For a suggestion for a mode, I call it "Rack-em-up".

The objective is simple. You race but ahead of you is some small crafts, small as in not the size of the craft. You grab weapons and can be limited to like rockets, missles, cannon or other medium like weapons (no defensive or limited power weapons). They can be in 4 colors. White can be normaly sped up crafts. They would also have like a very weak shield ( 1 shot, 1 kill) and would be worth 1 point. Red brands have a somewhat stronger shield and can only fire a rocket or a small amounts of fire of a cannon from behind but not as accurate.. Those can be worth 2 points. Green ones have a stronger shield as well but are rare to find. The con is that they can fire mines. They can be worth 3 points. A gold one, which is more shielded and is very rare; can fire cannon, a rocket or some mines. They'll be worth 5 points.

An option for you could be that if you do get hit, the bots will slow down till you catch up or just simply try to catch up without assistance. Laps count from the designated class you pick.

Its just an idea I had from the top of my head lol. And I think it could be a nice addition to the game modes.