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    I formed this thread for development ideas for the Sao Paulo street circuit. I know Xpand and Oryx Crake are the ones that will develop it, but I simply wanted to have somewhere to submit ideas for the circuit itself.

    Firstly, Xpand told me that this track would only be run on at night. After playing (and beating) WipEout XL, I thought of an interesting addition to the night: Thunderstorms. Part of the difficulty of Spilskinanke is the blinding lightning flashes throughout the race, and it has been made clear that Sao Paulo will be a tough circuit. Driving rain and lightning flashes would only add to the unique difficulty of it.

    I also liked the idea of Mike458 of having an underground section, sort of like the sections in Subway in 2048. It wouldn't have to actually be a subway, but it would add some interesting height and visual variation to the circuit.

    Finally, I was just wondering out of curiosity if you guys were planning to implement skillcuts and track splits on this circuit, like the style in 2048. I think that would be another great addition to what will already be a unique and exciting circuit.

    Edit: Nice DC ground textures, the leaves really add a lot of believability to the forest section. (screw you forum for thinking believability isn't a word! )
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