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Thread: The WZ Trophies Nš2

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    Default The WZ Trophies Nš2

    Oryx_Crake's original WZ Trophies thread is quite of dead,so I decided to keep on with the idea.Works the same way as the other one,post a proof you have done it,either a picture or a video.
    NOTE: Suggestions are welcome,although I'm NOT going to update the list with trophies added on the original WZ Trophies,unless you suggest them in this thread.

    Trophy list:

    Obtain all WipEoutZone Trophies Nš2 trophies.

    (B) Zen Cruising
    Reach Zone 35 a Zone Session on Chenghou Project Forward.

    (S) Subsonic Zooming
    Reach Zone 50 on a Zone Session on Chenghou Project Forward.

    (G) So this is what you look like...
    Reach Zone 75 on a Zone Session on Chengou Project Forward.

    (G) Own Zico
    Equal or Beat the time of 28.82 on Anulpha Pass,Speed Lap mode,Venom in a Piranha

    (G) Untouchable
    Reach Zone 75 on any track on Zone Mode without crashing.

    (S) Overkill
    Get 650 points on an Online Eliminator match.

    (S) I say the target around here!
    Reach zone 60.0 on a Zone Battle event with at least 5 other players on it.

    (G) I've had enough.
    Get 5 or more quakes on a Single Race event with minimum lap settings.

    (B) Thank you,cabbie!
    Ride someone to the finish line.

    (S) It's over 9000!!!
    Accumulate 9001+ Tournament points.

    (G) Survivor
    Get to zone 90 on a Zone Session on Syncopia,while playing in Danger Mode (Barrel Roll whenever you can)

    (G) Captain Pwnz0r
    Eliminate 5 racers with a single weapon (Online or Offline)

    (B) Reinforcements
    Activate a shield then activate another shield before the first shield ends.

    (S) Instant Revenge
    Get eliminated and eliminate your killer before respawning.

    Feel free to add suggestions!

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    Starting another thread for this is a bad idea in my opinion, I think you'd be better off adding these suggestions to Oryx's thread. I did promise Oryx I'd give him a hand tidying up all the other suggestions into one big list, with links to all the accomplishments, but I have failed miserably.

    Sorry Oryx, but I will do this over the Christmas break, really. That way we can have one big list that everyone can refer to, and we can see who has attained the most trophies etc. A second thread will just confuse things to be honest.

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    Right at rule number 1...

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