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    I am still in love with Fusion after all the years of not owning a copy. (Since it was my brothers and he took it when he moved.) I decided to buy it again now I'm settled in my new house and such, but have come across a horrific issue. Every time I try to go through the very last league before the Jann challenge to unlock Piranha, the game freezes on the 5th stage! I've had a look at the PS2, the disc, everything and it's all good. But, this means no 100% completion and no unlocking Piranha.

    My sister also has the same issue when trying to load Zone mode on her copy. Any ideas?

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    Try using some Brasso [liquid metal polish] on the disc to get rid of any minor scratches on it.
    Apply the Brasso, then let it dry, then rub vigorously, it works like a super fine cutting agent and removes any scratches off CD/DVD's .

    Don't try a substitute, you need Brasso.

    Other than that, maybe it could be dirty lens of the PS2, use a CD/DVD lens cleaning disc.
    It could be corrupted save data on a memory card, if you have another card, copy the FUSION game saves from one card to another, then see if the problem still occurs.
    It could also be a dodgy memory card slot [Something I suffer with on my old fat PS2 ], It will work up until a certain point, then won't load, I've found that just putting the memory card in the other slot fixes it.
    You might find that you might need to put a wedge of paper between your memory card and the PS2's slot to keep a constant contact, it's trial and error.
    It's usually because over the years the contacts of both the memory cards and the PS2 card ports have gotten dirty, so one or the other is causing problems loading from the card, which will make the PS2 think that you have still to open up that part of the game.
    You could try to clean them with some Isoproyl Alcohol and some cotton buds to wipe all metal contacts on the cards and inside the ports, it will evaporate and do no harm to either.

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