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Thread: AG Assassin trophy

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    Quote Originally Posted by sh1kamaru- View Post
    +1 with #1 that's the only trophy I miss (with zico) and I don't race at all for blasting others, but what I suggest is : don't care about trophys, the more you'll play online the more you'll have a chance to get that trophy but please race for fun !
    Not really. When I played online for fun, I'd be in the top 1 or 2 and wouldn't have anyone to kill. At least for me, if I want to get this trophy, I have to intentionally go for it. I think I have 23 kills so far.

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    ok I got it yesterday with a friend we went on Moa Therma it took ages !

    I can connect this evening (GMT +1) and help you get it if you like, I really think this is the worst trophy ever because people really don't like being destroyed so when they're really low they absorb weapons, and if they happen to be destroyed they just leave the race which always give me a bad feeling :/

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