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Thread: New Forum Block - AG Racing Projects

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    Default New Forum Block - AG Racing Projects

    Hi everyone

    I will be creating a new forum block later today specifically for AG racing games where we are in direct contact with developers. So far this will be for SlipStream GX and Formula Fusion. As the testing phases for these games will likely end up in lengthy discussions about a number of topics, it would be unrealistic to expect it all to fit in one thread. Hopefully this will make things a little easier in future. Of course, if we do end up getting involved in anything else like this, I will add a new forum appropriately

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    I know this is offtopic bud, but I just want to publicly say that I think you are a real spokesperson for the wipeout universe - possibly the best we have ever seen, and that I appreciate your efforts and want you to know this.

    A few years ago, I tried to get my fiance to play wipeout, she found it really hard and gave up - until, that is, I pointed her to your youtube videos... becuase of your efforts to bring joy to those who play this game, she has become a regular online presence and has come along leaps and bounds... and I thank you for this. She once told me to thank you personally, for the videos because i said I'm a member here... I told her, she could that herself if she joined. She's not much of a forum person though so meh. However, she met her wipeout guide (you) online a few months back during avalon and she was star struck to actually be racing in the same room as you my friend, and I wanted you to know this, because you ARE APPRECIATED!!!

    Thank you bro,

    Terra / Skruffs

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