I'll be frank,
the ship designs don't really look that great
You guys didn't do a bad job with the modelling or the texturing it's just that...the thing you're building of wasn't too good to begin with

I think i'm not alone when I say wipeout pulse or even sometimes pure didn't have the best ship designs in the world...

You should take cues from 2048, yeah that game does it really well(except for the rear of all the ships.... yeah pirhana's rear doesn't look too good)
I mean if you look at the concept art it really looks and feels like they spent a lot of time trying to make sense how the ships would work in real life

I mean look at this

Or if you don't want to do that,

Why not look at the original concept art of all of the wipeout games
http://www.andywhiteley.com/ (wip3out )
http://www.dglanister.co.uk/#!concept/c14ak (2048 )
http://nocomplys.deviantart.com/gall...976317/WipEout (more 2048 and HD)

(good luck trying to get anything for pure or 2097 though... )

Also, notice how all the ships have some sort of sponsor in their livery
Why not follow TDR's footsteps and make up a bunch of fake corporations, or if you want to get real deep, why not tie them in to the back story of the ships?

Like say if LOGOS(goteki 45) were to have a bunch of logos of weapon companies
and since it's Greek, wouldn't it be cool if we added even more backstory and make it feel like it's a ship that a Greek company would make?
Like after all these riots going on and unrest, it would have some kind of effect even 152 years in the future,
So their craft would be armoured as hell and have camo(you got the camo nailed down) and would sponsor merc companies disguised as "protection" companies(make one up)
Also since Greece has an excelling aluminium industry right now, there's your backstory for the great handling of the craft

How awesome would that be