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Thread: Wipeout HD in 3D in 2010!!

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    I changed some of the TV's settings and some of the in-game settings on WipEout HD which made the effect work a bit better. I put the depth on 25% instead of the 100% which I had yesterday, which meant that there was no visible separation and there was a nice sense of depth on the buildings and the ships.

    I also got the 3D E3 trailer which was OK, but I wasn't able to get much of an effect from the low frames. Motorstorm's 3D demo was a bit like WipEout to begin with and required toning the 3D effect down to around 25%, which gave a really good mud and dirt effect when it went into the screen.

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    Ok, So i got my new 3D Plasma TV yesterday and obviously, the first thing I tried was WipEout.

    For the record, the TV is a SAMSUNG PS50C7700 (50" plasma) and my glasses are SSG2200AR.

    Ok, I start the game and a question appear "would you like to activate 3D effect" (my translation from french version). Already! OK ...

    The Fury / SL cinematic starts but I don't know if the glasses aren't ready yet or if the ships coming toward us too fast, but it wasn't very smooth.
    Forget it, what about the game itself ... not yet !

    Then comes the menus. The animation in background is in 3D (the menu itself is flat but seems closer that the background). 1st impression is good.

    I'm going for the racebox without tuning the options, track selection is impressive with the track also rotating in 3D.
    I didn't pay much attention to the ship selection (too impatient to play) but ships are also in 3D.

    Then the race is about to start, the camera is giving a shot of the grid and ... WOUAW !!!
    It's been 3 months (or so) I haven't started WipEout, but this is definitely different!

    Then the race starts and you really feel the difference! Nothing comes off the screen, this more a depth perception. It feels both natural and strange. It took me 2 race to get the hang of it but, from then I'm sure It will be difficult to play that game without 3D.

    I wonder if that's because I haven't played for 3 months, but the framerate didn't bother me so much.
    Also, I didn't experience the "flat layer effect" someone write about, except for the smoke of explosion.

    Finally, I returned to the options, where you can tweak the 3D effect (initially set to 0%). I put it to 100% but despite the fact I didn't see anything really different (still not coming out of the screen nor did it seem to have any more depth) I wasn't at easy while playing.
    I put the settings back to 40% (cannot do this during a race though) and it was better.

    I'm sleep depraved today, but it worth it.

    I also tried the 2D->3D conversion offered by my TV, not on wipeout though (no reason), but on a anime movie (Evangelion 1.11 blue-ray). I'm impressed how well it works for a 2D source (you clearly see the depth difference beetween background and foreground) but you have clearly the feeling you're watching multiple layers of 2D images.
    Next try for that functionality will be Formula One Championship (2007) or maybe the Korean Formula1 Grand Prix this week end.

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    I've had to stop playing wipeout for 2 months and found the framerate difference coming back absolutely fine.
    I was constantly complaining about the controls feeling sketchy but I don't notice now. Just managed to get zone 34 on chengou which is all I ever managed in 2d.

    Crossfade issues go after half hr warmup and I play in 70 to 100 3d strength depending on how tired I am.

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