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Thread: So we know the teams, but what about the drivers?

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    Post So we know the teams, but what about the drivers?

    Just thinking, what about the drivers for the teams? If anybody has any fiction for drivers for the teams, whether drivers actually from the WipEout series or just made up, please feel free to use this thread to post them and discuss - just put name, age, nationality, team and anything else you can think of. The teams can also be made up

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    Challenger #001 actually created team profiles of all the teams awhile back, it's under the WipEout Fan Fiction & RPG section and most of them are on the second page. Here's the team profile for Icaras:

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    Fair enough, but I'd also like profiles of drivers not necessarily associated with actual WipEout teams, so basically profiles of drivers not with one of those teams - just the driver, age, nationalty etc. Put simply, just random driver profiles.

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    So basically bios of people who have nothing to do with Wipeout itself? I wonder why nobody's submitted these to this site, genius. *slow clap*

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    Ignoring the obvious sarcasm/abuse, what I mean is that the pilots can be anyone, for any team - teams from the game, or teams that aren't from the game. I have seen the bios you wrote, and they are very good, but the intention behind this thread was for people to write random pilot bios for pilots that they have made up, without the background of the team that they drive for - much like ones that people have done in other threads. This was just to collate them all into one thread.

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    Has it occurred to you that nobody cares? If people want to come to the Wipeout fan-fiction forums, it's because they want to hear stories relating to the actual game they played. That's why I wrote bios for pilots of teams that actually exist so people could put them in context. If you just make a pilot with no relation to any of the existing teams, nobody has any interest. They're just another generic character that knowing half the people on this forum, will be superpowered dragon-ninja dual-lightsabre-katana wielding albinos with a tragic family history. Making a character that fits into an existing timeline and in moderation is part of the skill, and just splurging a character on a Wipeout thread that has no relation to Wipeout just proves you're not interested in writing a story, you're just an attention whore. Go join a creative writing forum or something. People only care about Wipeout itself here, and even less about Wipeout fanfiction. NOBODY will care about OC fiction.

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    The pilots can belong to an actual team - they just don't have to. As I said in my previous post, this includes those that people have come up with on other threads. Oh, btw, have you seen the "Imagine a new WipEout team" thread? People who enjoy the game and want to write fiction about it have come up with their own teams, some with made up pilots - and they are not "superpowered dragon-ninja dual lightsabre-katana wielding albinos with a tragic family history". This therefore renders your argument null and void, and ensures that those people who enjoy the game but want to think outside the box may continue to do so.

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