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Thread: STOP PRESS: Formula Fusion - Next gen Wipeout - from ex Wipeout Devs.

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    Default STOP PRESS: Formula Fusion - Next gen Wipeout - from ex Wipeout Devs.

    Hi guys,

    I thought I would post details of our new project - FORMULA FUSION. It features music produced by DUB FX and other cool urban artists, together with all sorts of other juicy offerings.

    We have a few interesting spins on the core concept and we are pulling it back a little in terms of the Sci-fi ness of the art. To try and make it more RAW and Craft based - similar to the tech/teams in F1 - rather than loosing it's charm by dressing it up with generic far future style.

    The tracks will all be honed by the community and we will give people the opportunity to join up to the Test Pilot program - something that made the Wipeout games what they are - LOTS of testing right from the off!! So, we are tentatively dipping our toe into the pool of wipeout fans to try and get some feedback, love, and support - and you have our promise to listen to what you say every step of the way. When we were developing the game we were all well aware that it was your baby as much as ours, so we want to get it right this time too! There is definitely a fine art to doing this sort of game, and our deep seated knowledge of what went right and what went wrong, what went into creating that visceral experience is the thing that will set this aside from other offerings.

    Anyway - I loved working on Wipeout - it was the purest design/game experience of my career and I want to try and bring some of that purity back into the game. If I'm honest the brand needed a bit of a shake up, and I honestly think that we have something we can evolve into the next big AG experience - and to keep it less corporate and more indie. I will post up news and updates as things progress but here's a little glimpse of some early concept pre-viz work..

    For now - much love,

    R8 Games Team!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Early WIP

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