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Thread: PS3 and WipeoutHD are now in my possession

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    Sounds great to me AG-Wolf, but I only had access to the soundtracks mentioned above since they could be ripped in CD Audio format from the original game discs (then converted to AAC/MP3). Wipeout64's version of Absurb was cool, along with the Propellerhead's track and Cold Storage's music filling the other 5 spots. Unfortunately I no longer have a N64 to record the audio real time from the game.

    That's fine anyways, though. 120 tracks from 9 albums gives me 9'20" worth of Random cycling Wipeout themed music. That's a big enough playlist for now.

    Regarding the control schemes: I tried the full SixAxis control scheme long enough to get that Trophy (Motion Master), then quickly turned the feature off. It's fun and different, almost like a less accurate version of the NegCon it felt like (somewhat), but finding the sweet-spot in the motion control settings is not easy. I might turn the Pitch Only feature on at a future time, as my body keeps wanting to subconsciously use the feature. It also wants to turn left/right when I'm on tracks with major curves like Sebenco Climb.
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