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Thread: WipEout HD Fury Offical Issue Report - PS3 ONLY

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    Title: Cannot connect to any lobbies; get disconnected mid-match regularly; cannot return online after disconnection.

    Frequency: Very frequently. Every second race or so after initial connection.

    Step by step guide: After signing in, and trying to join an existing game, my PlayStation attempts to do so, but then an error message pops up with words to the effect of "An error occurred while trying to connect", and it boots me back to Wipeout HD Fury's main menu. Upon retrying, I get an endless "connecting" screen that just sits there indefinitely. I once left it for 45 minutes and it still did not go anywhere. If I do manage to get into the race, I then get a similar error message during every second or third race or so, and once again get sent back to the main menu.

    Result: I've tried manually signing out of the PSN, and then trying to sign in again. I have also done this in conjunction with quitting the game. This has not worked, so I have been forced to hard-reset my console. This worked sometimes, but all today it hasn't fixed anything. So now I'm unable to play online at all.

    Online or Offline: Both (see above)

    PSN ID: blackyfunkster

    Some additional information: I'm playing a European copy (I'm from Australia), running it on a 120Gb Slim PS3, and have the latest software and firmware updates. I do use custom music tracks.

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    Best thing to try is Playstation customer services, there's no dev tem anymore.

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