship then?"
    M: “…That was not me.”
    S: “So who did it them? Only someone who would really hate her would do something like that, right. Someone who got in the way of their fame by her. Someone who was jealous of her. That person did look feminine looking on camera."
    M: “What makes you think I did it? This is ridiculous.”
    S: "Why do you always attack her in races then? Like I said last time, I saw you in the same race together, you were focus on eliminating her than the race. There is a big rivalry between you two so how did that happen? Why would she transfer to another team if she felt unsafe around you? There is no one else I would know who could hate her this much except maybe you."
    M: “It’s not me.”
    S: “You have the motivation to do so.”
    M: “It’s not me!”
    S: “Something was bothering you about her and it is because of those reasons? All the clues lead right to it. She was more famous than you, and you wanted to stop it but just could not. So you try to do it the best way possible, by killing her off.”
    M: “…I didn’t want to kill her.”
    S: "So you did do it then.”
    M: “Yes.. Imean no,.. I don’t know?!"
    S: "Just tell me the truth. Did you cause that accident?"
    M stood up: "I did, okay. You happy?!"
    Sofia continues: "Why Mari?"
    M: "Why? You already know why. Cause I was angry. I was jealous. Everywhere I went, hear and saw, she was everywhere. I was on top of the world. Everyone loved me and me only. Then she shows up out of nowhere, and then she becomes the popular AG-Queen. Her? Really!? They like her over me!? What is so special about her? Nothing. How dare they choose someone that was mediocre. It should be all about me. I'm the star AG-Queen, I'm the best pilot, but she had to follow me there too. That f*cking b*tch drove me crazy! And now holding my AG-Queen crown, that was it. I tried doing better and that didn't work. I tried to cheat and that didn't work. That little miss perfect always finds a way around what I do and continues to take all my fans no matter what. I had no choice after that. She drove me to do something that I thought I would never do. That one race she was trying to qualify, I had to stop her somehow. So I did tinker with her AG-craft, just abit. I didn't know what was gonna happen, I just did it. Then I see her craft crashed on that side wall, I was actually shocked when that happened, and I caused it. Did I wanted to kill her? Maybe I did maybe I didn't, and told her straight to her f*cking face and I apologized. So yeah, whatever she told you it was true. Do I feel guilty, of course I do, but do I have to admit to everyone, no, cause that will be the end of my entire career, and that will never happen as long as everyone forgot about the whole incident that no one will ever find out except her and now you. I will do anything to get back my crown back, and you will not stand in my way of it, even if it means hurting my own best friend. Don't make me do that to you."

    All this time while Mariana confessed and stood up, Sofia was becoming frightened of her, even while slowly approaching Sofia as she steps backwards and near the front door.

    Sofia after the confession: "You are turning into un mostro, Mari. What has happen to you? I cannot recognize you no more."
    Mariana: "Don't you understand? My name in the industry has more importance than you think, Sofie. For every AG-Queen that stands before me I'm like a goddess to them of this household trend in the racing league. I made the sport more exciting for everyone. Without me, the sport wouldn't be as it is now.”
    Sofia: "That is not true. We, as in every AG-Queen did all that. Even if you did not find this trend the racing league would still be the popular international sport it is and has been for more than a century. It was not always about you."
    Mariana: "It was about me. Every racing fan fell in love with me alongside, and I should continue that."
    Sofia talking back: "We all should, not just you! ..You are not always the center of attention all the time, what matters is that the industry, the pilots, teams, AG-Queens including us, are what bring excitement to the sport. We only brought part of it. It was never always about you. Everything just got to your head and all it did was change you for the worst. I should be frighten by what you did, but you just disappoint me the more you confess. Vergogna. Loraine was right, you ARE selfish, you deserve to lose your crown and have it be given to her. She is a better influence than you are to the other dancers, including the pilots of the racing league. I rather look up to her than you no more. We are done."
    Mariana still approaching her at the door: "Then get out of my house, and never come back."
    Sofia near the switch: "Just think of how many fans you will disappoint. Someday you will lose yourself in front of everyone."
    Mariana: "Get Out!"

    Sofia ran out and away from her property. Mariana knew she had lost another friend after that, but now she didn't care anymore, thinking about herself.

    It was a week later when the 2216 AG-Queen Performing Championship started at the Vineta A’s Entertainment Arena which housed tracks like Anaulpha Pass. An arena built for the AG-Queen performances opened 4 years ago in 2212 as the trend became official to the league. Aside from the racing of 4 tracks built in the arena, the AG-Queen center stage was the main battleground for AG-Queen performances in Makana. Holograms and projections were exclusively built on the stage, even the stage was abit bigger than usual going around 16m on each side for more running space. Certain gadgets were also exclusive for the stage aside from the usual wands and gloves. Clubs, string, even hoops were an addition to the sport with the performers able to switch gadgets at anytime on stage. The championships would host every yearly much like the Season Final Championships for the pilots. 12 of the superstar AG-Queens from each team would compete based on points similar to rhythmic gymnastics, only for the queens to have 3 chances including a finally. Duets of different teams were also an addition, representing unity for the teams even during a time of war between Qirex and the AG-Teams of the Belmondo Foundation, but most of the time they were solo. Mariana competed every year, only to come second a few times from her rival Loraine. Now it would appear that a new rival would come on the leaderboard, and that rival was Sofia, representing AG-Systems. Whichever AG-Queen of a certain team wins gold would host their AG-Team at the Amphiseum for the opening season.

    The performing championships of course were the most important thing to Mariana. Even if she lost to Loraine several times in the past or failed to sabotage while Loraine knew she'll do such a thing avoiding her attempts, she was not prepared to see what Sofia could do. Though out of it for awhile and just getting back into it when dancing with Mariana that last time, Sofia's official comeback started here now with a newly designed outfit matching the liveries of the new AG-Systems craft. Mariana, who once smiled back at her coming on stage now makes a face of displeasure anytime she now saw her. What made it more irritating now was Sofia choosing Loraine as a dance partner for one out of the 3 performances. The rest of the queens in the competition, not even Rachel would choose to dance with Mariana for the duet rounds of the championship. However, she didn't need a partner taking on all three rounds on her own. Once the championship almost came to an end, Mariana on the leaderboard was dropping down as usual with Loraine on top. However, Sofia was yet to perform her finally currently in back of Mariana on the leaderboard. M & L were close in points only for Sofia to have an impressive enough performance to pass both and taking gold. Suddenly something surprising happened when Loraine spoke from the awarded lineup.

    As Mariana stood along, Loraine stepped up to a mic as Sofia was given the Gold medal. Having an announcement to make, even complimenting Sofia's 3 performances, Loraine got an impression from her, including remembering their race during a tournament more than a week back. They talked before the competition; learning Sofia's history and exceeding expectations, Loraine decided to pass on her AG-Queen crown to her, shocking the audience as well as Mariana. Sofia looked confused about the offer, but Loraine thought she would be the better AG-Queen over her and the future. Mariana was disgusted. Going around backstage with other AG-Queens and stagehands blinded by rage, Mariana attacked Sofia, as well as Loraine. She knocks Loraine to the ground, hitting her and pulling her hair. Security was called in to break up the fight with Loraine battered including Sofia with acouple bruises. Mariana had lost it; Rachel also witnessed the fight left feeling disappointed of Mariana being taken away. Stupid of her to attack in public, floating camera bots there recorded the whole thing. The incident goes on AG-News networks moments later starting a scandal.

    Mariana was bombarded with media and paparazzi the next day surrounding her home. Hiring bodyguards, they escorted her to a Blimp Airport taking her to America for the 2216 Season Final Championship of the FX500 AGRL. People still bothered her on the airship on the way over even while landing. Mariana's reputation may had slightly degraded for her exposed rude personality, but attacking Loraine and Sofia was something no one would suspected of her from the AG-Queen community. It also didn't help her that Loraine and Sofia were also interviewed acouple days later. Loraine would finally admit that Mariana did worse things in the past when around her, blaming her now for her accident in 2211 with Sofia believing her despite better times with Mariana before. Unfortunately for them despite video evidence still of the craft tampering in the hangers with investigation currently unsolved, there was still no evidence or identification that the suspect was her, relieving Mariana. However that didn't stop more cameras from following her, now asking her of the alleged involvement. Ironically, she was now getting more attention again but all for the wrong reasons. The SFC was only a few days away; landing in Las Vegas was still the same as coming on the airship. For once in her lifetime, Mariana said something that she thought would never come out of her mouth in public. "Leave me alone!"

    Despite running away from cameras, there was one thing she couldn't run away from and that was her guilt. At her suite at the Amphiseum she was met by an interviewer who was an investigator. Mariana couldn't refuse, thinking there was no cameras she agreed to do a private interview but was taking place in another room on another floor of the hotel. She was asked to sit down on a chair, only for her to realize there was one more seat aside from the interviewer's. Mariana got slightly nervous after afew questions, though kept herself talking like she wasn't guilty of anything. Unfortunately for her, the interviewer would ask her tricky questions about Loraine, how the rivalry started, why she attacked her and Sofia at the end of the AG-Queen Championship. She lies by making up certain stories and excuses. However, unknowing to her, the interviewer knew she was lying, but for the main question, the interviewer called someone in. The person who came in was Sofia.
    Mariana asked: "What the hell is going on here?"
    Sofia had something in her wrist and showed it to Mariana. It was a digital computer watch with a hidden voice recorder. Realizing what it was, it was the thing that could end more than just her career in both AG-Queen and pilot.

    Mariana: "What the hell is that?"
    Sofia answers: "I am sorry, Mari. I had to do it. From what I heard, and you trusting me, I was prepared from the start. What I have here was what I recorded back at your home. Everything you told me is all in this watch on my hand."
    Mariana: "But how did you.."
    Sofia: "It is Sean's, I told him if he let me use it after telling me what it was, uses it for work at his home. It was on my wrist the whole time."
    Mariana:"So you set this up on me?"
    Sofia: "It is for your own good, Mari, but you can still get out of this with few consequences. You have a chance to keep what you still have if you just admit now."
    Mariana: "And what If I don't? What does it matter if I confess? Everything I said is on that watch. My careers are already done for."
    Sofia: "You just got to tell the truth, Mari. I did not want to give this recording to officials at first just so you could keep your two careers in the league, hoping you'll admit yourself. But after what happened a week ago, what you did to Loraine, and me, I lost hope for you."
    Mariana, shedding a tear: "What's gonna happen to me?"
    Sofia: "I wish I knew. But if you're still my migliorie amica, if you care about your fans and have Loraine or Rachel possibly forgive you, then you will confess to this person now or never. Did you cause the failure to Loraine's AG-craft? Did you wanted to kill her that day?"
    Mariana Confesses to interviewer/investigator: "Yes. Yes I did cause that accident back in 2211. I messed up her craft myself in the hanger on that video. I was the reason why she left FEISAR. I was so jealous, angry, she was better than me at everything and I always wanted to win no matter what. I guess in the back of my mind I did want to kill her when she was voted #1 AG-Queen. I just couldn't control myself. I wanted to keep my name on the very top of that AG-Queen leaderboard. I wanted everyone to keep loving me like back when I was a little girl. I just loved the endless attention and wanted more of it. 'you'll always be #1' my parents always told me, and I took It seriously. I felt like I failed them including daddy who was a pilot for FEISAR. They gave me everything I've always wanted, they gave my AG-Queen career and I found it for everyone, but no one should take it from me, and Loraine did just that. I swear to god I did feel guilty for what I tried doing to her that day but I was so scared to lose everything I've worked for if I had confessed, and hid it from everyone but her and you (Sofia). Now look where it got me. I blame myself. I broke my own rules. How could I have been so selfish? I feel so f*cking stupid right now. Now everyone will hate me because of this. Please sir, don't arrest me, I'm so sorry." (Crying)

    The investigator and Sofia heard what they wanted to hear. While Mariana was trying to show sympathy, it wasn't going to help her at the slightest. Mariana was not arrested by American authorities for attempted murder of Loraine Johnson from 2211 considering it happened in Makana and to a British pilot. She did however receive major restrictions within the Belmondo foundation of the current league. She was disqualified from the SFC with Egyptian pilot, Khaled Ashour taking her place with Griffin Lang. She still kept both her AG-Queen and Pilot career, but her status was dropped. She was temporarily banned for both from a number of events and future championships by the end of the league in the 2220s. Realizing her loses, she now makes a public apology to her fans but would also lose respect from them aside from comebacks within the AGRL itself. Loraine Johnson would eventually make a return to FEISAR for both AG-Queen/pilot but never forgives Mariana including Rachel from Auricom. Sofia would also not forgive her, disappointed in her for everything she did overall. Mariana would have to live with this for the rest of her life.

    By 2217, Mariana continues on her AG-Queen career. Unfortunately for her, she would suffer a serious knee injury during her performances the following season. Her known competitors Loraine, Sofia and Rachel would hear the news of her injury. To Loraine she considered it deserved karma for her injured knee from the 2211 incident and fight. Mariana would retire from performing months later from continued problems of her knee injury. However she continues on as a pilot with FEISAR. During this time, the dispute between Qirex & allies against the Belmondo Foundation escalates with teams taking sides. FEISAR stays neutral between the race war, though pilots she knew like Rachel and Sofia were involved heavily. Mariana's reputation would slightly recover from fans in racing, but no one forgot about her scandal which still haunts her till this day. Surprisingly her ally Valentino would approach her, feeling a bit of sympathy over her miserable behavior. He would continue to comfort her throughout the seasons, and it is almost certain they would get together in the end regardless of her checkered past. Overall, Mariana has earned over 30 medals in her racing career (12G/14S/7B). Still determined to be the best and continue the Sinclair tradition, she’ll have to make a lot of reputable comebacks if she were to get her racing career back in shape again.
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    Name: Loraine Johnson

    SEX: Female

    Birth: August 27th, 2195

    Birthplace: Liverpool (England)

    Zodiac: Virgo

    Age (Currently 2217): 22

    Nationality: British

    Origin: England (Father) / Wales (Mother)

    Race: Caucasian (Blonde)

    Language(s): English

    Religion: N/A

    Height: 5'7"

    Hair Color: Blonde

    Eye Color: Sapphire Blue

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Student / Anti-Gravity Queen

    FX400 IDF: JOHN0827.2195

    Team: FEISAR

    Position: Independent Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Elite

    Region Reputation: Global

    Squad Teammates (From Harimau): Jusef Suyanto / Kaida Wong

    Team Loyalty: Medium

    Allies: Jacob Reilly (Icaras) / Sofia Rossetti (AG-Sys)

    Rivals: Mariana Sinclair (FEISAR)

    Medals: Gold: x10, Silver: x10, Bronze: x7

    Sponsors: Silva, IOTA, aimi, JAP Energy Drink

    Favorite Events: Single Race

    Favorite Track: Vineta K

    Leagues Competed: JX(Junior Division) to FX500

    Character traits: Polite, Confident, Beauty, Graceful, Altruistic,


    Awareness: 9/10

    Aggression: 7/10

    Reaction/Reflexes: 8/10

    Consistency: 8/10

    Daniel Johnson Backstory (First five Paragraphs are from official game manuals, WipEout Fusion)

    Born in 2136, Daniel Johnson was a pilot for FEISAR during the F9000 League in the late 2150s to early 2160s. FEISAR were blessed that a fine, healthy specimen like Johnson decided not to enter the family genetic modification business as their gain would most certainly have been their loss. He is what the younger members of the Commission might call 'download' material, as his scantily clad form is one of those most commonly downloaded from public image forums, and though he claims to be embarrassed at receiving this type of attention, the quantity and quality of some of these images does rather suggest that he supplies them himself. He achieved some notoriety earlier this year when an image entitled simply 'Honeydew' was splashed across all the most popular data sheets. Purchasing records reveal that despite protesting eternal shame, Johnson actually bought several thousand copies of the file which he distributed to friends, family and colleagues.

    None of this activity harms his popularity with the public in any way. He has only recently moved up to the F9000 from a lower racing classification, and represents an extremely valuable acquisition.

    Johnson's debut in the F9000 League will be the opening race of the 2160 season. However, his personal income this year has already hit $50 million as a result of his decision to move up, and he is virtually guaranteed to make double that in performance bonuses in one season if he fulfills his promise. If his longevity matches that of FEISAR team colleague Carlos Beneto (almost twenty years older than Johnson and many times more wrinkled) FEISAR can only assume that Johnson is going to make a very wealthy pensioner.

    There are two F9000 pilots who could help determine the immediate progress of Johnson's career, and Carlos Beneto is one of them. Beneto has been FEISAR's lead pilot for around 15 years, and the naming of Johnson as this season's lead represents the beginning of Beneto's slide into non-league racing. And even if Johnson can survive the viciousness of Beneto's mid-life crisis, he'll still have to handle his own obsession with Natasha Belmondo.

    Natasha represents a certain moral purity for Johnson - it has even been suggested in some circles that if the league title came down to a two-way race between them, Johnson would actually let Natasha win. FEISAR could not know how he would react unless such a situation actually arose, but it remains an intriguing possibility.

    Despite his obsession with Natasha, Daniel had already found a wife during the mid F9000 league (Rachel Johnson) that drove him away any thoughts of the Xios Pilot. With so much ahead of him in the racing league, all of that changed during a race in the Australian Outback. As being the most tragic moment in AG-History, Johnson’s career would come to an end in 2164 after firing FEISAR’s experimental Super Missile loadout in the mines of Temtesh Bay. The missile explosions were so great that it shook and collapsed the large mineshaft inside. Large rocks crumbled down and blocked the track entirely with pilots unable to stop on time or get crushed by the fallen earth. Johnson was unfortunate enough to get in the path of a fallen rock and slams into it almost head-on while trying to airbrake at a Super-Phantom speed class. He and other pilots trapped inside under the rubble would have to wait for extraction teams for a couple of days with others confirmed killed digging deeper. As they finally got him out of there he was in very bad shape, paralyzed from the neck down he was unable to move again as he was heavily treated for over a month. Unfortunately, Johnson couldn’t walk ever again, not even control an AG craft, only to live on with his family of wife and two children (Son/Daughter) to help take care of him over the years even during the aftermath of the collapsed F9000 league in 2170. The end of the great depression in 2179 signaled a relief for him, knowing his children will be able to live on in life without any economic problems. The Rebirth Festival in Nevada in 2185 also became great news to him that AG-Racing had came back for another shot on the international stage, hoping that either one of his children will race for any of the later seasons, but it doesn't seem that they would have any interest except possibly his grandchildren.

    Loraine Johnson Main Story

    Following on August 27th, 2195, Daniel would witness the birth of his Son’s daughter, Loraine Johnson. Loraine was only 2yrs old when The FX300 was hosted on Makana, and during that time she was still living in Liverpool England just half way around the world. Her parents were happily together for a while, but unfortunately their marriage was not to last. Once Loraine had turned 10 in 2205, they immediately filed a divorce. While it was not clear of which either the two parents would take Loraine, she had no choice but to live with her grandparents in Makana for the time being. This was when Loraine had discovered more about AG-Racing, looking at her grandfather's history. Her grandfather, Daniel Johnson, still on a hoverchair, liked to tell about his past to his granddaughter Loraine, knowing she had some interest about the sport. Loraine would also take care of him most of the time in his own home.

    However, Loraine had more interests of being a performer, taking opportunities as a cheerleader at her school when she was a young teenager. She always had a wild and spirited personality, yet there were times where she did act childish but was still very polite. Both interest with cheer and AG-Racing gave her the idea of becoming an AG-Queen, a trend in the sport founded by a Makanian named Mariana Sinclair. Growing up, Mariana became an Idol to Loraine, giving her the thought of becoming an AG-Queen for FEISAR. Her grandfather seemed to approve of her interest and by the summer of 2209, Danial gave her a chance to sign up to be an official junior AG-Queen for the FEISAR team at the AG-museum in Modesto Heights.

    Loraine became what she had wanted, but despite of it she had to take home schooling to not miss out on her education. This was when she had to travel to the United State in the fall for her first season as an AG-Queen. The opening took place at the Amphiseum in Las Vegas Nevada for the 2210 season. Loraine was nervous but excited, standing along with her age group of FEISAR AG-Queens and pilots in the middle of the Quadriga Rush section on a platform covering the track. While there she saw her Idol Mariana in person, hoping that she’ll greet her face to face. She soon got her wish after the Ceremony, shaking Mariana's hand feeling on top of the world. Mariana had a welcoming personality and greeted her along with the rest of the team’s performers/pilots, but in a sense, she felt a bit of dislike when she shook Loraine's hand. Loraine's first day as an AG-Queen became successful at the event, showing her talents and skills to a wider audience going up on stage with her group of dancers. Oddly to her she almost seemed to have gotten lots more fans, even a sponsor in just one day. Because she was related to a famous AG-pilot, this may had given her the recognition along with these special offers, including a chance to pilot FEISAR's AG-race craft at the age of 15, just a year younger than Mariana Sinclair. Loraine just couldn’t deny the offer to have a chance to pilot an AG-craft like her grandfather did. Johnson had hoped for a family member to race for the next generation, but never thought his granddaughter would have an actual interest when telling her his past life. While Loraine wanted to continue to be an AG-Queen performer, she wanted to participate in the JX350 league at the Makanian AG-Academy as the free offer stood. She told her grandfather “I want to do this for you, grandfather. I’ll carry on the legacy of the once great FEISAR pilot of the F9000. I’ll make you proud.” Johnson replied: “Thank you for doing this for me. I know the sport is much better than it once was, but please, stay safe out there.”

    From the looks of it, Loraine was considered too young to pilot such a large craft, but FEISAR was not worried knowing their craft's abilities were easy to handle, especially for the junior pilots of the JX division. As such Loraine didn't start too far off on the much higher speed classes, only to be required to pilot on the slowest speed class possible using pilot assist. But she decided to disable the assist during training as she understood how to use them on corners very quickly getting early tips from her grandfather. It would take months to fully train a new pilot at a decent skill level, but Loraine only took weeks to master the X4 FEISAR craft jumping over the other young trainees in her group. She surprised the team during her final results, graduating from the academy and having the same skill level as 16yr old Mariana who was also a prodigy pilot trying to compete.

    German FEISAR pilot, Griffin Lang would choose Loraine on his squad on standby for the FX400 league, though he had other reasons to choose her rather than skill. As she wondered who would be her lead pilot for the JX division, she was excited to hear of who it was going to be. Mariana turned out to be her JX lead pilot for the time being yet she wasn’t aware that Loraine was going to be her secondary. Mariana secretly was not too happy to see her again as Loraine introduced herself again full of joy to buddy with her AG-Queen Idol. While this was a dream come true to her, it became a living nightmare to Mariana months on.

    Loraine began gaining more popularity while progressing on as an AG-Queen and pilot. Having the most fans, the most sponsors, and team loyalty, she had gotten more than she expected in the JX league. Performing-wise, Loraine would tryout as an independent dancer, hoping to reach stardom similar to her idol’s. As a start, she would become popular at her home country becoming Britain's #1 AG-Queen, but it didn't just stop there. She started to gain more notoriety all over the Island of Makana and across oceans with her unique performances, giving out some of the most graceful shows at events with some of the most uplifting trance music the fans could ever hear. Loraine took ballet when she was still in middle school, adapting her techniques in her performances and mixing it with her taught gymnastic-like routines from the AG-Queen dance classes on the island as well as inspiration from Mariana’s own routines. Being an AG-Queen for over a year, it became a surprise to her that she made #1 AG-Queen in the world, knocking off Mariana's streak to #2 on the AG-Queen leaderboard, both on the Island and global.

    While Mariana worked to be #1 for years, Loraine's was a one year wonder. Loraine also realized how strange Mariana acted while talking to her but was unaware of how worried and frustrated she was taking her #1 spot, not finding anything wrong and continued what she did best. She also wanted to progress more as a pilot, competing for one of the junior tournament events on the island. During a junior raceday at Vineta K in 2211, Loraine sets out on a qualifying run with her own FEISAR craft. As she went off on the track going around a few laps, she felt something funny on her craft, feeling as though she was losing gravitational power. As she came to the final lap, it was when her crew warned her that the reactor cable under her craft had gotten disconnected. Coming towards the next corner, her craft started to shut down on her, dropping and skidding on the track ground. Loraine didn’t think about manually pressing the EPR eject until it was too late. She slammed into the corner, flipping her craft upside down skidding down the tunnel. Her fans, crew and friends go quiet as she stopped skidding down below, thinking she was seriously injured or worse killed, reminding them of what happened to her grandfather at Temtesh Bay years ago. But in a big surprise, Loraine crawed out of the wreckage and tried standing up but falls in pain from her left leg, waiting for paramedics to arrive. They put her on a stretcher and was taken back for medical treatment. Despite coming out with tattered overalls and a bloody forehead she only had some scrapes and bruises, but unfortunately the sharp pain she had while standing up came from a fractured leg and was required to use crutches for a few weeks. However, she was considered very lucky, qualifying only on vector class speeds. Any faster than Venom class could have been fatal, even with the restraints of the pilot seat securing her.

    Loraine had to excuse herself as an AG-Queen while she couldn't perform with a leg injury, only to be replaced by Mariana for event shows. She was also not in condition to pilot an AG-craft, only to use her feet for the pedals controlling the airbrakes. For 4 to 6 weeks she was out of it, but while mechanics were inspecting her wreck one day, they noticed during flight that a cable got disconnected from the craft's main magnetic field generator to the reactor, having her craft drop on the track losing gravitational lift. They didn't know how it happened, but this doesn't concern or have Loraine quit as a pilot. She thought it would never happen again and it was just a false inspection thinking it was an accident. However the crew was sure they had tightened everything before qualification. By reviewing security footage of the hanger bay, they saw a hooded figure tampering with Loraine's craft. She couldn't believe what she saw, even confused as to who would want to do this to her. Oddly the figure had a feminine body shape knowing it was a female that did it. However, she still hoped to compete again in the future, and hopes to find out who was behind all this. A month has past, and Loraine had already recovered from her leg, coming back as an AG-Queen. She continued to favor anyone around her, but while she took most of the spotlight, Mariana would eventually snap at her.

    Loraine was in her suite one day, picking out her pilot outfit, until she heard a voice at her open door.

    "You think you're so special, do you?"
    Loraine looks at door: "Mariana? What are you doing here?"
    Mariana continued to yell at her, coming in with the door closed: "Oh just shut the hell up. I can't stand you talking to me anymore and hearing about you everywhere I go. I am tired of everything. My fans, my rank, Everything!"
    Loraine was confused: "What are you talking about?"
    Mariana: "You know exactly what I'm talking about. Everything was fine until you showed up. You just have to be little miss perfect that you get everyone to like you in just one year, while it took me more years of what you've taken from me."
    Loraine: "uh..I'm Sorry?"
    Mariana: "You should be, how can you get so much attention than me!? I'm the most talented AG-Queen and pilot in the world, and you took it all away"
    Loraine: "Could you please calm down?"
    Mariana getting furious: "NO! Explain why!"
    Loraine: "...Don't you know who I am? ... By my grandfather? Daniel Johnson? You must have known him being with FEISAR. He was one of the best and most successful FEISAR pilots ever to race since the F9000 league … Until that day had happen to him… He couldn't race again… not even walk."
    Mariana: "Aww, well that's too bad. My daddy was an AG-Pilot and the best too, but I don't see how you can be better than me."
    Loraine: "What more can I say? My Grandfather is the reason for all this attention I have. It's not my fault. ...I'm just doing what I like doing, and to impress you. I only became a pilot for him, I don't care about high fame or rankings. Why the bloody hell are you still angry at me?"
    Mariana: "Because, your, relentless. You've taken everything that was important to me. Even after tampering with your craft, and breaking your little leg, people, still, love you!"
    Loraine couldn’t believe what she heard: "….That was you?...You were the one that tampered with my craft?"
    Mariana: "Ugh, Do I have to explain?"
    Loraine interrupts: "No!? Just what the hell were you thinking? You could have killed me. You could have seen me thrown off the track, dead on the ground. W..Why would you do such a thing? To your teammate?"
    Mariana was kinda stumped: "Why?... I told you why you stupid… because you took everything that was mine, showing you what happens when you cross my path. Besides, I didn't want to kill you. I'm not THAT heartless."
    Loraine: "Oh rubbish. You wanted me dead just so you can get your crown back."
    Mariana still explains: "I never intended to, but you were such an annoyance to me, you left me with no choice, ... just not by murder."
    Loraine whispers: "You selfish, spoiled witch."
    Mariana: "... I'm sorry, ok. Is that what you want?"
    Loraine:"...No... I don't believe you… You were my Idol… You think apologizing to me after all that would make me forgive you? How stupid do you think I am? How could you do this to your biggest fan, and not care what happens? J..Just stay away from me. After all this time I thought we were teammates. ...We could have been the best AG-queens and pilots for our team, together. ... We could have been friends."
    Mariana: "Friends? Why would I be friends with a.. British Whore with a crippled old grandfather that took everything away from me?"
    Loraine was even more shocked: "Y... You're nothing but a witch…. You don't care.…. You don't care about anything other than yourself. … How could you say that about my Grandfather? One of our team's best pilots that ever flown? … Fine, If you don’t care what happened to me or my family, then I'll quit this team and your squad, just for you then, (Throws uniform at Mariana)… now get the hell out of my room, I don't want to be anywhere near you you spoiled, selfish, B... Witch."
    Mariana: "Aww, can't even say the word b*tch can you. Now you listen to me. You'll never be better than me in racing, not with that soft attitude. And with those chunky legs and body of yours, you’re not even in shape to be a Superstar AG-Queen. See this body? (Presents herself) This is what an AG-Queen should look like, not some ‘pig’. I'll show you, I will be number 1 AG-Queen again, and a better AG-Pilot than you'll ever be. I'm the queen "b*tch" of FEISAR and AG all together, so I guess you'll just be on your way now. Good-bye, ..and good, Riddance."

    Loraine was insulted as Mariana walked to the door, only to say one more thing: "If everyone knew what you did, you career would be finished. People will see for who you're really are, and you'll regret what you did to me. I will show who's the real Anti-Gravity Queen and pilot here, not some egotistical brat like you."
    Mariana: "Ha, I would like to see you try, Amateur. No one will find out, you have no proof other than that footage, but no one will believe it was me. (At Door) Besides who's going to believe you anyway? Least I did was apologized." (Leaves with sliding door closing)

    Loraine couldn't believe what she just heard; after a year of being an AG-Queen for FEISAR, she couldn't believe that the person that made here wanting to become one would turn on her, even almost killing her. Mariana did felt guilty of the incident though, but just couldn't stand to see Loraine take her spotlight. Loraine quickly turned away from FEISAR only to find a replacement team she would think to get away from her. She had no choice but to be an AG-Queen and pilot for FEISAR's allied team, Harimau International, switching to orange and blue rather than blue and yellow. Though Harimau was only a "tree hugging" team in the league to her, she tried to dedicate herself to the team as much as possible. Loraine would have to travel to Malaysia to confirm her transfer to the team, heading to the main HQ in Sepang. There she would meet with Harimau team principal, Manjula Vamatharen, looking over her results from FEISAR before she was given a squad to join. She looked very promising to Manjula, even for a JX pilot. It was decided from here that she would officially compete for the FX400 professional racing league, bypassing the JX league at age 16, once again a year younger than Mariana who bypassed at 17yrs old. Right away Manjula had a spot for her on the team and was sent to their hanger bay to meet with her new lead pilot.

    There she would meet Makanian AG-pilot Kaida Wong for the first time who was also a biologist for the team’s animal projects in the same facility. When meeting Kaida she was the friendliest person Loraine had ever met as she began to talk about the team and their H5 model craft, being shown inside the cockpit. Loraine would have her chance to pilot the craft the next day as she suited up in Harimau’s pilot overalls and equipment. She met with Kaida on the test circuit piloting her own blue H6 craft. Both of them have a race, going around afew laps and testing their skills with one another. Kaida was impressed by her level of racing with Loraine getting use to the new craft with a slight boost of speed. She was accepted to the squad with Kaida being her co-lead pilot along with main lead Indonesian pilot, Jusef Suyanto. Eventually her new AG-Queen outfit would get sent to her from Makana, heading back to her hotel room that same night. She found the outfit folded on her bed including a small present on top. She opened the present, seeing inside what was a pendant necklace of the Harimau Logo, handcrafted by Kaida herself as a welcoming to the team. Even now wearing a necklace with the team's logo around her neck and trying on the orange outfits, she did felt dedicated like most of the pilots or AG-Queens on the team despite being the very minority over the Southern Asian majority of the team in general. However, she didn’t regret from leaving FEISAR, only to not be around her new arch nemesis in the future.

    Her fame with fans was still the same when she joined with Harimau, but left most of them confused why in the first place not telling anyone, thinking no one will believe that the most "sweet" and "Innocent" AG-Queen in the world tried to murder her. She continued the rivalry with Mariana during AG-Queen competitions and now during races. Loraine was already mastering Rapier class by the age of 17 and has continued to expand her skills with the Harimau X6 craft throughout Asia and back at Makana. Her lead pilot, Kaida Wong, gave full partnership during team races, but despite the two being partners, both never talked much with each other outside of racing, having Loraine pretty much without a friend alongside not until 2212. She would meet with the youngest male pilot in the FX400 league, Jacob Reilly of Icaras, and would actually develop a crush on the Irish pilot, only to ally with him in some races despite their teams having no ally relations. Races would still flare up when both Loraine and Mariana compete in the same race events. Because of Mariana's hot temper, she would get aggressive with the British pilot to try and ram her off the track, only to mess it up on herself by hitting the side wall and having Loraine take the lead in certain events while Mariana came in the mid pack. The rivalry continued pass 2215 into the FX500 league now piloting their team's latest AG-craft. Loraine also continued to be an AG-Queen part time, also surprising some fans with somewhat a fitter body. Taking Mariana's insult seriously about her being overweight, Loraine had exercised during the final years of the FX400 as well as taking private yoga lessons with Kaida up in the hills of Blue Ridge National Park near her home. As she came back to compete for the AG-Queen Championships in 2214, her body looked abit more toned and fit than before yet still kept her pear shaped figure overall.

    During sometime in the league by quarter of 2216, Loraine met with AG-Systems' newcomer, Sofia Rossetti for the first time. Both met on the starting grid on Staten Park main track during a Rapier class Frenzy tournament of 5 races hosting in central Makana. Loraine never saw her before in her career, as they lined up on the starting line. For being in the official FX500 league for less than half a year, Sofia had risen up the ranks pretty fairly on her own, yet she was still proving her new skilled piloting with tougher pilots in the league. With acouple medals from past events on the island, including team race winnings on her belt, she became a decent contender, taught by one of the best pilots in the sport, Katsu Sasaki. Loraine took a look at her few places in back of her on third position on the starting line, seeing her as just another contender in the event. She didn't know it, but Sofia wanted to speak to her, being once a best friend to her arch rival, Mariana. The race had started; 8 pilots including the two took ten laps around the course with weapons enabled. It was an exciting race overall.

    Loraine was the top pilot in this tournament with Sofia being the underdog. Surprisingly though, she held her own against the other pilots in the tournament, especially since this was her first combat race. Loraine noticed her reaching up in the top 3 positions on the race results throughout the first few races of the tournament. When it came to Sebenco Climb (3 to 5 of tournament) a more technical circuit for even the most skilled pilots, the petite AG-Sys pilot still stuck around, impressing Loraine of her skilled piloting. "This pilot's amazing for being a Semi-Professional" Loraine thought, almost reminding of herself when she raced in the JX division few years ago, but this pilot had never competed in the Junior Racing League. It was during the fourth race in the tournament (Sebenco Peak) where Loraine began to notice some aggression from the AG-Sys pilot using weapons, keeping up with Loraine and another pilot fighting for the second position. Loraine wanted to test Sofia's skill this time, not taking it easy on the last race with her in second position of the starting line.

    The last race took place on the high tops of Citta Nuova. It was blistering cold with a thick cloud covering over the mountain slope based city that it completely darkened and fogged up the track, considering it took place in the afternoon. The race would have been on halt under these conditions, but with sensory technology now installed on the FX500 craft, the race was continued, where the pilots could now at least see an outline of the track in front of them on their visors. Both Loraine and Sofia never raced in these conditions before, setting a challenge between the two and testing their skills. At a spectator's perspective, no one could see the pilots on the grid and relied on camera screens to see the craft. Camera probes were installed with sensor arrays to point out the track and pilots. Despite the extreme cold, the people of the Citta Nuovan district were use to the climate, even Loraine’s lead pilot was raised here. The pilots were waiting for the go; she and Sofia were anxious to race each other on this blind track. They heard the announcer shout go where the pilots zoom into the thick fog with nothing but red light from the exhaust trails glowing through the city at rapier speeds.

    Loraine kept her lead from the pack with Sofia on her tail. Focusing on the outlined track rather than the craft, Sofia kept her line through the dense fog. It didn't help much that she was racing on a track she hardly memorized, but relied on her training. Loraine does the same method, but felt nervous to keep the throttle up going through an undulating chicane section of the track. She almost loses it going up the bumps on the corners keeping her craft down until exiting out the last bump and through more corners following a straight away through the starting line. Sofia however was still behind her. As they complete the first lap, weapon pads were turned on as the pilots now go over to enable random weapons or defenses. Weapons flare up around the track, but on Loraine/Sofia's end, they tactically activate their pickups on one another. Rockets, missiles, mines, etc. were fired upon the two, sometimes getting hit, reflected, absorb, and passing eachother getting hit with one of their weapons. Careful maneuvers were attempted to avoid rear or frontal weapons, including using turbo on the right spots of the track or wrong. Loraine was getting what she wanted out of this new pilot and was stunned by the way she raced. Even though Loraine had a lead from the standings, Sofia was determined to race an elite pilot and gain her attention afterwards by taking first. On the final lap, Loraine kept her position in front of her. Getting close to the finish, Loraine was taken by surprise as Sofia zoomed from the left side of her craft and crossing the line, using a turbo right at the end. Loraine was satisfied and impressed, wanting to meet her after the podium. Loraine would still earn the gold medal for the small tournament, while Sofia received bronze, only a few points below an Assegai pilot taking second.

    After the podium, Loraine was the one that approached Sofia having an impression on her. She greeted her around a corridor exiting out to talk to her.

    Loraine: “Excuse me, miss"
    Sofia: "Si?"
    Loraine: Oh, I'm sorry, but, do you speak some English at least?”
    Sofia: “Yes, kind of.”
    Loraine: “Oh good, just that..well, that was a pretty good run. You actually impressed me out there. By the way, I'm Loraine." (Shake hands)
    Sofia: "Sofia. I heard about you."
    Loraine: "Where did you learn to race like that, that was crazy on that track?”
    Sofia: “The Makanian AG-Academy, was train by the best pilot there, Katsu Sasaki.”
    Loraine: “He must be a fantastic pilot on your team if he taught you to race in these conditions. I could only wish to be taught by the best pilots of the league like him.”
    Sofia: “Grazie. You, are not bad yourself, I have seen you race before back in Moa Therma a year ago.”
    Loraine: “Did you? Have you piloted AG-craft since then?”
    Sofia: “No, not since few months after, though it was not my first thought. Long ago I was an AG-Queen for my team.”
    Loraine: “You're an AG-Queen? What a silly coincidence, I'm one as well.”
    Sofia: “Si, I know.”
    Loraine: “Well, are you any good?”
    Sofia: “I use to be a star AG-Queen, but.. I left my career for famiglia.”
    Loraine: “I understand. My grandfather would want me to come back home to take care of him. He too was an AG-Pilot from the F9000 years ago. Sigh.. He had so much ahead of him.”
    Sofia then told here: “I wanted to look for you, to ask you about something.. important.”
    Loraine: “You were looking for me? What did you want to tell me that was important?”
    Sofia: “About you and.. Mariana.”
    Loraine froze for a sec: “I don't know who you're talking about.”
    Sofia: “Sure you do, you two were fighting each other from that race I saw. Is there something wrong?”
    Loraine: “It's nothing, I just don't want to talk about her.”
    Sofia: “What is going on with you two? I am curious.”
    Loraine Stops: “Look, all I can say is that something had happened, that I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to know or hear anything about her, ever. You understand? Now please excuse me, I think I need to go.” (Walks off)
    Sofia: “But there is something you should know about her.”
    Loraine: “About what?”
    Sofia took a deep breath: “..She was my best friend.”
    Loraine stops: “Best friend?”
    Sofia nods her head: “Si, A long time ago.”
    Loraine: “Ho.. How could you be best friends with that.. witch, that egocentric…”
    Sofia: “She was never like that when I first meet her. She was a lot friendlier back then, a role model. She was the one that helped me become a star AG-Queen. We hung out together, dance together, she was the only friend that meant a lot to me. Then I had to go home to my country, away from the island for 8 years. When I came back and meet her again, I did not recognize here anymore. I do not know why she became what she is now.”
    Loraine: “Well, I guess you now know what happens when too much fame goes through someones head, and what it does to you when you've been a star for so long.”
    Sofia: “It is just weird how she could change so much. How she treats her friends, my teammate, I have been hearing some bad stories about her, and now that I meet you, I want to know your story about her. You use to be with FEISAR from what I hear, you use to be her teammate. Her friend told me about you and her, but I thought I should hear you side of the story. How did you end up with this team?”
    Loraine: “I didn’t want to transfer over, but if I tell you, you're not gonna believe me.”
    Sofia: “Just tell me what happened?”
    Loraine: “…She tried to kill me.”
    Sofia was shocked: “Che cosa!?…No.. No she would never do something like that. Why would she do something…?”
    Loraine: “Cause she was jealous. I took her spotlight from her she said, taking her attention away from her. As stupid as that sounds, that's the reason why, because I took her title as #1 AG-Queen worldwide. That loss was so important to her that she attempted what she did. She thought getting rid of me will get it back.”
    Sofia covering her mouth: “Dios mio.”
    Loraine: “It's hard to believe, but it's the truth.”
    Sofia: "But how?"

    Loraine told Sofia her story about her incident in 2211, the security footage, and her argument back in a hotel suite where Mariana admitted she caused the accident. Why Loraine transferred to Harimau to stay away and moved on from there.

    Sofia couldn't take in about her once best friend: “No… that cannot be true. That is.. che è spazzatura.”
    Loraine: “I'm sorry you had to hear that, but that's how it happened.”
    Sofia: “I need to hear from her.”
    Loraine: “She'll never tell you. Out of all the stories you heard about Mariana, you should know how she is. It's egotism, self importance; she bloody despises anyone who outperforms her. Her ego got the best of her at some point after you left, maybe even before but you didn’t know it.”
    Sofia: “She did act little weird that day. No, I do not believe you, she would not go that far. Maybe she did not do it. She was just upset and took the credit of that incident. It could have been someone else that messed up your craft. I need to talk to her about it.”
    Loraine: “Then who else would have done it then? Even if it wasn't her, she could have hired a hitman to stay clean, she has money and power to do it after all. Why would she still attack me all these past seasons? You saw her back in Moa Therma a year ago, how aggressive she was around me. It's very likely she could have pulled it off either way. Look, you don't have to believe me, I know it's hard to understand, but that's what she told me upfront. No remorse. I doubt she feels guilty.”
    Sofia: “Maybe you are wrong, she has to have felt some guilt. (Thinks) We tell our problems to eachother when we were friends. She will tell me anything, I need to hear it from her myself.”
    Loraine: “You won't forgive her for it.”
    Sofia: “I know, (Looks back) that is why I must tell her I do not. Grazie, e arrivederci.” (Walks off)
    Loraine: “Will we meet again?”
    Sofia still walking: “I hope so.”

    The two would meet again during the 2216 AG-Queen Performing Championship at the Vineta A Entertainment Arena with Sofia confirming the clues given to her. She had something to reveal to Loraine that could expose Mariana’s secret to the public, but Sofia was not sure to do it despite Loraine being eager to have it be shown. Their plans would have to wait as both were competing for the performing championship with Mariana unsurprisingly entering herself. There was a round in the championship where two AG-Queens from different teams had the option to perform duets together as a unity message for the racing teams of the FX400/500 leagues. An example would be an Auricom AG-Queen were to dance with a Qirex AG-Queen to promote relations of the two sides, especially with the two teams and their allies currently at war in the race events of the FX500 since 2215. L & S knew that if they were to do a duet with each other, Mariana would not be too happy about it which was their intention. However, Loraine wanted to see Sofia perform herself for the first time as she had something in mind after the championship if she impressed her much how she did as an AG-pilot. When their turn came up in the championship, they showed what they got to the audiences as being the best star AG-Queens in the arena. Only then they performed solo and gave their own impressions of breathtaking performances.

    At the end of the day, Sofia would end up winning the season’s AG-Queen Championship along with Loraine in 2nd and Mariana first time in 3rd, feeling salty of her position. It was only when Loraine announced on a mic that she’ll pass down her crown to Sofia as being the #1 AG-Queen which made Mariana meltdown backstage and attacked them both. The two couldn’t believe that she did that in front of everyone, leaving them battered by her punches while being taken away, along with a camera drone filming everything and was soon made public on AG-News. Loraine had hoped this day would finally come, seeing Mariana get what she deserved and was bothered by media on her way to the SFC. Sofia would also expose her confession recorded by a digital watch given by her teammate when she visited her home in Vineta K. Everything would come down on the FEISAR AG-Queen/pilot by her selfish mistakes, disqualified from the SFC as punishment from the Belmondo Foundation. Adding insult to injury, Mariana would eventually suffer a serious knee injury during an AG-Queen performance, unable to dance again yet still flew for FEISAR in limited number of race events by 2220. Loraine was left feeling satisfied hearing about the unfortunate injury, feeling like it was deserved karma for her own leg injury given to her from the 2211 accident, showing no sympathy. She would transfer back to FEISAR soon after.

    Loraine Johnson, while a very popular AG-Queen at most, she is a great pilot overall during the FX400 and current FX500 AGRL. Racing for almost 7 years and raced with 2 teams, she has earned around 27 medals and counting. (10G / 10S / 7B). Coming back to FEISAR, she will officially stay with them until her retirement, now getting use to the X5 craft of the current league that was still similar to her X4 as well as her H6/H7 from Harimau. As for the team itself, Loraine left saying goodbye to Kaida as well as Jusef on her squad, feeling like they lost a good pilot for the team in general. Loraine still keeps her suit/AG-Queen outfit for memory as well as her handcrafted necklace. Going back to FEISAR however, she decides to race by herself for the time as an independent while getting squad invites from her team yet refusing the offers. Mariana was not much of a threat to her as before yet still would come across her in some team races only to fight each other again despite being on the same team. Sofia Rossetti would not only become her ally, but also a new friend outside of racing. As for Jacob Reilly from Icaras, they had been together since 2214 and continue to do so outside as well. Finally as an AG-Queen, she returns wearing the white base and blue stripes on her new performing outfit, still seen as one of the very best and adored AG-Queens of the current AG-League. With her elderly grandfather, Daniel Johnson seeing her live on both ends one day, Loraine knew he was very proud of her for her skills in dancing, but mostly in racing. The Johnson name will continue on in this post generation of Anti-Gravity Racing.
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    Name: Clara Bellerose

    SEX: Female

    Birth: September 21st, 2184

    Appearance: Clara Bellerose (watermark) copy.jpg

    Birthplace: Paris (France)

    Zodiac: Libra

    Age (Currently 2217): 33

    Nationality: French

    Origin: France

    Race: Caucasian

    Language(s): French / partial English

    Religion: N/A

    Height: 5'6"

    Hair Color: Chestnut

    Eye Color: Blue (Artificial)

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Artist / Test pilot

    FX400 IDF: BELL0921.2184

    Team: FEISAR

    Position: Backup Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Amateur

    Region Reputation: Western Europe

    Squad Teammates: Griffin Lang / Mariana Sinclair

    Team Loyalty: Medium

    Allies: Leon Kadeem (Assegai)

    Rivals: Yvonne Schottel (Icaras)

    Medals: Gold: x1, Silver: x2, Bronze: x2

    Sponsors: JAP Energy Drink, Ricochet, Mr. Somo

    Favorite Events: Time Trial

    Favorite Track: Talon's Junction

    Leagues Competed: FX400 to FX500 (Retired 2216)

    Character traits: Artistic, Quiet, Kind, Ambitious,


    Awareness: 6/10

    Aggression: 3/10

    Reaction/Reflexes: 5/10

    Consistency: 5/10

    Where Griffin Lang and Mariana Sinclair being the ones getting all the mainstream attention from FEISAR and fans in the AGRL one pilot in particular that had raced along their squad had never gotten the same recognition as them. She was a backup pilot for the squad that never got much needed help from the two pilots, yet it didn’t seem she would mind at all, going her own career way independently. Clara Bellerose was the name of this pilot chosen by Griffin as a backup back in 2211. While Clara didn’t have much experience with the 2 young FEISAR pilots, her squad needed another replacement after the squad’s last wingman, Loraine Johnson had left for unknown reasons, being mandatory by FEISAR that they should have a third pilot. She was born on September 21st 2184 in a town miles outside of Paris, France. Like Mariana Sinclair, Clara grew up with a wealthy family. But instead of being spoiled like the young AG-Queen pilot, she was patient about money and earned her own wealth rather than asking for it from her parents who were much disciplined with her. While growing up however, her hobbies were into art, making her comfortable by visiting an art gallery every once in awhile in the town. Her inspirations also led her to do masterpieces of her own, mostly with digital holograms and sometimes with an old-fashion art canvas. Unfortunately, Clara began to have blurred vision as she got older, becoming hard to see while working on her projects every year. She does however wore contacts while continuing to work, but that was all she could use them for.

    Anti-Gravity would influence her while growing up; it's no doubt that she took her time also visiting amateur race events in certain parts of her country to find references for certain projects, sometimes bringing a stand and canvas on the spot and painting the craft on open lots as well as the track itself. As a young adult, after developing more into racing rather than creativity, she was confused of what she wanted to do in her life, spending most of her time in an art studio in a business apartment, or feel the g-forces on a high speed craft going to tracks around the world? Overall, art was just a hobby to her as she thought about it. Her parents didn’t want to keep lending her money to pay the rent, and she didn’t want to move back with them either. Her artwork never kept paying her despite some thousands earned from selling her work at auctions. She was mostly isolated in her apartment, only going outside to work on projects or visiting family while getting her food delivered by Mr. Somo drone deliveries which was common throughout western cities. Her final choice overall was the AGRL, registering herself at the FEISAR HQ obviously not too far from her as she had visited the facility few times before.

    In 2206 Clara went to FEISAR HQ for a class in training. The crew knew who she was when she walked into the lobby as Clara did made few art projects she had sold to the headquarters while visiting their local test tracks. She used the money from selling her art to the company, even seeing her artwork in the hallways in the building. She got accepted and supposedly showed good health signs to pilot a craft. For the next few years, she took time to train on the large craft on a test track in Paris. But while maneuvering the X3 FEISAR craft on the course, she started to become nauseous, and felt sick while taking corners, plus having blurred vision even while wearing contacts. She tried to ignore the symptoms, but just couldn't take it, almost vomiting inside the cockpit as she stepped out. Clara was not in good condition to pilot a racecraft after all. Almost feeling upset, she realized she could take certain medications to help with her motion sickness going back on the track. Unfortunately, they would wear off quickly. Clara would only become a test pilot overall in the facility, taking moments to fly around until she had enough feeling dizziness. What happened to her sometime a month later, she got transferred over to a facility all the way to Makana to test pilot the standby craft there for the JX junior division. There ships were slower than the ones she had piloted currently, thinking it would be easier for her to get behind. Once she confirmed her transfer details and booked a flight, she was now on her way.

    Moving to Makana in 2209 was a new experience for her as she left her home country with the team. By selling and moving out of her old apartment, her new space was located in the new city of Sinucit, much beautiful looking and clean than her old home. Being with FEISAR for at least 3 years as a trainee/test pilot, Clara was never too involved in racing due to her motion sickness on the track, her regular contacts didn’t help much and she refused to take more medication. She couldn’t stay on the track for more than an hour feeling like upchucking at a certain point until deciding to pit in. She could race but not for the longer race events if she entered the FX400. However she did enjoy piloting a craft and got paid at least for testing at the Makanian AG-Academy. If she wanted to race officially, she had to take bigger measures on her problem. Eventually she made an appointment with an ophthalmologist in her city. While there she was given a diagnosis despite already being diagnosed with astigmatism back in France. Clara tells her problems in racing to her doctor, only to get a response that her astigmatism wasn’t the problem. She had different senses with her inner ears and eyes that cause these symptoms in flight, stating that it’s a common problem for most. What had her to decide was an augmentation for her eyes to solve the problem, which would require surgery and removal of her natural eyes. The procedure will be permanent as it will rewire her senses as well as clear her vision. Usually these augmented eyes would have a built in computer that can be updated at anytime with a price. For a start however, these eyes would balance out her eyesight to her brain and inner ears, balancing and clearing her vision including enhanced/dehanced vision in dark or bright areas. But Clara only cared about getting rid of the motion sickness and paid for the lowest price offered to be installed. While Clara did felt nervous about the surgery part, she wanted to take the next step, knowing it will be worth it for racing and possibly her hobby. She planned her surgery a week after, and once it was done, she was surprised by the results. She was back on the track days later seeing very clearly with her new eyes, better and technological with a more saturated vision. She did however get a new eye color changing from brown to bright blue, even showing a light glow when under darkness. Her augmented eyes would actually get the attention of one young FEISAR pilot.

    Through the years piloting from Rookie to Amateur in the FX400 league, Clara was never as experienced as the professional racers in her row of pilots. While she was able to pilot a craft without dealing with motion sickness overall, it didn’t meant she had gotten better at it. Her skills were still the same and below average for the FX400 league despite getting use to the X3 FEISAR craft. By her surprise, a young German FEISAR pilot would pick her as a backup for his squad. Griffin Lang was the pilot that chose her over the better choices he could have picked from the amateur lineup. During that time, he was close to being Elite in his career aside from his celebrity-like popularity over his charisma, followed by another younger female pilot, Mariana Sinclair who was an AG-Queen performer. Their squad needed another replacement pilot after one of their wingmen had left unknowingly, so Clara took the pilot’s place. However, she continued to teach herself in the following events.

    In 2212, Clara received her own livery for her craft, recognized by piloting the yellow FEISAR X4 craft in the current league. While still being an Amateur pilot in the league, she always got a chance to compete in certain events. She had never won her first gold medal during this current season but managed to come in third during a tournament in the fall season of 2213, wearing the bronze medal for her first tournament. She would make an unsuspecting ally in the league coming from the African nations. Senegalese Assegai pilot, Leon Kadeem spoke her language, only to become an acquaintance outside the track, and very rarely meeting each other while on it.

    When Clara wasn’t racing however, she was back at her apartment continuing her hobby, now inspired by painting references from the AGRL. She had never made enemies in the league, yet one pilot seemed to oppose her coming from Germany as well, racing for the Icaras team. Icaras pilot, Yvonne Schottel would pose somewhat of a challenge during events, though their tensions were never heated when met face to face. Both pilots show respect for one another but rarely spoke outside of racing. It’s mostly their own teams that would push tensions on them considering their small rivalry in the racing league. How Clara reacts to the other pilots on the track was mostly passive, at no point did she ever go aggressive even when she needed to. With her quiet behavior however, she was pretty friendly with the current pilots of the FX400. Even being kind of shy at times, she was one of those pilots that were hard to hate. Not the most exciting pilots in the league whatsoever, only to be noticed because she was on Griffin and Mariana’s squad, getting more attention while Clara was just the quiet one flying along with them.

    Clara Bellerose was just an average pilot overall from the FX400 going over to the FX500 racing league in 2215. Her medal count wasn’t too impressive only earning 5 in her entire racing career. She did however win her first gold medal in 2215 during the UpLift tour in Western Europe, winning a venom class speed lap event in Talons Junction against what were rookie class opponents for the FX500. Clara never reached professional level and has only earned 3 standard sponsors from FEISAR, none were premium during her seasons. Unfortunately, somehow her motion sickness would come back again, only to retire in 2216, having only one season in the current FX500 Racing League. Still, Clara would still live on the island of Makana throughout her life, making a career instead into art and making her living doing what she did best first hand. Surprisingly her AG-inspired artwork would get more recognition from the race commission, given a job at the AG-Museum in Vineta A to paint murals for the facility and selling more of her artwork to AG-fans on the island, earning more than she did back in her home country. It seemed that all she needed was some more publicity, and Makana was just the perfect spot to find it.
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    Name: Tyrrell Byron

    SEX: Male

    Birth: August 25th, 2187

    Birthplace: Chicago (Illinois/USA)

    Zodiac: Virgo

    Age (Currently 2217): 30

    Nationality: American

    Origin: United States (Illinois)

    Race: African (American)

    Language(s): English

    Religion: N/A

    Height: 6'2"

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Amateur AG-Pilot / Mechanic

    FX400 IDF: BYRO0825.2187

    Team: Auricom

    Position: Lead Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Elite

    Region Reputation: United States

    Squad Teammates: Rachel Vega / Soo Min-Hye

    Team Loyalty: High

    Allies: Thiago Castillo (Piranha) / Certain AG-Systems pilots

    Rivals: Vadik Sidorov (Qirex) / Nadia Elenova (Qirex)

    Medals: Gold: x14, Silver: x9, Bronze: x5

    Sponsors: Ignition, Auricom, ICOM, Belmondo Foundation

    Favorite Events: Single Race

    Favorite Track: Arc Prime

    Leagues Competed: FX400 to FX500 (SFC Contender)

    Character traits: Assertive yet hot tempered, Reliable, Confident, Protective (To Rachel)


    Awareness: 9/10

    Aggression: 8/10

    Reaction/Reflexes: 8/10

    Consistency: 8/10

    Born on August 25th, 2187 in Chicago Illinois, Tyrrell Byron was a man that had a love for racing. He had been racing ever since he was 9 years old, building an AG-Kart from scratch along with his father and older brother, Jackson Byron. AG-Technology wasn't too familiar to the brothers, as the help of their father would manage to complete their design of their very own craft. The two brothers had a very strong bonding; they enjoyed racing and wanted to be professional pilots for the AGRL someday, hand building their kart craft which looked alot like the small variant craft of the AGRC. They took their craft to compete for the Junior All City Grand Prix around the city every year, winning at least a few first placed finishes with both of them tagging along in the same tournaments. As they got older however, their AG-Craft building would become more technical. Jackson would buy a genuine model craft that was as big as the AGRC craft from 2048. At the time, Tyrrell was only 16 years old while Jackson was 19. They get down to business and customized what was Jackson’s personal craft to compete in the amateur race events in the city. Taking months of building and perfecting as well as test piloting at a local speedway, their craft was ready for competition. Both brothers were proud of their hard work once again including their father. It was only a matter of time till an event came around locally.

    Tyrrell’s brother Jackson competed for a number of races in the region, becoming overall a very skilled pilot in the amateur scene as well as taking home a trophy from one of the major grand prix tournaments. Tyrrell would look up to Jackson more than ever over his success, even telling him that he could now race professionally in the FX leagues around the world and to finally get sponsored or race for teams like Auricom Research Industries. It was still the goal they had when they were kids as Jackson does register for a spot in the Auricom Race Academy to train on a much larger/faster craft. Tyrrell would also teach himself to race Jackson’s craft for a number of times and to follow on his brother’s footsteps into professional racing. Despite registering for Auricom however with no responses from the company, Jackson continued to compete in amateur races. Unfortunately, tragedy would set a toll one day. In 2206, weeks after registering, Tyrrell's brother gets killed in a race accident during a rookie race tournament on a local track. Dealing with aggressive pilots in the event, Jackson was rammed by another craft on a wall edge, crashing head on and igniting his craft in a fiery explosion. Unlike the actual leagues, the craft carried no shield energy, not even an EPR while Jackson was trapped in his craft as the engine ruptured. Tyrrell was devastated as he ran out to the track to save him until he realized it was too late. The fire crews had put out the flames and drag his body out, but unfortunately he already died from his burns, being trapped inside the cockpit for too long and was cooked alive. Soon after, Tyrrell’s sorrow turns to anger as he almost started a fight with the person that rammed Jackson back in the pits, accused of killing him. The brother’s father was also there as he broke up the fight and calmed down his younger son. Tyrrell couldn’t believe what happened that day; he became depressed for weeks even after his brother's funeral, days after the accident. However as he got over his brother’s loss eventually, Tyrrell took his place and continued on his own racing career path.

    In 2208, 2 years after his brother's death, Tyrrell had been making certain percentages of wins during amateur races. He received his first sponsor in amateur racing, but that wasn’t the only thing that would approach him for his progress. One day in his garage, he was approached by two people in blue while he was working on his own built craft. He was interrupted, and when he got up to figure out who those strangers were, he soon realized they were from Auricom Research Industries, and they wanted to hire him to race for their racing team, looking over his progress in the amateur events as well as knowing his brother from his registered info. While Tyrrell also registered himself to join the company, it seemed that the company had approached him first for his promising skills over the past 2 years. The men would pay him $10,000 for him to join, feeling he was worthy of the team, even though Jackson had more experience than him. Without second thought, Tyrrell signed himself to be part of the professional FX400 racing league, now racing internationally with a global team.

    Tyrrell would travel west of the US to register for the racing team out in Nevada. Auricom’s starting pilots would come here to train themselves on their path to the AGRL, taking their skills out on what was the test site of Belmondo’s first flight in the Tule Desert. Their HQ was stationed just outside of Las Vegas where Tyrrell took a cab over and onto the campus. He was introduced to team principal, Jessie Fairbank in the offices of the main lobby building, looking forward of what he may bring to the team and was shown his registry info that was sent from his home in Chicago. Jessie confirmed his details and was officially on the team, ending the meeting by shaking hands and giving him a dorm room to stay, starting his extra training on the company’s latest ACM-8K racecraft. For a few months, Tyrrell transferred his skills on the large dual-haul craft around the facility’s test track as well as the open desert. The craft was much harder to control than his smaller built craft, dealing mostly with handling when trying out the test track for a couple of runs. It shouldn’t be surprising to him with the team’s recent history of perfecting their models of the AGRL yet with poor results during early competition. That being said, Auricom would continue to update their craft over the years until they came back as the top tiers in the FX300, even delaying themselves from the 2205 season of the FX350 league to reveal their latest craft a year later. Testing the craft and getting feedback from their pilots would put the company to work on the craft’s flaws during closed seasons. As such, Tyrrell would volunteer to tweak the craft himself using his knowledge. Pilots in the facility would try out his updates with their own craft until each pilot was satisfied of the handling capabilities. Before long they would master the updated 8K craft in time for the 2209 FX400 season. The opening ceremony would not be too far off as all the pilots made their arrival at the Amphiseum back in Las Vegas.

    The ceremony was where the teams showed off their new and current pilots as well as their craft. Tyrrell was already grouped with the newcomers at the arena, having his first race around the track to prove his worth for the first season. To him the event was much larger than any of the amateur events back home, only to imagine what may come ahead years on facing against the professional pilots/teams around the world. Traveling to Makana would become an honor to him, yet he wished Jackson was still around to share the moment. Before long on his first couple of seasons, Tyrrell was already put in with the professional lineup of Auricom pilots of the FX400. While racing in Flash class speeds for awhile, he was ready to handle a Rapier class craft, setting himself for much of the more faster/aggressive pilots in the tournaments around Makana and worldwide. Using weapons was new to him, but was use to the combat events in the league. As he continued to win more races internationally, Auricom would suit him as a valuable pilot to the team, earning a fair amount of gold medals and tournament trophies throughout the first three years of his global racing career. He would exceed his professional rank in the league border lining himself with the elite Auricom pilots like US’s Michael Yoshida as well as veterans like Russian, Platon Dhavoric and US/Irish, Tara Shannon. Auricom’s Jessie Fairbank would soon notice Tyrrell’s progress, enough for an opportunity to compete for the Season Final Championships. He raced hard and well to earn a spot for the SFC, even looking up to his deceased brother knowing he was probably smiling down at him for this accomplishment. Tyrrell would accept the open slot, replacing Michael Yoshida for the SFC in 2211. Along with his success overall, sponsors kept coming across his path, earning him larger paychecks by the end of each season. It was more than he had ever earned when he was an Amateur race pilot. Eventually, Tyrrell was eligible to lead his own squad of pilots, meeting one of his choices back in the US.

    In 2212 heading back to the Auricom HQ in Nevada, Tyrrell met a bubbly Western American AG-Pilot, Rachel Vega, who was still a rookie pilot just a month competing for the AGRL. Rachel was once a farm girl coming from the central valley in California, who first started out as an AG-Queen model/dancer for Auricom back in 2208 until making her choice to be a pilot the following year in 2212. Tyrrell swore he had seen her before starting a race, and was surprised to see her become a pilot at the facility. Meeting for the first time, Rachel was the friendliest and cheeriest person he had ever met in years. Her spunky personality made him feel delighted, always cheering him up on any occasion and just couldn’t bear to smile whenever she did. Throughout the first few seasons they form a bond both on/off the track. He took care of her in team events and just overall enjoys her company. In some way however, Rachel was like a sister to him, filling the emptiness of his brother by telling her his past and lost sibling. Overall, Tyrrell was happy to pick her to be his wingman. With Rachel as secondary on his squad, his backup pilot was also chosen around the same time of 2212, a Korean AG-Pilot calling herself Soo Min-Hye. Unlike Rachel, Min-Hye was very mysterious to Tyrrell. While she hardly spoke English to his squad, she was very intellect of her speech but hardly ever communicates with them in races. She was chosen for her high skill back at the Auricom Academy, but never won any races or at least came in the top 3. Even while racing with either Tyrrell, Rachel or both, she sometimes disappeared like she wasn’t on the track even while trying to communicate. What was more mysterious of her was that she only teams up with them whenever this one EG.X pilot entered, coming from what was once the DPRK (North Korean region). Overall she mostly went independent.

    With allies, Tyrrell hold an alliance with Piranha’s SFC Brazilian pilot, Thiago Castillo. They were good friends outside of racing as well as their teams having an alliance in general. On the track they only teamed up when facing team rivals, giving support while still also racing each other, proving who the best was while respecting their skills by the end of an event. With rivals it’s no surprise they would come from Auricom’s arch rival team, Qirex-RD. Russian Qirex pilot, Vadik Sidorov poses more of a challenge to Tyrrell in events. Not exactly a threat to him as what Auricom would try to push upon with every Qirex pilot, but rather with Russian SFC pilot, Nadia Elenova. Only one time in the SFC did he place ahead of her taking 5th in the 2212 championship. However, Nadia would fight back during the next SFC, placing 9th ahead of Tyrrell and vice versa. With Vadik, despite his old age for a pilot, he was as menacing as Nadia including her choice to race for her in regular events, followed by former Qirex AG-Queen, Afina Rusakova. Vadik was elite, but not a veteran in the FX400 league, debuting back in 2210. It was only during the FX500 league where their rivalry increased, so do high tensions between their teams/allies.

    Continuing on in the FX500 league, Auricom would reveal their new prototype craft to the public, the ACM-9K0. During preseason testing after the 2214 closure, Tyrrell and Rachel were back at the Auricom HQ facility to perfect the team’s ACM-9K model craft by pushing its limits out in the Nevada Tule Desert. Testing would become successful of their new craft, spotting out flaws from last season and to redesign before the next. Only a few 9K models were built for the FX500 league, and was only a matter of time till new Auricom pilots started to get their hands on them as well as the JX division. The teenage pilots would only get acouple models designed for a few events on their division, and only the very best prodigies could acquire a craft while the rest still flew the 8K. Tyrrell, Rachel, including veteran, Tara Shannon would also get a chance to meet these teenage pilots at the academy section of the facility. Graduating from the Good Smile Racing Academy, these five prodigies were there to show their skills to the masters. Surprisingly, Tyrrell noticed one of them back from Arc Prime during American events in 2213. Prodigy pilot, Eric Patterson, was a promising next-gen pilot to Auricom as he volunteered to compare his skill on the test track including a race with Tyrrell himself against the new 9K craft. The professional pilots took turns to race with the prodigies using the last/new gen model craft, turning out surprising results over their tests in the facility until deciding who will lead the junior squad in the JX league. By the end they chose US prodigy, Jonathan Hale. Despite knowing one of the 5 prodigies, Tyrrell would also get another surprise from the group after testing one of their 8K craft before test flight and was impressed by the tuned handling, asking for the last prodigy who flew it.

    Japanese prodigy, Ayaka Hamasaki took responsibility, tuning the craft herself to almost handling perfection. Surprisingly Tyrrell had met her family before in the facility, but never their daughter. She looked up to him while wanting to work for the company to fine tune their craft before opening seasons. Tyrrell would spend more time with her in the facility or on the track, even solving all the flaws that Auricom had on their craft as well as the 9K. “This young pilot has a bright future ahead of her.” He said to Jessie Fairbank back in office. “This is who the team's been looking for these past leagues. She has the knowledge and skill that we need, and has solved the handling problems on our racecraft.” Jesse replied: “I don’t know if it's enough though. Qirex is already one step ahead of us and we've fallen behind them these past years in the FX400 league. If her ideas turn things around for us this coming inaugural season then it just might bring us back up once again.” Tyrrell: “I know they will. I learned a lot from her these past weeks and I believe her talents will make a difference for the company. I’ll leave her to you during my participation in this league. I expect her to compete in the FX500 sometime soon, that includes our whole group. A pleasure to speak with you again, Director. ‘The Auricom Way’.” (Leaves office)

    Tyrrell went back to racing for the FX400 league, while Rachel went for the Inaugural FX500 league passing on to the new ACM-9K craft. While she couldn’t enter a certain number of events without him, she continued on as an AG-Queen part time. Eventually, Tyrrell moved on to the FX500 racing league but would enter on a heated affair with Qirex-RD. Both he and Rachel still face off against their arch rivals, Vadik and Afina, taking on Vadik Sidorov more than ever than past seasons while Rachel faced Afina Rusakova the same way. Back in late 2215, Qirex raised tensions towards the Belmondo Foundation with Nadia now at the helm of the company in favor of Feliks Levovitch and their pilots. Nadia wanted change for the company and race commission, pleading to target the Belmondo Foundation for their rules against Qirex’s agendas and other teams including a personal revenge for restrictions put upon her during past seasons. In early 2216, teams like Triakis, EG-X, and Mirage would all form an alliance with Qirex to threaten the foundation, openly calling for an act of war against the supporting teams in the racing leagues. By mid 2216, war would finally break out in league events due to incidents occurring between the opposing teams. It became the final straw when a new Auricom manufacturing plant was set ablaze in Makana with Qirex allegedly taking responsibility. Tyrrell and Rachel got involve with teams supporting the Belmondo Foundation. Auricom, AG-Systems, Piranha, Van Uber, and now Goteki 45 would ban together to protect the purity of the sport. Only the outcome between the two sides will determine the fate and control for the race commission years ahead. That is, until Tigron Enterprises joins the scene by 2218, targeting everyone.

    Tyrrell Byron would lead a number of pilots to fight in the current FX500 league in 2217. The events of the league were important to win for the Belmondo foundation as well as keeping their craft from getting destroyed, which includes surviving the revived eliminator events now as a primary battleground of the AG-race war between the two sides. As much as Auricom didn’t want to enter in these destructive events, refusing them meant Nadia would get a step closer of taking the race commission. Unfortunately for them, the Eliminator events would become commonplace in the leagues as fans wanted more excitement. However, half of them would become divided by the new regulations gearing towards heavy combat racing as though pure racing was being shoved aside. Even though the sport was built upon combat racing, it was almost going back to the destructive F9000 era of racing. History was apparently repeating itself, only this time it was more for survival of the teams over bringing excitement. Racing would become more risky as eliminations were more common in events now. To Tyrrell it was getting out of control; he couldn’t believe what the sport had turned into. “This isn’t’ about racing anymore.” Looking back at the chaos. Despite the continuing war with Qirex and their conglomerate of teams, Tyrrell, as well as Rachel would focus more on actual racing, even though their arch rivals would follow them in these events. Overall, Tyrrell becomes one of Auricom’s best elite racing pilots. He has earned over 25 medals and counting but unfortunately no platinum medals from the SFC. (14G / 9S / 5B) Racing would only get more violent months ahead, but his loyalty remains high and continues to support Auricom to the very end including his wingman, Rachel. Both pilots remain strong and don’t ever back down on any event facing their enemy teams. They will risk their craft and possibly their lives to protect the Belmondo Foundation’s control of the race commission. The last thing their team needs is another Overtel Corp. style takeover. They hope for an agreement that will settle a score for control rather than continuing to eliminate all their craft. At this moment there was no sign of backing down from either side. However, Tigron may be the game changer in this situation.
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    Name: Rachel Vega

    SEX: Female

    Birth: February 26th, 2190

    Birthplace: Central Valley (California/USA)

    Appearance: Rachel Vega (Remastered).jpg

    Zodiac: Pisces

    Age (Currently in 2217): 27

    Nationality: American

    Origin: United States

    Race: Caucasian (Hispanic)

    Language(s): English / some Spanish

    Religion: Catholic

    Height: 5'10"

    Hair Color: Brown (Sometimes dyed red)

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Farmer / Anti-Gravity Queen

    FX400 IDF: VEGA0226.2190

    Team: Auricom

    Position: Secondary Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Elite

    Region Reputation: United States

    Squad Teammates: Tyrrell Byron / Soo Min-Hye

    Team Loyalty: High

    Allies: Mariana Sinclair (FEISAR) / Noelani Kekumu (Goteki 45) / Certain AG-Systems pilots

    Rivals: Afina Rusakova (Qirex)

    Medals: Gold: x6, Silver: x4, Bronze: x5

    Sponsors: aimi, Era Trek, +01, ICOM, Belmondo Foundation

    Favorite Events: Time Trial

    Favorite Track: Tech Da Ra

    Leagues Competed: FX400 to FX500

    Character traits: Responsible, Bubbly, Cute, Tolerant, Friendly, Confident


    Awareness: 7/10

    Aggression: 5/10

    Reaction/Reflexes: 7/10

    Consistency: 7/10

    During the fallout of the F9000 on October 2170, the global market ran into a corrupting halt. A mass global economic depression had streamed all over the world as every government tried to regain money, challenging the world's population. A recession breaks out as people began to lose jobs, homes, businesses, and agricultural supplies. Inside of modern day cities, farmlands were now in hydroponic facilities as well as stacked towers with each floor growing different crops or vegetables. Unfortunately, they were hit with agricultural recession. Shortages of crops and profit were spread on farm towers and biofarms during the 2170's. This caused low incomes and high taxes to farmers that quickly lead them to debt and losing their businesses. However, there was one family in the United States that still had a good income, and still owned a traditional farm, but was almost on the brink of bankruptcy.

    Meet the Vega Family, living out in the central valley of California USA. The family has lived in the valley ever since the 19th century, and has own a large amount of land during the many years away from the modern world. Surviving the great depression in the 1930's they were now hit again 250 years later. During the 2170's the Vega's were a large target to the world economy, and most of their land was drained because of it. It was pure luck that their land wasn't drained completely however, but unfortunately they had lost almost 90% percent of property from selling it. When it ended in 2179, they had very little land covered, and would only take a miracle just to buy back all their property and grow everything again. By the 2180's they slowly grew more, but still it would take a lot of effort, and they refused modern farming in a big city. However the Vega's were a large family up until the late 2180's where they began to have children around the property. The first born in 2187 was a boy named Andy Vega. 3 years later in 2190, a baby girl was them named Rachel Vega, second born in the family. Finally a couple years after that, yet another baby sister would become part of the family (Lacy Vega). Out of the three children, only one had the more energetic personality. Hard working yet still kept a positive attitude, she was deemed the more disciplined and favorite child to the whole family, and that was Rachel Vega.

    Rachel was specifically born on February 26, 2190 and was the more hyper child in the family. When she was raised with the family during the 2190's they were completely unaware or just ignored what's happening around them which was the opening of the FX300 Racing League in Makana, many miles away in the pacific. Because of the lost of their crops, the children were put to work at a young age. Rachel was worked non-stop when she turned 10 in 2202 as she became the full time labor girl in the family and was committed to do the job. Having discipline she would not make shortcuts during her work labor nor complain, unlike her younger sister including her older brother. Even when they started turning down on their jobs, Rachel was always there to boost them up with her positive personality, sometimes giving them a smile and the motivation to finish up for the day. Still, even she would have her tiring moments; not even her own motivations could keep her going at times. It didn't help much that the family was kind of living in the past. They didn't use much technology and were against anything that was Anti-Gravity due to its caused of the depression. As such, the children did not know such a thing existed.

    As Rachel got older, now going into her teens, her thoughts started to change. She was always very curious of what was outside of her home, going out in the fields by herself at dawn just to think. As a hard working girl, she didn't had time to be with friends in the area, other than her family and siblings. She wanted to explore away from her home just to meet new people and to be involved with something that would amuse her other than just work. At some time in 2208 however, something would catch her eye on the current animated newspaper that her father just threw away. Looking at it, she spots something amazing; on the headline showed an animated picture of Anti-Gravity racing and Anti-Gravity Queen performing. Rachel had never seen anything like it before, almost thinking she had been living under a rock all her life. The technology amazed her, but what really caught her eye were the AG-Queen performances that remind her of cheerleading at her local highschool. She thought it was something that she could get into, requiring her to travel to the home nation of AG-Racing. Immediately she told her parents in an excited mood about the article. "Mom, Dad, I want to go to this thing at this city! Please can I go?" Her parents looked at her like she was crazy, even her father wondered where she found the newspaper in the first place. They disagreed on Rachel's suggestion, thinking it was too expensive, and even dangerous to be a pilot for this event. Even it was just for being an AG-Queen, her parents still said no, instead her father told her to do more work outside, saying he'll think about it later, excusing for saying no. Rachel got upset for once, forgetting about what she saw and threw the paper in the trash again to continue working out in the field. As her parents looked back however, they actually started to feel bad for her, even seeing her really upset for the first time. Doing so much hard work on the property and not complaining about it, they thought she deserved something rewarding in return like what she showed to them. Meanwhile, Rachel realized how poor her family was. Since the depression, almost all of their money/land was taken away from them. To make matters worse, they were now in a lot of debt. They don't even have enough to take care of themselves anymore as Rachel wanted to find a solution fast, before something very bad could happen to her family and farm.

    Rachel seemed to have found something that will help her and her family for the time, but some risks had to be made. In a shed just outside of Rachel's house, there was a century year old tractor, still in great shape and would be very valuable by its age and good performance. Unfortunately, the family almost seemed to have a history with it, keeping it for generations and it was the only working tractor on their farm. If they were to sell their machine as a collector’s item, they would have supplies for quite awhile and pay for the large dept, but mostly for Rachel to travel across the ocean to receive an admission of becoming an AG-Queen. She promised that if she could somehow earn a career in the Racing committee, she could help her family save their land, and to pay back what was left of selling their only tractor, only to replace it. Without it, they won’t be able to grow anything and will lose their farmland either way; she was almost on a mission. Rachel’s father sells the tractor at an auction days after but was not too happy about selling a family relic, yet he trusted his daughter and hoped she’ll find a new one. The tractor sold for a great price than expected, enough for food and other things for the family for a few years and to pay for the massive dept, including Rachel to leave out of the country on her own. The family may have had a lot of money for now, but the farm was still at stake. A hover bus would come all the way to transport her to an airport miles outside the ruins of Los Angeles, strucked by a great earthquake in the 2030s (Unofficial date) and was once home of an F5000 AG-track, Spilskinanke.

    Rachel boards on a Blimp Transportations Airship when she came to the west coast. While aboard traveling to the Makana Islands, Rachel got very amused on what was on the ship even before coming to a big city. However she didn't want to spend too much money for entertainment on the ship and saved it once she got there. In 12 hours, she finally landed on one of the island's cities, Vineta A (Modesto Heights). Rachel was stunned, being surrounded by a modern urban environment for the very first time. Though now in a public area, she stuck out like a sore thumb, soon paying a visit to a 2ND SKIN clothing store and blended herself in with the city. Her second destination was at the Anti-Gravity Museum, taking a flying cab to the facility. While entering the facility, Rachel was surrounded by the sport's history with certain race craft and technology, capturing her interest. She waited in line to the front desk; while it was her turn she finally fills out her admission to become an AG-Queen. She was accepted, and right away was given an outfit of her chosen team "Auricom Research Industries".

    After receiving her outfit, and being distracted, she accidently bumps into another signed in AG-Queen. Rachel quickly apologizes, but after seeing who it was, she easily recognized her as Mariana Sinclair, first seeing her on the newspaper back home. Rachel greeted herself to her while Mariana did the same. Mariana knew she wasn't from around her home island and was foreign, much like her old friend, Sofia Rossetti from AG-Systems. At the time, Mariana seemed to want another best friend after Sofia left being an AG-Queen. She welcomed Rachel to the island, showing her around the museum of every history from the dawn of the sport, to the fall of the F9000, showing the real reason why Rachel's family had lost most of their property during the 2170's.

    While continuing to talk to each other, they soon got to know each other, knowing they were from two different worlds. Rachel soon knew that Mariana was very wealthy and how she founded the trend and fashion of the AG-Queen. She realized why she was also here in Makana, to help pay back for her family's debts, however she didn't want to tell Mariana to lend money to her and stuck with her responsibilities to not take shortcuts and earn it herself. To Mariana, Rachel had a sense of humor to her, telling certain jokes as well as showing her energetic personality. Overall, Mariana started to like her, even telling her own interests to her and vise versa. The relationship continued on between the two, and when it came to the re-opening season of the FX350/400 in Las Vegas, Nevada, (The Amphisium) they soon became best friends. They became the next AG-Queen duo of 2209 to 2210, much like Mariana and Sofia from 2207 to 2208, performing duets during race events of the current year. For Rachel she became more noticed while hanging out with Mariana. She was taught by her on certain dance moves and was trained to be a Superstar AG-Queen. Rachel’s appearance also changed using her long hair to create long pigtails under her ears and actually loved the new hairstyle, fitting her cheerful personality. What she didn’t know was that she almost looks like a familiar icon. To the team Auricom, she was the best they ever had; she had dedication to the team and kept it, continuing in 2209. When the AG-Queen leaderboard was introduced in 2208, Rachel was part of the top ten on the Island, and was ranked #1 favorite in the U.S. She was given a lot of sponsors as an AG-Queen, and grabbed lots of attention from AG-Fans, becoming the most adored/lovable AG-Queen in the industry.

    Rachel's life had started to change; getting use to living in an urban environment and away from the farm life she once had, she was turning into a city girl herself. Rightfully so, she had almost forgot about her family, and still needed to earn money for them. However she seemed to have earned not as much of what she had expected and still needed around $900,000 more to replace the family's old tractor. During the closing season of the AGRL, Rachel went back home to North America, but was still very short on paying her family back. While entering the family's property, her parents and siblings were very happy to see her. They've been also hearing about Rachel's first year as an AG-Queen all this time, and surprisingly were earning a decent amount of income as well.

    Coming inside her house, she noticed a modern 16K clear screen T.V. in the living room which surprised her even more coming from her family, always using an old 21st century HD flat screen. Suddenly she heared a strange noise outside and saw a working engineering machine out in the fields. They were two Deuterium powered tractors created by the company of Aicom Industries (aimi) which was a sponsor given to her. She had been eyeing the machine when the sponsor was given to her, but was extremely expensive than what she was earning. Now all of a sudden there were now two of them working on her family's farm, working much faster than the old tractor and were operated by themselves. This confused Rachel even more, until she realized why she was probably earning so little. Half of it went to her family, signing the sponsor during her past year. While filling in her application back at the AG-Museum, some information also included her home address, and for optional, being able to write a summary of where she came from as she wrote down her personal struggle. When she was sponsored by Aicom, and for all the fame she progressed in her first year, the company read her summary, and was happy to give away their most technological machines to the struggling family. In some sense she started to thank Mariana for giving her notoriety, making a jumpstart as a Star AG-Queen and was only the beginning of it. If she haven’t bumped into her back at the Museum, this stuff wouldn’t have came much sooner. Overall she was glad that the problems had mostly gone away but was happy just to be back home from a long tour.

    About a month later, Rachel says goodbye to her family once again going back to Makana for the next season . As the season opened again, newer young AG-Queens began to show up, one of which was Loraine Johnson from Great Britain. During the final months of 2210, Rachel noticed Mariana being more stubborn and resentful to the other Queens. After Mariana met Loraine on her team, FEISAR, she had been having issues and conflicts with Loraine that her only focus was to be better than her in every way. Rachel couldn't recognize her best friend anymore. She tried to convince Mariana about the AG-Queen leaderboard when Mariana's #1 rank was knocked off by Loraine in 2211, that it was just one drop from her rank and to just be proud of Loraine's achievement. But Mariana couldn't agree, walking away from her as they both saw the updated leaderboard the day before. Rachel had no Idea what she did after.

    During an argument between Rachel and Mariana, few days after Mariana's argument with Loraine and forcing her to leave, Mariana tried to reason out Rachel with her spoiled arrogance. But Rachel became serious, putting her bubbly traits aside while talking to her.

    Mariana: "I've been on top since before you became an AG-Queen. I brought the sport back on its feet which makes me the better Queen than everyone."
    Rachel responded: "Even me? Do you realize what you’re saying right now?"
    Mariana answers: "You? You're my best friend, Rachel, I helped you became an AG-Queen, right?"
    Rachel: "I don't see why not helping your teammate makes it different. Why are you making a big fuss about her becoming more famous than you?"
    Mariana: "Because I have more talent than her, I'm a better pilot than her, I deserve the most attention."
    Rachel responded: "So you're jealous of her then."
    Mariana was shocked to hear that word: "I'm not jealous, what makes you think I'm Jealous?"
    Rachel: "Why wouldn't you be? You've been acting strange since she came along, you've ignored me most of the time, and now you forced her to leave your team since she had an excellent skill on your race team and is probably just as good as you performing. New people will come by all the time but nobody will forget about you.”
    Mariana: “I don’t want people to forget about me.”
    Rachel: “Then share it with her like you do with me.”
    Mariana: “Please. I will never work with that skank.”
    Rachel: “How come? What’s the difference between me, your old best friend, (Sofia) over her? Now I don’t know if she was ever mean to you, but I highly doubt that.”
    Mariana: “She’s mediocre, she’s overrated, alright. You’re not like that, neither was Sofia.”
    Rachel: “Is it because we never surpassed you on the Queen leaderboard?”
    Mariana: “What?”
    Rachel: “I’m only suggesting it, cause I’ve never seen you act like this before. How would you feel if I became the #1 AG-Queen worldwide right now? Would you be calling me overrated or a ‘skank’ also?”
    Mariana: “Don’t be ridiculous, I would never say that about you.”
    Rachel: “Then you wouldn’t care if this other AG-Queen passed you then. You said you’re better than everyone? That kind of worries me. If you’re my best friend and I pass you up, you would support me for it, anyone who does. It’s us as AG-Queen’s to entertain everyone, we support each other, you said so yourself. Otherwise I’m gonna believe that you were being hypocritical after what I heard from you. (Mariana looks down turning her head away) So what’s more important for the AG-Industry then? Yourself or everyone involved?”
    Mariana silently answers: “…Me.”
    Rachel: “What was that?"
    Mariana: “I’m more important.”
    Rachel was surprised: “..Really? Not even for me, your popularity is more important? Than her (Loraine), anyone? Are you that self-centered?”
    Mariana: "...Rachel I'm Sorry, that’s not what I..."
    Rachel interrupted: "No, don't say sorry to me, say sorry to your teammate first. She’s gone because you had to be selfish. If this is how you really are, then I shouldn’t be your friend anymore. Obviously I’m not important to you. Just.. don't even talk to me right now."
    Mariana whispers to herself as Rachel turned and left: "I already did."

    Rachel walked away from Mariana as she looked back feeling guilty, even thinking about the horrible thing she did to Loraine weeks ago. However, Mariana still couldn't stand her. Even now, Mariana was piloting an AG-race craft at age 17, racing in the junior division at a very slow speed class and pilot assist. She still thought she was a more experience pilot because of her father, Marcus Sinclair, and for everything else she just got spoiled by.

    While months had past, and Loraine quitting out of FEISAR to join with Harimau, Rachel was still best friends and allied to Mariana, trying to forgive her. Unfortunately Mariana still had a grudge towards Loraine and still focused on going after her, ignoring Rachel overall. In late 2211, Rachel was 21yrs old, she was already having an interest of becoming an AG-Pilot for Auricom for some time and thought she could bring more loyalty for her team to volunteer in the professional Racing League. Unfortunately for her parents, they didn't want her to compete in the AGRL for her own safety. AG-Racing was a dangerous sport, adding to it with the use of weapons. Rachel tried to talk it out with her parents; for all her family knew, she would become the very first in the family to ever race in the AG-Racing league as Rachel wanted to expand herself to a racing career. Her parents didn't want to keep her from doing what she wanted to do, so they let her compete in the current FX400 league, filling anxious about what will happen to their loving daughter. All Rachel could say to them was: "I'll be okay. Nothing bad will happen to me. I'll be safe."

    Like every newcomer pilot, Rachel started her training at the Auricom Academy, testing her piloting skills near the Belmondo Test Site in the Tule Desert of Nevada. She was accepted and went through basic training on the team’s ACM-8K model craft. While only racing with other Auricom pilots in the facility and the Amphiseum for local amateur tournaments, Rachel started out on Venom class and slowly raised her skills on her own by the end of the season. She continued to take part around the Auricom facility, eventually meeting someone that would help her to reach professional level before the next season. Coming from the U.S. as well, Tyrrell Byron was one of Auricom’s best pilots and current SFC contender. If there’s anyone that could fully train a beginner pilot for the professional league, it was up to him to show them the ropes. Rachel would show her enthusiasm to her future lead pilot, winning him over with her bubbly charms, forming a brother/sister-like relationship by the starting 2212 season. Tyrrell would gladly choose her for secondary, followed by Korean pilot, Soo Min-Hye as backup. Rachel’s debut in the league would also surprise most of her AG-Queen fans, becoming yet another performer to race on behalf of her team and expanding her reputation.

    Rachel’s first season goes off on a good start, flying back to Makana where her race career officially started. While her skills were still shaky by Auricom’s standards, her confidence however was highly respected. So much so she would get the attention of another highly respected pilot from the home team. Goteki 45 pilot, Noelani Kekumu was an expert on the sport’s history, as well as studying AG-pilots from the past/present of their techniques in racing to teach to new pilots trying to get into professional racing. She admired Rachel’s determination against harsher pilots in races looking from the sidelines, only to meet with her back at a hanger bay in Vineta K. She knew Rachel had the confidence, but saw her struggling at the same time. Seeing she was a newcomer with decent skills already, Noelani offered her an invite for private sessions at the Makanian AG-Academy, being an instructor there on closed seasons only to sometimes offer lessons to new pilots around the island. Rachel would agree on free times during the season to come to the facility, able to bring her craft for use with Noelani’s Krakatau racecraft on the facility’s test track despite Auricom still having distrust of the team at the time. There were only a number of times in the season when the two could meet for private lessons. Overtime the two would grow a teacher/student relationship; Noelani always enjoyed her company becoming her most favorite student outside of Goteki 45. Rachel would slowly get better in events using the techniques given to her until reaching sub professional rank in the league as well as a first pilot sponsor. For the first time on her first season she would also earn a gold medal by herself at a Head Rush event east of Makana. With an accomplishment like this it was clear she would continue this as a full time career. However, AG-Queen performing was still a thing she enjoyed, coming back part time only to please her fan base and enjoying herself overall. Still, moving on to racing and a different season meant coming across highly skilled pilots that competed for number of years. Sure enough, one pilot would pose an intimidating match during her course of the 2213 season, and with no surprise it was a pilot from Qirex-RD.

    During a qualifier in Sinucit, Vineta A, Rachel came across a harassing Qirex pilot in a white craft going around the track. Not knowing who he/she was, the pilot manages to push her for a race. Unfortunately the Qirex pilot was on a Rapier speed class while Rachel was on flash. However, she wanted to race the pilot anyway, only to get knocked out around a corner frustratingly trying to make a pass but making a mistake. As the pilot zoomed off, Rachel wanted to know who it was that ruined her run and finds the pilot back at the hanger. The pilot would reveal herself as a female, having a striking alluring beauty taking off her helmet. A former AG-Queen, she was Russian Qirex pilot, Afina Rusakova. Backed up by two other male pilots, Afina approached Rachel, being upset over their encounter on the track. Afina would bully her and talk trash about her team, only to back her off using her group. Despite her 5’3” short height, Rachel was intimidated by her, being sent back to her team’s side of the hanger and forgets about going up to the Qirex pilot. She never saw Afina again up until the end of the season. Competing for a tournament months later it was revealed that she was put up with that pilot once again. Looking at her history with Tyrrell, she was a very skilled and sub elite pilot with a lot of top 3 placed finishes. Remembering how she raced her back at Sinucit, Afina was an unpredictable pilot, even witnessing her races on projected videos did she saw her race tactics/maneuvers in weapon enabled events. Rachel actually felt scared to race her, breaking confidence and that Afina may possibly remember her, only to become a target especially from Qirex. The pilot never lost a race to Auricom, but Tyrrell thought Rachel could handle her, at least survive the tournament with her making the top 3. Rachel didn’t want to back down and decided to keep her entrance. If he thought she could take her based on her experience so far, Rachel would believe it, doing it for him and the team in general. She starts her first round a few days later at Anulpha Pass, Vineta A.

    It was a 5 race Delta Tournament taking place mostly at the Vineta A Entertainment Arena, starting from Anulpha and other 3 tracks in the arena, while ending outside at Modesto Heights. Rachel was anxious but still kept her confidence she had throughout her racing career. While positioned at the starting line with other competing pilots, she saw the white Qirex LS model craft again in front of her. Meanwhile Afina notices Rachel positioned behind her but didn’t seem to care, only to underestimate her and thought she could beat her again at the same speed class. She was the most favored in this tournament and expected to win, but Rachel was seeking for an upset knowing her fans were watching. Tyrrell would watch her on screen back at the team hanger, hoping she could at least stay in the race without elimination by her new rival. Eventually an AG-Queen walks out on the track to start the race, ironically starting for two others on the grid. The wands and banner signal the pilots to go and the race was finally on, going around 10 laps.

    Throughout the first few laps, Rachel kept her position trailing Afina on third. Right away with weapons enabled, the Qirex pilot hunts for the 2 pilots up front. Rachel would witness the pilots get knocked around by her and get pushed back almost colliding with Rachel by swerving out of the way. She kept her pace while using turbo pickups to catch up including using some weapons, only to be outsmarted with shields or split maneuvers. Afina played with her up until the final lap as Rachel catches up almost neck and neck. With no useful weapons to slow her down she stayed close with Afina yet scared of what she’ll pull off. As they reach the Greenline Split, Rachel manages to stay right and takes the skillcut across, forcing Afina to take downward. She thought she easily would win the first event taking the speed pads across and back down on the main track ahead of Afina, only that was her trick. Managing to keep pace, Afina slightly had a lead up front but had kept something at hand. Knowing exactly where Rachel will land she plants one single bomb right as the Auricom pilot landed, dazing and slowing her down as Afina speeded through the finish taking 1st. Unable to speed up sliding near the track wall, few other pilots managed to speed pass Rachel, bringing her down to 4th position on the first race. Afina outsmarted her adding insult to injury with a well placed mine and pushing her back a few positions. She proved her unpredictability on the first race showing the Auricom pilot who not to mess with in the next 4 races. With that shown, Rachel must keep her attention up, being told by Tyrrell back at a hotel room in the arena. She knew that she couldn’t give up on the next race over that move. She needed to be more tactical on her pickups and study the Qirex pilot’s moves on the replay. If she wanted to beat Afina, she needed to predict her moves if not race like her by counteracting, given a day and a half before the next race.

    Like so, contenders had time for practice runs on the next track before given a few hours to line up on the start. Since weapons were enabled, pilots would use holograms or drones to practice combat tactics setting difficulties on each drone from passive to aggressive or smart to dumb AI. Rachel took advantaged using one drone on the track, setting it to Afina’s difficulty or at least close to it. While drones weren’t accurate at most, Auricom would witness Qirex’s practice runs to study their tactics overall, yet that didn’t mean the team wouldn’t do the same thing to them. At some point the pilots would bring their craft back to the hanger bay to prepare for the next race taking place on the Iridia AG-track. Throughout the second race, Rachel would get lucky with Afina getting knocked behind her by the other teams but only placing 3rd. Third race (Koltiwa), Afina would fight back against her opponents taking 1st once again while Rachel still manages to keep up and outsmarting some of her tactics taking 2nd . Both stay on the top 3 on the leader board so far, moving on to the fourth race (Khara Descent). By now, Rachel seemed to have gotten Afina’s tactics down based upon practice runs and spectating. Tyrrell would be the one to point them out for her as well as her to remember what Noelani taught her back at the academy test track. She was getting better by the day but only enough to balance her skills of her arch rival. During the fourth race, Afina would almost struggle to react with the Auricom pilot. Rachel took advantage of the track splits to pull off some barrel-rolls and or courageously activate a turbo, keeping her speed up. Afina would make the mistake to underestimate her as Rachel kept a good lead of the race, taking 1st for once. By now the gloves were off from both of them. They would give all their best on the final race of the tournament taking place at Modesto Heist, the most technical track so far.

    Rachel and Afina would become the highlight of the final race in the tournament. Modesto Heights was challenging, even for the best pilots of the league leaving only the most determined pilot to make it through. Once again each pilot got a practice run on the track until the race started in the late afternoon. Rachel had raced on this track a number of times before as well as Afina. Auricom had a slight lead on the leaderboard while Qirex trailed a few points behind, able to steal gold if Afina takes 1st on this last race. On the start of go, the pilots zoom out on the final ten laps. Auricom and Qirex kept a lead pushing back the other teams leaving it with a head to head duel between the two leading the rest. Both Rachel and Afina battle it out up front firing and reflecting every weapon activated going through every pad. Through every lap they manage to hit one another while still keeping up, passing each other and vise versa. Both teams were not giving up or making a slight mistake. It was the final lap at this point with Afina leading Rachel by a few meters. It was anyone’s race at this point.

    While pulling off so many barrel-rolls they were almost close to getting their craft destroyed by a single weapon shot. Not thinking about absorbing a pickup, Afina was desperate to eliminate Rachel from the race trying to pick up a defensive weapon. Going down Adams’ Dive through the Aicom plant, Afina lays a set of mines through the hairpin turn while Rachel used her equipped shield kept from the last lap while also picking up a missile, firing it without a lock on. The missile bounces off the corners and hits Afina, slowing her down and with critical shield energy. Rachel catches up with her heading through the Scleradome Research Hub exit tunnel. Afina was sweating at this point with the alarm blaring on her cockpit, scattering for speed pads and finding another useful weapon pickup. As for Rachel she went pass another pad acquiring a plasma bolt which was a one shot elimination. Unfortunately she couldn’t get a straight shot going round the Lucas Skyway. At this point, Afina acquired a bomb, waiting to lay it heading up the Sigam Span jump. With no time to lose just meters away from the finish, Rachel charges her weapon going up the jump, only to see a bomb coming up her flight path. Thinking fast she made a tight yaw turn just barely setting off the proximity of the bomb while still charging her plasma. On a spit second she pitches her craft down firing her plasma on the track as it quickly floats down the track. Afina was about to make a final turn to the finish when all of sudden she saw a purple glow coming towards her and explodes in a ball of glowing light. Her EPR eject automatically teleports her instantly out of danger while her ship gets obliterated on the track. Rachel avoids the wreckage and heads straight for a roaring finish. She wins another gold for the 2213 Delta tournament, making a victory lap around the track for the cheering fans.

    Back in the hanger bay, Auricom crews gather together for Rachel climbing out of the cockpit to celebrate her win. Tyrrell was in the crowd as she moves out of the way to give him a celebrating hug, getting lifted up. While the real reward was yet to come, Rachel heads to the podium standing on the middle column along with a Goteki and an Icaras pilot, waiting for their medals. During it all, Afina was nowhere in sight though was safely back in the hanger bay along with her destroyed craft. She would have a grudge on Rachel for the coming years, but not just for losing the race from her. Rachel was the first ever pilot to eliminate Afina in her entire race career as well as fighting her back. It was not just a win for her but a win for Auricom. Afina was one of Qirex’s best pilots with Auricom unable to beat her in any events through her years competing. Eliminating her from an event however only made it sweeter for the team. Because of this, Rachel was promoted to a higher professional rank. Her skills were able to counter a Qirex pilot overall and was what the team needed, knowing she had full confidence and determination to stand up to an unbeatable contender for the first time. Throughout the rest of the final seasons of the FX400 league, Rachel would set a goal for herself to become an elite pilot in regards of Auricom Reaserch.

    As a result now test piloting the company’s new model craft, the ACM-9K0, Rachel was now competing in more Rapier and phantom class tournaments, racing with her chosen elite pilots including her teammate, Tyrrell Byron in the FX500 season of 2216. Continuing to follow Noelani's race techniques, Rachel was breaking speed records during the course of the U.S. Tournament in the current season. She would hold the fastest speed lap record on the track of Tech Da Ra in Arizona, beating her own team pilot’s record lap time, Tara Shannon, by less than a second. It was a lucky lap time that no other pilot or even she could possibly break again. Tara herself would also congratulate her on the lap record, knowing the new craft and the pilot was able to surpass it at some point in time, still held by Auricom overall.

    Rachel Vega who was once a central valley farm girl turned into a star AG-Queen, has now turned into an Elite AG-pilot of Auricom. While she wasn’t the only pilot that started out as a performer, she was most recognized and loved from most AG-Queen and race fans. With so much attention for her physical appearance however, this was probably because she bared somewhat a resemblance to AG-Legend/Icon, Arial Tetsuo, from the F3600 era. She was considered America’s Arial T. from her young fans as another cute pigtailed elite Auricom pilot for the current generation. She accepted the legacy despite not being Japanese or has her pigtails above her ears, yet her fans wanted to give her the title anyway. Overall in 2217, Rachel continues to succeed along with her teammate, Tyrrell, in the current FX500 league. She has earned less than 15 medals and counting (6G/4S/5B) and was the people’s pilot for obvious reasons. However with all this popularity she was a big target from Qirex-RD, especially during a time of war between the two teams and their allies. Afina was still her arch rival from the team overall, getting into more events along with her by getting herself and Tyrrell involved in the AG-Race war. While she does gain new allies from other teams, she’ll unfortunately lose one of her old ones. FEISAR Pilot, Mariana Sinclair would stop becoming not just an ally but also a best friend to her since 2216, making it permanent after Mariana’s AG-Queen/pilot scandal with AG-Queen pilots, Loraine Johnson of Harimau, and Sofia Rossetti of AG-Sys. The 3 would oppose her in future races due to her narcissism, but overall respected and admire their talents on the track or on stage. Rachel will continue to please fans throughout the racing league. As for her family, they were back home growing everything again and making large profits. If she hadn’t found that paper in the trash, her family wouldn’t even have their farm till this day. They were still very proud and thank her whenever she came back home after some seasons, even her siblings will continue to look up to her.
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    Name: Vadik Sidorov

    Russian Name: Вадик Сидоров

    SEX: Male

    Birth: July 6th, 2164

    Appearance: Vadik Sidorov (Remastered).jpg Copied TangoCharlieESQ's design from Deviantart

    Birthplace: Moscow (Russia)

    Zodiac: Cancer

    Age (Currently 2217): 53

    Nationality: Russian

    Origin: Russia

    Race: Caucasian

    Language(s): Russian

    Religion: N/A

    Height: 6'0"

    Hair Color: Grey

    Eye Color: Blue

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Cosmonaut / Transporter

    FX400 IDF: SIDO0706.2164

    Team: Qirex

    Position: Lead Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Elite

    Region Reputation: Russia/Siberia

    Squad Teammates: Afina Rusakova / Nadia Elenova

    Team Loyalty: High

    Allies: (None)

    Rivals: Tyrrell Byron (Auricom)

    Medals: Gold: x12, Silver: x9, Bronze: x6

    Sponsors: Blimp, Netika, Arial, Qirex

    Favorite Events: Single Race

    Favorite Track: Katmoda 12

    Leagues Competed: FX400 to FX500

    Character traits: Aloof yet Cooperative, Expert, Reasonable, Obedient, Patient


    Awareness: 10/10

    Aggression: 8/10

    Reaction/Reflexes: 9/10

    Consistency: 9/10

    Born on July 6th, 2164 in Moscow Russia, Vadik Sidorov had been around during the mid years of the F9000 league. His Family had struggled during the years of the 2nd Great Depression during the 2170's including dealing with the crime syndicates that took over the country before hand. But aside from the recession across Russia and around the world, his family survived the decade. As a child he always dreamed of going to space, and had studied on science, math and astronomics during his time in school. During his 20s after graduating from a university, he enrolled in his dream career into the Russian Space Administration, merged with Qirex Research Development. Vadik had training with Qirex long before becoming an official pilot in 2210, but at the time, he was mostly involved with the RFSA, spending at least two years of cosmonaut training. He began learning on how to control an aircraft as part of his requirements, including an AG-Craft for surface missions on Terrestrial planets. By 2189, he was officially chosen for the program, going up in a space elevator located in the Baltic Sea. There he met his new assigned crew heading up to the atmosphere all together. It was up there where they took off on a medium space hauler. Their destination was anywhere they were needed in the solar system.

    For almost twenty years, Vadik had served his time up in space, traveling mostly to moons and back transporting supplies with his 2 crews. Moons like Europa, Titan, etc. were destinations called for, transporting minerals to/from local stations or even back to Earth including to the planet Mars. Mars had been under terraformation during the last century as an atmosphere had already started to form on the red planet, yet still wasn’t breathable at its current stage. It was also home to a famous AG-Circuit not raced on since the era of the F3600 league, and was very rarely been raced on due to the long distance from earth at the time. The track, "Firestar" till this day is still being raced on by the inhabitants from Earth during their preparation of terraforming the planet just for entertainment. Though still on mission duty, Vadik had a chance to take flight on the track for the first time using the hauler’s exo-craft. He didn't go exactly for racing, but still trained himself for low piloting AG-Craft on the surface. However, this became such a thrill to him that it became his own side career throughout his time living on the planet, but at last, he was back on a spacecraft back to the Earth's moon, and will be the last time on the track and on the planet.

    On the moon, Vadik had made a job there, exporting and importing minerals around the crater moon base, Katmoda 12, and of course, an AG-Circuit was built around it. Still around since the F9000 league, it was also still in use by inhabitants on the lunar surface for entertaining purposes once again. The repetitiveness going back and forth around the crater would have Vadik and his crew take their amusement on the home track using their exo-craft once again, and has gained him more experience whenever going down there. He soon began forming private races with lunar pilots showing full potential in AG-racing than anything else. Soon locals discovered his true piloting skills, immediately gaining fame only on the moon as he continued to progress, sometimes abandoning his transporting job just to race. While his career started to take another turn for what he originally signed himself in, both he and his crew were strictly brought back on duty. In 2209 however, he was dismissed from the moon and sentenced back to Earth.

    Coming back to Earth felt strange to him being away from the planet for more than 20 years. It was like a new world all over again seeing oceans and yellowish green land, coming back to the atmospheric space station floating above Eastern Europe. With his crew of pilots taking a space elevator back down to Earth and back on the Russian mainland, they were greeted by the men back from the RFSA facility, showing a welcome back home after a far away journey. However for Vadik, he had received a private call coming from the Qirex Research Development facility in Irkutsk, saying the director of the facility would like to speak to him for another opportunity. Vadik agreed to take the call.

    Vadik soon talked and met with the director of the company, Feliks Levovitch, for an opportunity to become a race pilot for Qirex in the current FX400 league. Feliks heard about his reputation coming from the moon, which gave an impression to the entire team that he would be a perfect candidate to compete professionally. Despite Vadik's age of 45, he was never too old to pilot a craft that was meant to race on a close course, given his experience from tracks on the moon and Mars. However, despite already having experience with an AG-craft, he still took training in the facility while also getting use to the gravity on Earth again. Just months in training, he officially competes in 2210.

    Racing solo in most Tournaments in the league, he performed amazingly well, scoring most first place finishes racing with Qirex. Vadik earned many sponsors in his new career that his experience had gotten the attention of the team's most elite pilot, Nadia Elenova. Nadia had been the team's only wildcard for every race since 2207, until controversy between her, Auricom and the Belmondo Foundation led to her being restricted to most AG-Tournaments due to her aggressive and dangerous nature to the other team's pilots on the track. Still she was eligible to compete for the Season Final Championships every ending season. This had her on the search for finding other experience pilots to join with a squad and to replace her in restricted events. As such, Vadik was the first to race for her, followed by Afina Rusakova in 2212.

    Vadik had became Afina's lead pilot during competition in the following year of 2212. While he never competed during past leagues in the AGRL, he was considered a veteran of AG-piloting, grouped along with other veteran pilots, Katsu Sasaki, Xavior Chaffin, etc. both who had competed in the FX300 league in the 2190's. Vadik won many podium spots since his entry of the team, and has even won tournaments that Nadia had been banned from, including Afina. However, many great pilots would encounter matching one another as Vadik was matched with young Auricom pilot, Tyrrell Byron, hailing from the United States of America. Underestimating him at first, Tyrrell did not back down to the old pilot. In races he became a block in Vadik’s win streak, getting a higher place finish on the podium while sometimes knocking him out of the top 3 in tournaments. Auricom was fighting back at least in regular events of the FX400 league. At some point in 2213, Afina would also have the same problem with Tyrrell’s secondary pilot, Rachel Vega. Rachel would defeat her by elimination during the Delta tournament almost at the end of the season, making it her first lost/elimination from Auricom in general. The two along with other top Auricom pilots had started to slow down Qirex’s domination in the past couple of seasons. At this point they became desperate, and Levovitch didn’t seem to do much for the racing team until Nadia became in charge of picking the team’s pilots, making her an apprentice. With this, tensions would soon rise after 2214 between the two teams.

    The company would eventually get a new co-principal close to the end of 2214. Vadik had been in most meetings with Qirex back at HQ in Irkutsk, and would witness the new change of the director seat. However, Levovitch still had control of the company, but it was the race team that was given a new director. Nadia Elenova would take the new position, controlling what goes on for the team in the racing league. This would make Auricom nervous, and so it did when Nadia had announced to put pressure on them in the new FX500 league. With the new season coming on the horizon, Qirex would also reveal their newest model craft to the public, the LT-01. Vadik became a test pilot for the new craft during preseason testing, coming out with outstanding results that were hoped to challenge Auricom’s new craft by the time of the new season. During the start of the season, it was clear that Qirex were slightly a step ahead of them. Mainly this was due to their new crafts strength against Auricom's new ACM-9K craft as they held more upgrades with their craft's speed, thrust, and handling, including a larger weapon cashier. Auricom however, still lacked handling and weapon load outs, but that didn't concern their pilots going against their team's arch rivals. Ultimately, both teams had become more aggressive with each following day by 2215. Vadik didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes, but somehow Nadia convinced their allied teams to form a conglomerate, threatening the teams supporting the Belmondo Foundation for an all out war for the race commission. The two sides would eventually declare war in the league after a large fire burnt down an Auricom factory in Makana. Qirex allegedly took responsibility as the two sides swore to eliminate one another from the league entirely. Race craft from both teams were getting destroyed during competition more than ever, including a controversial return of Eliminator events in the FX500 league. Vadik would lose his craft a number of times during competitions, but was immediately given a new craft to stay on track, but team orders demanded him not to fail or lose another craft again, otherwise he’ll be lose his spot on the team, resulting him to continue destroying the other team's craft if given the chance. As for his teammate, Afina had mixed feelings of Qirex's demands, questioning Nadia’s changes only to be led out of her office when asked such a thing.

    Vadik Sidorov would also not like the idea to fully attack the teams in races, yet still followed orders from Nadia to continue eliminating Auricom's AG-craft until furthermore with no choice. Going along like the rest of the team's pilots, they set out to weaken Auricom as much as possible. In doing so shall be handsomely rewarded, more than what Vadik had earned during his career up in space. It was an incredible payout, but morally it felt wrong to him, yet other pilots on his team thought otherwise. In the current year of 2217, Vadik would continue racing overall. Despite being 53, he was still a challenge to younger pilots competing with no sign of retiring. He has earned less than 30 medals and counting (12G/9S/6B). With the AG-Race war still continuing on, teams like AG-Systems and surprisingly Goteki 45 would try to put up a fight with Qirex while their rivals also came after them. Vadik continues despite his negative thoughts on the team’s decisions. Things were getting too violent, and race pilots were putting themselves more in danger than ever before.
    Unfortunately a year later, Qirex will have to face their past demons in the form of Tigron Enterprises returning in the FX500 AGRL.
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    Name: Afina Rusakova

    Russian Name: Афина Русакова

    SEX: Female

    Birth: May 18th, 2184

    Appearance: Afina Rusakova (Remastered).jpg

    Birthplace: Irkutsk (Russia)

    Zodiac: Taurus

    Age (Currently 2217): 33

    Nationality: Russian

    Origin: Ukraine (Father) / Russia (Mother)

    Race: Caucasian

    Language(s): Russian / Ukrainian / partial English

    Religion: N/A

    Height: 5'3"

    Hair Color: Light Brown

    Eye Color: Turquoise

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Gymnast / Anti-Gravity Queen

    FX400 IDF: RUSA0518.2184

    Team: Qirex

    Position: Secondary Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Elite

    Region Reputation: Eastern Europe

    Squad Teammates: Vadik Sidorov / Nadia Elenova

    Team Loyalty: High

    Allies: (None)

    Rivals: Rachel Vega (Auricom)

    Medals: Gold: x8, Silver: x8, Bronze: x2

    Sponsors: Blimp, JAP Energy Drink, aimi, Mindcorp

    Favorite Events: Single Race

    Favorite Track: Ubermall

    Leagues Competed: FX400 to FX500

    Character traits: Dutiful, Alluring, Bold, Dependable, Intimidating


    Awareness: 8/10

    Aggression: 8/10

    Reaction/Reflexes: 9/10

    Consistency: 8/10

    Afina Rusakova was born from a town outside of Irkutsk, Russia on May 18th, 2184. Her father was an opportunist businessman from Russian controlled Ukraine, seeking work at Qirex’s old headquarters all the way in Irkutsk alongside with the re-founder and director himself Feliks Levovitch in 2172. The company was cleared out from its burning remains during its abandoning after Tigron Enterprises was set in flames in 2171 during the fall of the F9000 League. Afina's mother was left in the old town only to give birth to her before they headed into the main city to be close to her father. While growing up, she had lived in bit of a harsh life by her strict father, and was constantly being demanded by his rules feeling a bit ungrateful to her. She also didn't like much of the cold weather during winters where she lived, but her striking beauty mixed with the icy wonderland of snow complemented her pale cold skin, frozen gem-like turquoise eyes and wavy brown hair like an ice princess in all of Russia. Overall, she toughened herself up and dealt with the difficulties in her childhood all the way to her mid teens, mentally and physically.

    Aside from her father working for Qirex, Afina was usually interested in gymnastics when she turned 16 in 2200. She was well fit, agile and flexible that she won the RUS Amateur Gymnastics Championship in 2202, even wearing the colors of the Qirex (Purple/Magenta). Though focusing on her usual interest, she was very well aware of the FX300 Racing League. Her father had helped built a Qirex craft during the opening in 2195 and has established a very well lineup of test pilots to race the team's new machine in 2197. In 2203, Qirex was currently in the works of another AG-Race craft for the upcoming FX350 League, the LS-01. Afina had first saw the new ship on that same year during a private visit to the factory with her father, including meeting Levovitch first hand. She had never seen anything that big up close before; the ship had really got her attention that it almost looked beautiful to her. Qirex had remodeled the craft from its F7200 predecessor, the LH-03, having it to be better balanced, stronger, and thinner, yet still very heavy as usual less than Triakis’ Anne II craft. Afina would take the color scheme for her gymnast outfit to wear for the championships, already proven to be loyal to the team.

    Unfortunately, by 2204, Afina gave up gymnastics due to not making the Summer Olympics from qualification. After training all year, the opportunity was taken away from her, losing hopes to compete with the elite gymnastics teams in search for another interest. She headed to Makana for opportunities, coming across AG-Queen admissions for the AGRL. AG-Queen dancing was influenced by rhythmic/floor gymnastics, so it felt close to home for her as well as cheering on her home team of Qirex. In 2205, Afina officially became one for Qirex, now officially wearing the team's colors. Her talents became very useful during performances, performing with other peer Queens within her 20yr old range. But different than the other queens who were mostly teenagers at the time, Afina had a more seductive/alluring approach to AG-Fans, popping eyes out while modeling her fit body and features rather than doing flips. With this, many sponsors were given to her during the following years as an AG-Queen. Comparing to young Mariana who had a mainstream fan base of younger fans who loved her for her dancing talents, Afina had a more adult fan base, basically loving her for her sex appeal rather than dancing talents. So much so in fact, that she ended up doing a nude photo shoot for a men’s magazine company with one of Qirex’s AG-craft. Though that didn’t mean she couldn’t dance. After all, she was once a rhythmic gymnast. On stage she was a more “jump happy” dancer. Her trance style was energetic with vocal chopped and chunky bass in her music while also ironically adopting winter themes to her performances including some traditional Russian folk dancing. She became a Star AG-Queen, earning the same highest degree as Mariana but as a young adult performer, becoming popular on the island and was Russia’s #3 AG-Queen.

    Aside from being a fan favorite, Afina was also a fan to Qirex's most talented AG-Pilot, Nadia Elenova. 26yrs old at the time, Nadia was Qirex's ace pilot, winning all sorts of races, giving pilots and their arch rivals from Auricom a run for their money. Afina had complete inspiration from Nadia, hoping to become an AG-pilot herself, including a chance to race with her idol. However Afina was still long ways to have permission to pilot an AG-race craft, especially a craft from her own team, but she didn't hope too much however, still enjoying teasing fans as an AG-Queen for the next 3 years.

    In 2209, now 25yrs old, Afina would get the chance on becoming a pilot, though Qirex wouldn't just give their craft right away until seeing what she could do at first. Like all pilots, they would start out racing a FEISAR craft at the Makanian AG-Race Academy, Afina however, took more private training back home in Russia. Though a young adult, she was pretty short in height; piloting such a massive craft seemed overestimating to her, instead she took her training on an older but smaller craft to use on makeshift circuits for the time being. Training with Qirex was like training with the Russian Spetsnaz, Qirex wanted the best out of Afina in order to become one of the best pilots in their lineup. Female or not, she was trained mercilessly with no excuses, otherwise she wasn’t good enough to be on their race team. Much like her early life she toughens herself again dealing with the harshness of her instructors. Sooner or later, she would feel ready to pilot the much larger craft and to take her training from there on. Experiencing the mass of the heavy craft, she took her time with it throughout testing grounds in Siberia for about a year, while also dealing with the harsh frozen weather from time to time. Fully experiencing herself with everything she was taught with, Afina surpasses every trainee getting to where Qirex needed her to be. Throughout all this time training in both Irkutsk/Siberia, her father finally gained an impression while working on the craft. His daughter was now an AG-Pilot, and racing with Qirex was the only best choice she could ever make, helping him out by flying his group’s design in the process. She felt ready to compete in the FX400 Racing League days later for the 2211 season.

    Afina was a strong contender during her competition in the FX League. Still young but a fear on the track, pilots would think to look twice to avoid her as much as possible. Even if they don't spot her, she may already be in front of them with a set of mines heading their path. She was left unchallenged from her division during tournaments, winning for her and her team during the first year into AG-Racing. This soon grabbed the attention of pilot Nadia Elenova, spectating her during events around west Makana. Feeling honored by her idle, she was given full respect, including an offer to join a squad of skilled handpicked pilots for the following league. Like so, Afina was given a lead pilot for further race seasons, calling himself Vadik Sidorov. Despite the age gap, they showed no problem partnering with one another. Both pilots would do what Qirex demanded them, targeting Auricom as always a matter of principle and showing no mercy to the other teams as possible. The two became dominant throughout the couple of seasons, compared with current pilots on their team like Canadian, Rory Pinewood, Icelander, Balawyn Samirsdøttir, and Scottish, Heather Mckellen. Qirex was quite the force to be reckoned with; their rivals from Auricom didn’t seem to have a chance as they continue to win out events over their American adversaries every following season. With Afina she was outmatching everyone on the track, but by 2214 however, she would soon meet her own.

    On a practice run in Sinucit Vineta A, she runs into an Auricom Flash class pilot during the course of her speed lap. 22yr old Rachel Vega was a decent professional pilot, trying out the course to qualify for a single race in the area. Afina was pushed by Qirex to go up against their arch rival team, choosing to mess with the young pilot. Racing in a higher speed class than her, she tried to force Rachel into racing her. Quickly passing Rachel, she scrapes the side of her craft, having her full attention. Rachel didn't know who she was but didn’t want to start anything with the Qirex pilot. When it didn’t work, Afina kept harassing the Auricom pilot again until she got angered enough to try and race her, despite flying on a Flash class craft. Their unexpected head to head race went on for 2 laps, but Rachel couldn't seem to keep up to her. Frustrated to catch up, she loses her racing line on a corner and hits her craft on the side of the track, causing her ship to spin out. The Qirex pilot (Afina) had outran her, speeding off on the track leaving the Auricom pilot behind. Rachel was confused why she had forced her to race, but Afina was only provoking the team in general.

    Moments later back at the hanger bay, Afina was soon approached by the Auricom pilot again, frustrated and confused why she provoked her to race. Afina, being snotty, told Rachel to back off, and have her teammates surround her to push the Auricom pilot away. Oddly to her, Afina was shorter when compared. Rachel was 5'10" while Afina was 5'3", yet she was intimidated by the two male teammates including Afina herself. She was sent off with Auricom, only to meet Afina again a few months later. By that time, the Delta Tournament was officially open for rapier class pilots in the area. Not only was Afina eligible, so was Rachel who was anxious to race her again figuring out who she was. To Afina she still underestimated her, even during the first few races in the tournament taking place at the Makana entertainment Arena featuring Anulpha Pass. By the 4th race however, Afina started to realize Rachel’s true skills on the track. After tricking her with a bomb placement in the first race, the Auricom pilot began studying her tactics on practice runs as well as race footage from her past races. While it may seem she’ll not research her on time for the next race, Rachel was already highly skilled enough to learn everything quickly from a matching pilot. She was trained by her elite teammate, Tyrrell Byron, but was also trained by AG-pilot/historian, Noelani Kekumu from Goteki 45. She had the skill to race Afina but only needed the courage to do so, despite having a bubbly optimistic personality. By the 4th race on Khara Descent, Rachel would counter Afina’s tactics on the track, winning the round with a far lead.

    At this point Afina decided to push herself on the last race in Modesto Heights. The Auricom pilot was now a threat in the race, leading her by a few points. She needed to win this race if she were to earn gold for the tournament; otherwise this would be her first loss to Auricom in her entire race career. Throughout the race they fought and counter each other with the weapon pickups on the track, staying in front of the other pilots throughout. For once Afina got nervous of Rachel, still sticking behind her or sometimes passing using a weapon or turbo. It was to a point where both their shield energy went critical by the final lap. Afina was in front throwing defensive weapons to eliminate Rachel from the race yet avoiding them all. After jumping the Sigam Span and almost close to the finish going through one last corner, all of a sudden a purple light came right towards Afina while turning and immediately she was teleported back at the hanger bay. Turns out she got hit by a plasma bolt with her craft, ejecting out automatically while her craft got destroyed immediately after. Rachel got a lucky shot at her on the final turn, winning the Delta Tournament overall. Because of this, Afina was pushed back acouple of positions on the leaderboard, placing herself in 4th place behind Goteki and Icaras. She couldn’t believe what just happened, and for the first time, Qirex was disappointed in her performance on the track. They leave soon after the medals were given, with Auricom winning the tournament. Continuing on with the rest of the season and preparing for the next, Rachel Vega would become Afina’s new arch nemesis.

    Despite the let down from the Delta Tournament, Afina was becoming the next step of being one of Qirex's best female pilots next to Nadia. She was still Nadia’s favorite pilot along with few others within the elite rankings on her team. During the course of the FX500 league though, both Auricom and Qirex reach their highest tension in the league, pushing themselves to have an all out war in every race they’ll compete in, resulting in many eliminations. Qirex was completely set out to destroy Auricom's new race craft as much as possible, using all of their pilots to set course to follow Auricom in any race event they entered. Afina and Vadik were the only close ranked pilots to go against Rachel and Tyrrell, all racing in Rapier to Phantom class events in standard AGRL tournaments. But despite all their pilots following orders from the racing team, now in the hands of Nadia, Afina however had mixed feelings of the team’s new motives. All she wanted was just to race.

    Afina Rusakova has earned at least 20 medals by 2217. (8G/8S/2B) Still racing for Qirex, she is mostly focused on overall racing rather than seeing the complete destruction of Auricom Research Industries. It was to a point where Afina wanted to question her Idol, Nadia back in her office in Irkutsk about her motives, only to be led out after their argument and was not allowed to speak of it again. From what she could understand, Nadia wanted the whole race commission by challenging the Belmondo foundation, using her allied teams to weaken the teams who support them, primarily Auricom. Afina continues to follow orders even though she didn’t like what her team was pushing, in the process of putting more pilots in danger. She’s still rivaled to Rachel overall, but it all might change when Tigron joins the scene in 2218.
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