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Thread: An apology to anyone who races (or has raced) me recently.

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    lol, VinK is as described above ^ so bloody true too

    Quote Originally Posted by AG-wolf View Post
    ...and then it's just a futile attempt to not explode as I execute BRs everywhere- pretending I have a hope of catching back up.
    ... sounds so much like how I race - Kamikaze style DNF rules kidding

    ontopic @ AG-Wolf - can I ask what the reason for having other OS installed on your PS3 would be? And why would you (AG-Wolf) get so spun out over the update that disallows for other OS to be installed on a PS3, enough to not wanna sacrifice your PS3's current configuration?

    I just wanna better understand this whole issue, is all
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    I'm keeping OtherOS in case someone comes through with a pretty substantial mod/hack for the PS3; I really like the things I could do with my original Xbox (the big black behemoth) as far as emulators, a media center, loading my games off the internal hard drive, etc, and I'm hoping the PS3 gets some kind of breakthrough along those lines. I already have a spare, pre-Summer-2009 Xbox 360 packed away for JTAG purposes if I ever get around to it, and my Wii is already well on its way to being a much more productive piece of hardware than the stock machine can claim.

    But above all of that, it's a matter of principle.

    I was already disgusted with how Sony launched the PS3; overpowered, overpriced, and unimpressive. It took about 2 years before even moderately decent games started appearing on the platform, and even then, I have yet to be genuinely impressed or interested in anything beyond Wipeout HD. Between launch and now, Sony has continually stripped the PS3 of features it was originally advertised to include:

    flash card readers
    4USB ports
    ps2 compatibility

    To this day, the Blu-Ray drive has yet to be used to full capacity; the only games exceeding Dual-Layer DVD (apx 9GB) sizes are games which simply don't compress audio or video... AC3/MP3 audio compression is hardly a compromise, and Bink, Divx, and h264 are all more than capable quality video codecs... thus, the medium with "endless possibilities" falls short of many of its promises.

    I haven't bought into the Blu-Ray phenomenon, either, because Sony basically shoved bags of money down all the different production houses who were once backing HD-DVD, just to get them to convert to BR. About the only things BR offers over HDDVD are 10-20gb more storage, and that funky coating on the data side of the disc... oh, and anywhere from $15 to 25$ higher prices for the same movies (when both formats were on the market). So, personally, having a blu-ray drive inside the machine doesn't do anything for me at all.

    The dashboard/interface is unintuitive and frustrating, along with the PSN store. I've had countless problems with my PS3, and while using friends' consoles, where either my gamesaves get deleted or the system itself crashes or it hangs/lags at an integral spot during a game.

    In the end, it is my disgust and disappointment with everything Sony has done since the PS3 launched which prevents me from blindly playing along with all the utter BS they keep doing to their customers and fanbase, therefore I will not neuter my current machine, and I refuse to put one more red cent into the pockets of the company in order to acquire a second machine. I love Wipeout, and I love the opportunity to play with everyone here at the forums, but even my dedication to Wipeout isn't enough for me to justify buying a second PS3 or willingly removing any features from my current console.

    (note, I said absolutely d*ck about the 360 this entire thread, I am NOT in any way trying to start a flamewar or anything like that. My frustration with Sony is independent of my preference for the 360)

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    The loss of features however was not something Sony wanted to do but they were forced to do it because of the competition and the public that wanted a lowered price. While I certainly got the machine when it was full price, a LOT of people thought it was too expensive, so Sony listened but they had to remove things to lower the price. It was either the PS3 failed [or] they lost a lot of money and the PS3 continued as it was [or] they lost some money but the PS3 lived on in a slightly different form.
    You can blame Sony all you want for that but the fact is that these changes were made because Sony heard the outcry for the expensive price.
    As for the last change regarding OtherOS, once again this is not something Sony wanted to do I am sure but it was forced on by some hacker guy who thought he was smarter than the system. Turns out his "hack" is nothing more than an insignificance, but his stupidity affected millions of people, who in turn hated him for what he had done.

    I am not saying I like that things changed, I would very much appreciate if every single PS3 sold to date was the same as the one I have right now, but unfortunately Sony is a business and at some point they have to think about money. There are examples of other companies doing similar stunts and angering their consumers too

    Finally, I hope that one day you can return to racing online, whenever that may be.
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    phenita is my favorite, gare is awesome as well as spilskinanke. I personally love oupost 7, requires some serious skill (which I don't have ) to be really good at. I like any track that requires good piloting over good use of weapons.

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