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Thread: WipEout 2048 Official Issue Report (template)

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    Title : Unable to reset multiplayer progress

    Frequency : always

    Step by step guide : Having lost my Wipeout 2048 save because of a faulty memory card, I started the solo campaign from scratch, but my completed multiplayer save remained stored online, which means I can not get any experience points from it.

    Result : I can't easily unlock all Wipeout 2048 content, because the multiplayer gives 20 times more experience, required to gain levels for unlocking the other ships and the excellent A+ class races. There should be a way to reset the multiplayer save along the singleplayer one.

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    Title: Game doesn't start

    Frequency: always

    Step by step guide: Not sure. I came back home after using online multiplayer; and next time I go to use it it doesn't load.

    Result: The game starts and plays through the opening fine, but once it tries to load up the rest of the game I get an error message. (I've already sent a report to Sony using the Vita's reporting fuction)

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    Title: Game keeps disconnecting from server

    Frequency: Often

    Step by step guide: I connect to a multiplayer lobby, and I will be mid-race and it just crashed and says I've been disconnected from the server. I get in maybe 1 or 2 races on average before having to log out, and re-join. Often I don't even get through the rejoined race before the same thing happens. Checked my connection here, no problems. I tested this by playing WOHD on the PS3 online immediately after the server crash and no problems. It happens often enough to the point I believe there is something either wrong with settings or with server, but don't know which

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