i agree with the trails needing some more touch ups. perhaps let the trails warp; even warp as someone passes in front of another racer, making a wind-tunnel effect onto the other car. longer trails is a nice call as well.

i want a cockpit view. for cone shaped ships it could work, but for the fork shaped ones, i don't know. maybe transparency/opacity.

i kind of want damage shown, but at the same time i like how they always look together. i liked in F-zero GX how the pilots would actually turn the steering wheel. also have to agree with showing panel movement like airbrakes and turning and such.

when i was watching the 8+ min video that showed Zone mode. my brain melted with the music visualizations all over the ground and walls. i want MOAR! i want different visualizations; maybe like line graph-esque, spectrum type ones.

i was blown away seeing the equalizer bars on the Zone track. amazing AMAZING touch. thank you for that team!