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Thread: REMINDER - Guidelines for The Arena

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    Default REMINDER - Guidelines for The Arena

    It seems there's been a few threads cropping up recently that are not necessarily in line with what the Arena forum is actually for. Please bear the following in mind before submitting a thread here:

    • The Arena is specifically for organising and engaging in community events. If you have an event you wish to run, please post it here. Events must have a strict format to them, this forum is not for organising a general meet-up. Please use the individual game forums if you want to do that.
    • Your post must include full rules for the tournament and be as concise as possible to allow everyone to easily understand the format. Please only post once you have finalised everything and wish to advertise to players, if you want to test the water or to ask for help in organising it then please use either the Off-Topic forum or the Pilots Lounge. It is highly advised you do this.
    • Please ensure that any rule changes are kept to a minimum and that the first post is always up to date. There is nothing more annoying that having to look through pages of discussion just to find out a date change for example.
    • If for any reason the event has to be cancelled, please inform either myself or Colonel so we can close the thread. It saves time having to respond to everyone wishing to join an event that is no longer running
    • If your event is planned to be particularly big, you may ask me to advertise on the FB page and Twitter channel to try and pull in extra players. Anyone joining in this way will still be required to sign up via the forum so we have a common means of communicating.
    • I would strongly advise keeping notice to join to a minimum, usually no more than a month. This allows players to check for availability without catching them out, but also lessens the likelihood of anyone dropping out for having to wait too long.
    • Above all, if you intend to run an event and there is significant interest, you must run it. There is nothing more annoying than seeing someone start up and advertise an event, and then just abandon it without notice. It's a waste of everyone's time. If someone else wishes to take over the running, that's fine as long as this is announced, but the event must be properly managed.

    Please adhere to these guidelines when posting an event in this forum. Any threads that do not meet these criteria will be closed.
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