So, i spent about an hour summarizing my fanfiction and I got logged out and lost my progress. So without further adieu... here it is, copied and pasted from a word doc.

I want my story to be character driven (something the games are desperately needing imo), but since my plot is still being written I’ll post the universe’s history instead as it will be easier.

So, the wipeout universe in my story is similar to the canonical one but tweaked to make more sense and work with a story better.

in 2030 AG-systems was founded by Pierre Belmondo to experiment with quantum levitation tech, and in 2035 revealed the world’s first Anti-Gravity (AG) vehicle. Belmondo believed AG-technology would one day benefit all mankind. Shortly after, AGS migrated to Japan, leaving Europe without AG technology. This resulted in the formation of FEISAR in 2038. Meanwhile in Japan, there was a huge falling out between a few AGS executives disagreeing with Belmondo’s decision to remain in Japan. One believed in Belmondo’s ideology about AG-tech benefiting all mankind and moved to the US to found Auricom, another moving to Russia and forming Qirex desiring to milk AG-tech for profit. And so the Anti-Gravity revolution ensued, flying vehicles replacing the slower motor ones.

In 2044 Belmondo proposed the idea of racing AG vehicles and began preparations for the 2048 Anti-Gravity Racing Championships (AGRC). FEISAR and Auricom both joined in as well as Pir-hana, who traded braking and shield tech for AG tech. Qirex however was failing financially and was sold to Overtel Corporation. Overtel then transformed Qirex into a racing team for the AGRC. Pir-hana left the sport before the end of the 2050 AGRC and vanished for no apparent reason (I’m still working on it).

After the sport exploded in popularity Belmondo founded the Anti-Gravity Racing League (AGRL), firmly establishing it as a true sport. To get an idea of how popular the sport is, you can’t walk down the street without overhearing someone talking about it. The popularity led to profit, more than AG-systems needed in fact. AG-Systems then founded the “Belmondo Foundation” a massive charity fund that uses a large amount of AG-systems’ profits. In addition to bringing the world together in sport, the belmondo foundation is just another way AG tech benefits mankind.

My story takes place in 2097, so the sport has existed for a few decades now. The main plot mainly involves Overtel’s attempt to own the league by buying AG-systems. They plan to do this by frequently destroying AGS’s craft in races, forcing them into bankruptcy through replacement expenses. Then Overtel will have all the money and power that goes with owning the world’s most popular sport.

My characters involve to original cast of Wipeout 1. Arial Tetsuo, Arian Tetsuo, Anastasia “Stacy” Cherovoski, Kel Solaar, Paul Jackson, Sofia de la Rente, and John Dekka. Daniel Chang is a character of interest from earlier in the sport’s history, he won’t actively appear in the story. AG-system’s second pilot will be replaced with Natasha Belmondo from Wipeout Fusion, Granddaughter of Pierre Belmondo himself. I will also have characters for team Piranha: Myima Tsarong from fusion, and an OC: Jann Zico, named after the other Piranha pilot in fusion but his last name changed to reference the “beat Zico” trophy. There are other characters such as Yuuki Tetsuo (the twin’s father), James Belmondo (son of Pierre), an Overtel representative, etc.

I have detailed character profiles for everyone, but that would be way too long to include in this one post I think. I’ll post it if you want though. I hope I haven’t bored you too much.