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Thread: Music Production Requests for WO3SE Races on YT

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    Default Music Production Requests for WO3SE Races on YT

    In my last post, I said that my emulation of WO3SE was perfect, except for the lack of music. To compensate, I add the music when I edit the footage. Here's the problem, YT tagged my first race with a claim, because I used music that said belonged to "one more music publishing rights collecting societies". I know that "Euphoria" by AYA was under the Victor Entertainment Inc. record label. Therefore the claim has to be false. Only the record label that holds the rights can make the claim. So I took a more creative approach.

    I promised I would make most of the music in my vids from scratch. But, you have to help me.

    If you got a tune for a song that I can showcase in a future WO3SE race, note me a melody on my SoundCloud. You're looking for "Manuel Exodus" (without quotes). Just give me a few keys for a melody, no less than 6, but no more than 10. Your first request is on me, and you only need a melody. The rest, leave it to me. If a melody sounds too similar to another song, I will reserve the right to refuse your request. It has to be original. The tune must fit in no more than two measures.

    In a fit to recycle my free upload minutes that goes with my Soundcloud, I will put my music up for download for only three months prior to deletion. DO NOT MAKE A PROFIT OUT OF MY MUSIC, unless you are willing and able to donate all of your profits after taxes to me. You will be sued if you don't adhere to this.

    Which brings up another concern, credit. Do you have an account where I go to? Give me a link to your profile on YT, SC, or Twitter. I'll acknowledge you in the description.

    With that out of the way, melodies posted here, are also permitted, just share where you can be found on the net, I'll acknowledge you.

    Have fun, unless you're a descendant of Mozart, Bach, or Beethoven. If that's the case, don't strain yourself.

    This is what I made so far:

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    let me take a crack at your emulation problem.
    Playstation games are multi session disc's, one session for data and the other for music.
    in most cases when a mult session disc image is created there is some sort of *.cue file created with it.
    This provides session information to the image reader
    example - I have a WO3SE.ISO and WO3SE.CUE files in the same directory
    if i launch WO3SE.ISO with ePSXe i get no cd audio ingame
    if i launch WO3SE.CUE i get perfect audio
    sometimes multisession information is stored in the *.iso file itself (but sounds like not the case for you)
    if you try a different disc image you might have greater sucsess

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