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    Back when I was working at R8 I was in the process of programming and designing the website which was coming along quite nicely. The features on the website was designed so that whatever you did online would be reflected on the website that you could not only see your statistics, but also your team's statistics, leagues, medals, and a whole lot more - similar to how League of Legends does their online statistics.

    Another great feature of League of Legends is their "hotspots" after a round, it gave some really good insight into the match that happened but I had something further planned and instead of having it on a per-race basis (which would have still been available), it would include culmination of every single finished race where it would detail things like death/kill locations, common boost pads hit, most picked up item positions, and tonnes more. It was something I was very interested to see, especially the location of where people hit the boosters the most, it would be a really good insight for other racers on knowing the racing line some people took.

    Track data was another portion of the site where you could see the hotspots (as mentioned above) and the track's statistics, common racing lines, and hints and tips on how to approach the corners. Not just that but there was going to be a history of the track and why it was designed in such a way and the purpose of the track.

    Then you have your general FAQs, news, and whatnot that comes with every website including videos, wallpapers, and fankits for websites.

    Here's some of the rough (not finalised) page designs that I was working on. As mentioned in the other thread, I was working on the website in my spare time at home as I had the necessary equipment and software to get it done, therefore none of this belongs to R8 - in case you were all wondering.

    p.s. Yes that is the Circuit of the America's track.
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    Sweet! It's full of great ideas for statistics and data analysis: would've loved something like that

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    Sorry for not getting back for a while, been busy with family, New Year, holidays, etc..

    Yeah I was looking forward to programming it all but I'm going to start building a site similar in style to it, not FF focused of course but definitely gaming related.

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