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Thread: Whats everyone using for sensitivity

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    OI! I though I was your favourite

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    what a nice and fast respond. if im your favorite then saturn will be my planet

    hehe, funny, we must be brothers, I have set it today to 70% too - goteki rox and it is massive

    im in love with wipeout - hope it will last forever

    I have just one question: I have read a lot of this pitch threads but I still dont know if its good to use motion sensor? Now I have it off, cause when I im bed my controller is in a frankenstein position and its not good

    i rarelly press up and down on the d pad < i just dont have the time cause u must use all the aibrakes and sideshift and make double barrels, who has time for the pitch controll... so much stuff for a beginner. Do you have a hint - Am I losing much if I never steer my nose up or down? This is all I wanna know for now.

    And im glad I found this forum, cause in our country arent manny wipeout players(we are small - 2 million people)

    happy xmall to all,

    PS: yeldar I saw your videos too. you were the first player i watched lol , U both are insane and have nice videos. RESPECT for the The Flying Dutchmen.
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    I think Im using the default configuration
    thrust 30%
    airbrakes 100%
    pitch only motion control 80%
    main ship: Auricom F (also Goteki 45. But Ive stuck to Goteki F recently and I think I prefer it)

    I tried various sensibility settings. This one is the best balanced for me.

    steer with left analog, I can't play racing games with the D-pad anymore since Gran Turismo 2 lol. And I think I couldnt get good racing lines with the D-pad anyway. Im the kind of person who handles smoothly the gamepads u know

    view: close, thrust: X, shoot: SQUARE, absorb: O, look back: L1

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    im using square and triangle for airbrakes now, they are at 70%. I dont know what is it but I ike to side shift with that setting more and it`s more precise than L1R1 - after all

    it˙s a small button

    but i cant use X for shot now... i put shot on R2 and absorb on O - but it strange feeling. thrust is on L2

    Quote Originally Posted by reach-big7 View Post
    Shoot: ×/absorb: 〇 
    try it
    i had this setting but its a little weird when u are using airbrake and shoot at the same time - so im just using r1r2 for shoot - absorb is ok
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    Motion Sensor:60% (cannot be bothered to use the MS)

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    Acceleration at 10% (Why the stupid analog sensitivity? Are there people out there who like having to press the button as hard as they can?)

    Motion at 100%

    Airbrakes at 50%
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    I'm currently at 10% Accel 70% Airbrakes.

    Motion is at pitch only, 60%, with R1 and L1 for airbrakes. Find it easier to sideshift that way .

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    I go with 10% on both accel and ABs
    I use original button setup and camera view is far.
    I don't use pitch control, except when I did Beat Zico.

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    FlintFandango or RennFlint or Flint Fandango (PS4)

    Default Adjusting the sensitivity of the steering mechanism & control in percent

    I´ve played (and still play) Pulse on the PS2, so I wanted to set the controls of the ships in WO-HD to a comparably level.
    My momentary setting is the following:
    Thrust at 80%
    Airbreaks at 70%
    MS is at 60%

    I can´t say that these settings are comparable with those in pulse, still I am not very happy with this choice, but it is better than before. My Icaras doesn´t wobble like the tail of a cow any more!
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    I suppose you know the difference between analog controls and digital controls.

    In WipEout HD, the higher the sensitivity, the more analog control you have over whatever it is you are adjusting. 100% is pure analog control.
    On the contrary, the lower the sensitivity, the less analog control you have. So 10% is almost pure digital control.

    I do not play Pulse on PS2 but on PSP the controls in Pulse are 100% digital if I remember correctly (Except maybe if you use the analog stick.)
    So for example if you wanted to imitate the control responsiveness of Pulse PSP into HD you would have to set everything at 10%.

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