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    Default Tournament Idea

    Hi there! Im quite new to these boards so if this have been discussed before please accept my apologies.

    Since the online scene seems very healthy it would be cool to have monthly tournaments that were recorded and could be viewed on for example youtube. There are allready really good "tournament" races to be watched there such as the Avalon races, but I was thinking about a different setup.

    Since there are 12 teams, each team would get a spot in a semifinal and the best three teams in the semi makes it into the final. Being only six teams in each heat gives a bit more room to move thru the field if you get a bad starting position.

    As I mentioned each team get a spot in the semifinal and every pilot get to compete for his/hers teams spot via time trials during the month leading up to the final. Each pilot can only be competeing for one team.

    As I see it this would be cool to watch since you sort of have your favourite team and want them to do well even if you dont get to race yourself. You could really get to show off some team identity.

    What do you think about it?

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    theres an "arena" forum for tournys and stuff.

    i like it personally, though its been mentioned before (by myself included) and getting enthusiasm seems to be difficult. maybe becasue when split into teams you need everyone on at the same time.

    But hey, if you get enough interest, im on that

    theres also already a hd videos thread, including races from the popular avalon tourny hosted by kanar.

    hd videos

    avalon thread

    avalon social group

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